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  1. I hear you. Spent a bit of time trying to make it work for my setup. I even ignored distortions on the map and might have lived with ghosting in external view. But having cockpit instrumention all over the place was a show stopper. Will wait for FS24 if I can wait, otherwise upgrade my PC. In any case let's see how this mod evolves and if it gets official support.
  2. Would be very interested to know if this works. Noel, if you still have the mode installed and try this, can you please share your result? I went back to vanilla and am avoiding fiddle with it again.
  3. That is what I am saying. The previous CTD's I encountered were very obvious and easy to resolve. The two CTD's after installing this mod are not something I've seen before. Might try it again if I have enough time to spend hours and hours troubleshooting instead of simming.
  4. Well it was great while it lasted (some 30 minutes or so). Two different CTD's in quick succession. One related to a memory location and another referring to my graphics card. The only CTD I have had with MSFS before this were when plugging in or out a USB or Bluetooth device. Am out for now but will keep watch for developments in the space.
  5. So this partly works. Its great with one screen, but as as soon as I go multi-monitor, the issue returns. Its very strange as there is absolutely no screen tearing without fsr3 enabled. Guess I will just try to enjoy these new found frames on a single monitor for now and hopefully its improved in the future. Thanks for your help.
  6. Oooh there is a 0.70? I didnt see that. Will check it out. THanks for that.
  7. I was hoping this mod would help delay having to upgrade my modest i7-8700@3.20GHz RTX 2070 pc. Without using an fps counter, I clearly see the improved quality and smoothness. But I can't seem to get rid of the extreme tearing that happens to cockpit instruments with the slightest movement of the aircraft and the whole aircraft when panning in external view. I have tried just about every combination of nvidia and in-sim settings, but its not going away. Have tried both 0.60 and 0.50 with the same result. Such a pity as I'm so close I can taste it.
  8. 35 minutes is all it took. Pretty happy with that.
  9. Yes it could look silly to some to base their decision on what they have read on a forum, but how else do we make choices without having to buy everything? Forums, youtube videos, sim news sites...that's all one can go by. There's no trial or refund period that I am aware of. Like most here I suppose, I have quite a few addons that hardly see the light of day, so just trying to avoid adding more clutter in my virtual hangar. Also we are lucky enough to be in a position to choose as fairly similar aircrafts have landed all at the same time. Perhaps this might be a purchase for another day. Same goes for SWS PC-12.
  10. I've been tossing up between them too, so thanks for making the decision easier guys. Takeaway for me, SWS PC-12 will not have failures on launch so that's definitely out. TBM 850 suffers from poor sound implementation. FSR500 is the worthy winner.
  11. I agree. Have been hoping for an update to Skypark since forever. Made the mistake of buying Flow. People seem to like it but I haven't found much use for it. Not getting another gimmicky addon from this company.
  12. I will continue to buy, but a lot more selectively. Previously my purchases sat unused for months before first use as I naively thought MSFS 2020 would be around for many years to come. MS2024 will definitely reduce my spend but not stop it entirely.
  13. Newsky is free which is great. However as they have explained on their site, is mainly geared towards airliners and I see many GA aircrafts such as Wilga, Zenith CH701 etc and helicopters missing.
  14. Just checked out A Pilot's Life website. I like their flight scoring system, its quite detailed. Would anyone know if it allows you to use its scoring system with the freedom to choose your flights? So I started on a world tour a little while back (mainly <250nm legs with 700+ legs). I want a good performance rating app like FSPassengers to keep me on my toes without the rigidity of having to fly routes for one company. Basically I dont care for economics, management and progression. My focus is an application that rates you without jumping through the hoops. Its not clear to me reading their site if this would be possible. Thanks
  15. FS Traffic and GSX; Two peas in a pod. Not going near them.
  16. Great. Bugs out of the way, let's do some flying in our C152's. Never thought I'd say that about a 152. Haha.
  17. In my case, its New Light mod JPlogistics C152 that was this issue. Makes sense too as it must be pointing to version 1. Hopefully fixes it for you too. Now I can enjoy the fresh air...
  18. Initially I thought it may have something to do with extending the cockpit across multiple screens, but doors in other planes open fine. Will try to look for conflicting apps in my community folder too. Thanks.
  19. Its subjective but I find this heli just beautiful. Cries out 'must buy' even if I haven't had the time to devote to other helicopters in my hangar.
  20. I am sure there is. Just trying to gauge if anyone else is having this problem.
  21. I hear the door open, but there is no animation. Same goes for the windows. Everything else works fine for me now. Loving it, the modder has done such a great job here.
  22. Yes, I noticed that too. I cant seem to open the window or doors either. Also I cant switch on the avionics. The radios, GTN750 and autopilot panels are all blank. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  23. Like many, I was really looking forward to the release of FS Traffic. But never having grasped the concept of a day one purchase, was going to give it atleast a couple of days post release before buying. Based on everything I've read so far here, in other forums and watched on YT videos, I cannot see how this product offers much extra over the existing alternatives. It is being promoted as set and forget. But you still have to remember to enter your destination each time. To me, hitting enter after FSLTL auto-starts is a better example of set and forget. Fps seem only marginally better too. Maybe we've been spoilt rotten by the likes of AIG and FSLTL that offer so much for free. In its current form, this sure does not seem like the breakthrough addon meant to be the answer to our Traffic prayers.
  24. Not great this happened to him. He works pretty hard and releases a lot of content. In saying that, I fast forward most of his videos most of the time. Personally I find his reviews and impressions to be lacking depth or substance and overly flattering. But still, he can be funny at times so he stays subscribed. Would be totally heart broken if it happened to Jonathan Beckett or Into the Blue Simulations. Both at the other end of the spectrum with their delivery style.
  25. I must have had 20+ CTDs/irrecoverable freezes in the past 6 months. I consider this rock solid compared to FSX where hardly a session ended without a CTD.
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