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  1. Hi Kevin Thanks for that all working now and also a new update helped Cheers Paul
  2. Hi All First posting on here Been happily using Chaseplane since the first release and have really loved it an the continued development , with I am glad to say no real problems. Until yesterday, I now cannot get any views to work or to have any "Chaseplane" views in the sim for example my Only Option in views in Virtual Cockpit no "chaseplane" options. Outside views do not work and I cannot pan round with my mouse all seems very broken The log file is below and hope some one can assist or let me know how to roll back as we have a group flight tomorrow and Its completely unusable Great product guys just need to sort this problem out Many Thanks in advance Paul E Lee ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- ChasePlane Report by paulelee46@gmail.com on 3/3/2017 7:53:34 AM UTC --------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version: 0.1.638 PLV: 0.1.638 OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home .NET: 4.6 RC or later Running Sim: P3D Supported Current aircraft: PMDG 747-400 Current aircraft cfg: C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 747-400\aircraft.cfg ---------------------------------------------------- --------------- Installed Simulators --------------- ---------------------------------------------------- FSX "C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\" P3Dv3 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\" ------------------------------------------- --------------- Preferences --------------- ------------------------------------------- experimental_version = True ui_refresh_ms = 500 ui_anim_duration = 0.4 view_sel_anim_in_ms = 0.2 view_sel_anim_out_ms = 0.1 view_sel_delay = 200 minimize_taskbar = True x_to_minimize = False mouse_middle_view_switcher = True turb_pause_ms = 1 always_on_top = True debug_show = False vas_show = True vas_warning = True vas_remaining = True vas_warning_treshold = 400 turb_wind_amplitude = 1 startup_glob_enable = True app_auto_launch = True mouse_middle_cam_look = True mouse_middle_cam_zoom = True pause_turbs_on_mousemove = True pause_turbs_in_slew = False doors_enabled = False mode_cinematic_ctrl_speed = 0.99999994949301 mode_cinematic_ctrl_inertia = 2.99999979797204 mode_cinematic_duration = 42 mode_cinematic_distance = 1 mode_cinematic_delay = 81 mode_cinematic_vas_protection = True boostFactor = 2.5 joystick_default_dead_zone = 100 user_statistics = True auto_cpu_afinity = True cpu_afinity = 1 show_whats_new = True disable_advanced = False enable_trackir = False trackir_reset = False translucent_window = False user_defaults = ------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- Aircraft's Camera Definitions --------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- CFG created on 2/1/2017 7:54:43 AM UTC CFG modified on 2/1/2017 8:01:44 PM UTC [CameraDefinition.000] Title = "Right Overwing" [CameraDefinition.001] Title = "Left Overwing" [CameraDefinition.002] Title = "Right Engine" [CameraDefinition.003] Title = "Left Engine" [CameraDefinition.004] Title = "Right Wing Forward" [CameraDefinition.005] Title = "Left Wing Forward" [CameraDefinition.006] Title = "Upper Deck Right Wing Forward" [CameraDefinition.007] Title = "Upper Deck Left Wing Forward" [CameraDefinition.008] Title = "Right Wing Aft" [CameraDefinition.009] Title = "Left Wing Aft" [CameraDefinition.010] Title = "Tail Camera" [CameraDefinition.011] Title = "Nose Camera" [CameraDefinition.012] Title = "Right Wing Tip" [CameraDefinition.013] Title = "Left Wing Tip" [CameraDefinition.1] Title = "F/O Seat" [CameraDefinition.2] Title = "Overhead Upper Panel" [CameraDefinition.3] Title = "Overhead Lower Panel" [CameraDefinition.4] Title = "Pedestal" [CameraDefinition.5] Title = "Throttle Quadrant" [CameraDefinition.6] Title = "Lower EICAS and Left/Right CDU" [CameraDefinition.7] Title = "Observer 2 Seat" [CameraDefinition.8] Title = "Observer 1 Seat" ------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------- Cameras.cfg file for FSX not found --------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------- --------------- Cameras.cfg file for P3Dv3 --------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- CFG created on 3/2/2017 1:40:50 PM UTC CFG modified on 3/2/2017 1:40:50 PM UTC [CameraDefinition.001] Title=Cockpit HotKeySelect=2 [CameraDefinition.002] Title=VirtualCockpit HotKeySelect=1 [CameraDefinition.003] Title=Spot [CameraDefinition.004] Title=LockedSpot HotKeySelect=3 [CameraDefinition.005] Title=FlyBy [CameraDefinition.006] Title=Top-Down HotKeySelect=4 [CameraDefinition.007] Title=NearestTower NoSortTitle=True [CameraDefinition.008] Title=FacilitiesTower [CameraDefinition.009] Title=FacilitiesRunway [CameraDefinition.010] Title=AIPlanes [CameraDefinition.011] Title=MultiplayerPlanes [CameraDefinition.012] Title=IR(WhiteHot) [CameraDefinition.013] Title=IR(BlackHot) [CameraDefinition.014] Title=NVG(WhiteHot) [CameraDefinition.015] Title=NVG(BlackHot) [CameraDefinition.016] Title=Weapons [CameraDefinition.017] Title=Static [CameraDefinition.018] Title=RadarCamera [CameraDefinition.019] Title=VRCockpit [CameraDefinition.020] Title=VRVirtualCockpit [CameraDefinition.021] Title=DISEntities --------------------------------------------- --------------- END OF REPORT --------------- ---------------------------------------------
  3. Thank you JohnGround Power switch to close was the thing I was missing now all engines running. Great to have such excellent support for what is a truly excellent product Very Best RegardsPaul E lee
  4. Hi ThereI am driving myself mad with trying to start the enginesI have loaded the pre saved flight for before engine start and then followed exactly the tutorial ie: Main Engine Pump 3 to on, so I switch the left hand pump switch then I open the engine 2 Sub Panel and flick the Reflight/Start switch to Start, the Fuel Pump light comes on but the Start Valve still reads SHUT.Not sure if this is anything to do with it but all fuel tanks read 0000 but when I place my mouse over them it reads as there is fuel in, is this normal?Thanks very much in advance of any assistance before I go over the edge :)Best RegardsPaul E Lee
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