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  1. That's the risk you run with programs such as this. Things are never going to be to everyone's taste. I think the devs have done well in trying to give us the flexibility to tweak it to our liking. Would be nice to have universal sliders so profiles can be changed across aircrafts. But I guess if it were that simple, would have already been done.
  2. Regarding maintenance, system failure scenarios are more likely if you dont take care of the plane? Awesome if thats the case.
  3. I noticed in a youtube video that you need to spend on maintenance. Does it mean there is a chance aircrafts fail? Would love to see that.
  4. Well glad they're seemingly receptive. The response from their target market couldnt be clearer. Along with technical improvements, the pricing structure needs revisiting too.
  5. Exactly! One could understand birds by geographic region coz of species and all, but Traffic in site has balloons and drones. Then why the regional breakdown? Appears like a blatant cash grab...
  6. Wow, and here I was focused on the price alone. It was sort of a given that if someone is using such an aggressive pricing model, the product must be flawless...Thanks for the heads-up. Hopefully something better comes along soon.
  7. I am unsure of how much work goes into creating and placing birds and other dynamic objects in the sim, but does anyone else find the pricing model of 'FS Birds' and the newly released 'Traffic in Sight' a complete turnoff? Each release covers a small area and is charged separately. I fly randomly around the world and would love to encounter birds, drones etc but for the privilege, will have to spend hundreds of dollars. While I understand the birds are handcrafted and native to that part of the world, surely there must be a better way. Any developers willing to create generic birds and other non-conventional air traffic on a global scale, I have my wallet ready. Thank you.
  8. Loving the improvements so far. Tested on GA aircraft. Less squeaks and better turbulence wind affects. Thank you very much.
  9. Thank you for posting this. I am going to be embarking on this wonderful journey myself, although using FSX. All the best in your tour. Sam Mustafa
  10. Sorry, if I hijacked the thread. Didnt mean to. I cant move or delete it here. Admin pls feel free to do so.Thanks,Sam
  11. Hello, can someone help me pls?I have just purchased Saitek's multipanel, switch panel and radio panel without realising the farce around compatibility with addon aircrafts and FSUIPIC. Worse still, I have had a registered version of FSUIPC but never really used it much. So here's the dilemna. I am not installing Saitek drivers because I only fly addon aircrafts that are not supported by these driver. I have instead gone with the alternative SPAD. However, I cant get both Windows 7 or FSUIPC to recognise my panels as joysticks or gaming controllers. This also means that FSUIPC is not recognising the panel keys, and I cant assign them in FSUIPC. Maybe I have missed something, but unless I find a way to make this work, the Saitek panels are no more useful than bricks.Regardless of the issue I am facing, Saitek, if you are reading this, do something to resolve the issue with FSUIPC quickly so users get the products and support they have paid for. There is no excuse for your panels not working with all major addons. Not all flight sim community members are programers. I will be returning the panels and making sure that every flight-sim related forum on the internet has my post in regards to Saitek products. I am not taking anyone's side here. I just think its completely unfair and unethical not to mention on your products page that they are either completely uncompatible with common addons or need serious tweaking to make a few features work.Sam MustafaPS I have tried to register on Saitek forum but it says, 'sorry, registration has been disabled by the administrator.
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