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  1. My experience with the different Navigraph Apps is that they are to aggressive/ invasive. For example Simlink installs and adds itself to "Startup Apps" under Task Manager. If you elect NOT to start the simlink app when Windows starts it does not obey that choice. Closing simlink after my Sim session was done always left simlink running in the background. The Navigraph FMC Data manager always wants to run in the background. I just decided to uninstall it and download each AIRAC for my different addons manually. This was maybe a year ago and maybe the behavior changed with an update.
  2. I did a pre order but so far I have not heard back from them. Still waiting.
  3. The Airbus A3XX series by FSLabs are pretty fantastic addons as well.
  4. Hello James, Any luck with this LUA script to read the altitude variable?
  5. I’m a little confused here. According to Wikipedia the A300B4-200 is a different aircraft from the A300-600 (officially designated as A300B4-600) being slightly longer. A300 I also checked the list of A300 operators and PanAm shows only the A300B4 version. Operators
  6. If you bought it from Flight1 they offer a 30 money back guarantee, which is what I did. I bought it when it first came out. I found the way to make a flight plan was to complicated ( Not sure it had Simbrief flight plan import capability). it also did not work with AIG at first. At least not for me. I ended up returning it and getting a refund. To this day I still use Pro ATC/X and it works great for Airline flying.
  7. I'm having a similar problem. When I select "enable VR hardware" X-plane 12 hangs in the "loading VR" screen. Is there a preference file of some sort that I can delete or edit VR settings? TIA
  8. You don’t mention your budget but there are some good studio monitors that double as PC speakers. Adam T5V These are my favorite albeit I went with the bigger model on sale for the same price. You can read a review here. The iLoud MTM is another good speaker. Review here. And last but not least is the JBL 305P mkII. Review here.
  9. My last purchase was Imaginesim KATL which included P3D v5 and v6. I also want to get their latest WSSS. As of lately I’ve been buying XP12 addons, specifically airplanes. I bought P3D v6 and ActiveSky but hardly fly it because I don’t want to deal with hacks to install v5 content when I’m still using v5. I bought MSFS like a year or so ago and now I am using it a little bit more but I have made zero (0) purchases for that simulator and I don’t think I will. The default airplanes are really good and the airports are good too.
  10. Unfortunately it looks like this headset does not work without a SteamVR base. It looks like it works wit a single base station.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion and yes I meant to write Bigscreen Beyond VR headset. https://www.bigscreenvr.com/
  12. I just got this new BeyondVR headset and I have not been able to run P3D, XP12 or MSFS in VR. I have SteamVR installed and also OpenXR for Mixed Reality. Nothing works. Is there a guide that I can follow to get this headset working in any sim? Hardware is 7800X3D and a 4090.
  13. I still use P3Dv5 but lately I've been flying XP12 with the Toliss A321NEO and the A340-600. It is a really nice sim. I wish it had a better ATC. MSFS I fly it once in a blue moon and everything free. No need to spend on addons on that one.
  14. Just a heads up. Today is the last day to get your free copy of Imaginesim KATL P3d v6 if you already own it on P3d v5.
  15. Check out Bob’s build thread here . I am not sure if he talks about AM settings.
  16. Well now it’s the time. Toliss airbuses 25% off at the org.
  17. https://store.x-plane.org/Airbus-Airliners_c_6.html From 20% up to 70% off. The Toliss airbuses are 25% off. Getting the A321 plus the A321NEO.
  18. Just to be clear. The unit the OP linked to is not the same as the unit in the video. Unless Winwing is going to be selling the MiniFCU unit. They look very similar.
  19. I’m not aware of any “good” sales at the moment but Black Friday is around the corner and I’m waiting for that to pick up a few addons. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a QW787 or FSLabs.
  20. I had a similar situation as yours a while back. It was due to an error in the scenery.cfg in Program Data folder. https://forum.simflight.com/topic/90165-trouble-with-makerwys/ https://forum.simflight.com/topic/91129-problem-with-make-runways-502/
  21. Thanks to this post I ended up ordering not a Varjo but the BigScreen Beyond. Expected to be shipped Q4 2023.
  22. While updating P3D v6 to the latest version I noticed that my CPU (7800X3D) goes to 87°C. Why does it get so hot? I have an EK Nucleus 360 AIO and don't think my cooling it's to blame.
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