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  1. GoFlight have said they will support FS2020 in the past, so support will be coming. If you own GIT or are thinking about it, please see this post about feature status and usage in FS2020: https://www.pollypotsoftware.org.uk/support/forum.html Best wishes Steve
  2. A new version came out on Sunday, make sure you are using that. On the MCP PRO tab, enable it, Click FS Default. Quit GIT and restart GIT and it will start to work. Best wishes Steve
  3. Guy's It's not difficult. FSUIPC is way more difficult, in my opinion. Just click the buttons on the device tabs to auto configure, such as FS Default or COM, NAV. Please read the beginner's guide here: https://www.pollypotsoftware.org.uk/support/user-guide/user-guide-git/46-beginners-start-here/151-beginners-guide.html because FS2020 support is really easy right now, because there is no 3rd party aircraft. If you have problems, please contact me on my forum for support, so I can get you up and running here: https://www.pollypotsoftware.org.uk/vanillaforums/ Best wishes Steve
  4. No. Where you have the option on a tab such as FS Default, click that. Make sure you enable the device. Quit GIT and reload and it will work. Also GF166 has buttons such as COM, NAV etc that will configure them automatically. Anything that doesn't have a button to configure it automatically, you have to configure it manually. GIT does not need GoFlight drivers to work with FS2020. If you need further help, please post on my forum and I will get you up and running: https://www.pollypotsoftware.org.uk/support/forum.html A further update came out this evening adding FS2020 variable support. Best wishes Steve PS: If you are new to the product, read this: https://www.pollypotsoftware.org.uk/support/user-guide/user-guide-git/46-beginners-start-here/151-beginners-guide.html
  5. GoFlight Interface Tool was updated yesterday and is available to download.
  6. GoFlight Interface Tool now supports FS2020: https://shop.pollypotsoftware.org.uk/goflight-interface-tool.html
  7. You have the wrong website address. Its https://goflightinc.com/ Best wishes Steve
  8. That statement is very misleading. If your hardware works fine on the same PC with P3D, it will work fine in X-Plane with GIT. The problem is within the GoFlight hardware itself (GF166 and GF46 modules only) so its nothing to do with GIT and Pollypot Software obviously cannot fix GoFlight hardware problems. These modules are problematic on modern PC hardware regardless of the flight sim in use. I suspect its a firmware issue and USB3 power problems. However, many people have got these problematic units to work successfully when they have taken the advise from Pollypot and GoFlight, but on some systems they just won't work reliably. Getting the right USB hub and configuring Windows power management properly is the key. Now John Grieg is back he is helping customers to get this hardware stable and is in discussion with the new owners to plan a firmware upgrade. pegruder - there is a thread on the Pollypot forum by the chap who created and maintains the Zibo profile. Please get in touch on that thread or start a new discussion. Best wishes Steve
  9. Hi Richard, GoFlight hardware does work with Prepar3D (all versions), FSX SE as well as FSX. You will need 3rd party utilities if you want to use your hardware with advanced non Simconnect compliant aircraft such as the latest PMDG offerings. If not, GoFlight's own drivers will be fine. If you want X-Plane support there is a free plugin available (link on GoFlights website) with limited support or for full support you will need the GoFlight Interface Tool for X-Plane. Best wishes Steve
  10. Hi John, It works automatically with the MCP PRO and EFIS (amongst other devices) for the PMDG NGX, 777 and 747. There are configs available for download on the website for these two devices for other aircraft made by customers. It has the potential to work with any aircraft, but it is an interfacing tool and it depends on what the aircraft developer has "exposed". I guess what you saw in the videos was using Detective to find out what to do when there is no config available for download. Its looks complicated, but once you get your head around it, its fairly straight forward. Best wishes Steve
  11. Hi John, Have you read this beginners guide : https://www.pollypotsoftware.org.uk/support/user-guide/user-guide-git/46-beginners-start-here/151-beginners-guide.html Best wishes Steve
  12. Hi Bob, GFKeys is in your GoFlight directory. It gets installed as part of the GoFlight drivers installation, but I don't think a shortcut/icon is added to access it. You will need to go directly into the folder to run it. Best wishes Steve
  13. I've just had a quick look at my code and its the same as yours except I'm using a byte not a unit. Best wishes Steve
  14. Hi Bruce, It looks like the UI is corrupted and overdrawn the other options. It may be worth re-downloading the Ai Suite from Asus and reinstalling. Best wishes Steve
  15. Hi Bruce, If you haven't got Asus Ai Suite 3 installed, install it and then you can mess about with voltages via the TPU option without having to go into the BIOS until you have firmed up what works for your CPU. The good thing is that the BIOS settings are used at boot up, not the AI Suite 3 settings, so your PC should always start up this way.You can save the Ai Suite 3 settings in a profile and reload the profile after boot up whilst you experiment with what works best, then make the final changes in the BIOS when you are happy. I have an adaptive Core Voltage setting with an offset of -0.085 and the OC Voltage of 1.134. You may need to tweak yours higher or even lower may be possible but it provides a baseline for you to work around. It took a while to find these settings - its a bit of trial and error. In Digi+ VRM, I have a Standard Phase Conrol, with the rest at defaults. You can save the settings in a profile and reload the profile after boot up whilst you experiment with what works best, then make the final changes in the BIOS when you are happy. Obviously be very careful when changing these setting and triple check what you have done before clicking Apply! Good luck Steve
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