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  1. Thank you for posting, you've prompted me to reinstall the Cat into P3D 4.4, with the update you mentioned. It works perfectly: I turned the sound up and blasted out my neighbours on a brief sight-seeing flight around my local area in the UK. Wonderful stuff. it's such a good model. Thanks again for posting.
  2. jonesrob

    Flightsim Labs A320-X Tutorials

    Look for Blackbox711 on Youtube. Everything you need is there in a whole series of tutorials.
  3. jonesrob

    Cadet Q400 training video

    Result😮. Vimeo came up with my missing account details, very helpful, and I've been able to download the entire Q400 course that I orignally bought about three years ago, Then PC Aviator fixed the missing links (that had been removed) and now I have two copies. Can't complain though, both companies were very efficient and helpful. Just need to learn the aeroplane now!
  4. jonesrob

    *Airline2Sim Status Apr 27th Update*

    Anyway, thanks for the interest. I'll post again when/if something happens.
  5. jonesrob

    *Airline2Sim Status Apr 27th Update*

    I think my reponses are ouf sync
  6. jonesrob

    *Airline2Sim Status Apr 27th Update*

    It was, Stephen. I have a PayPay invoice payable to Vimeo, but nothing else. I've mailed them to see what they say.
  7. jonesrob

    *Airline2Sim Status Apr 27th Update*

    It was, Stephen. I have a PayPay invoice payable to Vimeo, but nothing else. I've mailed them to see what they say. PC Aviator have got back to me and say the files have disappeared from the server, or have been moved. Dean there says he is investigating.
  8. jonesrob

    *Airline2Sim Status Apr 27th Update*

    I'd be quite happy with the original Q400 training video, which seems to have been pulled. I owned it a few years ago but need to redownload, but can't.
  9. jonesrob

    Cadet Q400 training video

    Thanks folks. I understand that Ben had problems, which is fair enough. What I don't understand is why PCAviator don't respond☹️.
  10. I bought this some years ago from Airline2Sim. I lost the link naturally. My paasword isn't recognised and there is no reply to my emails and messages on the website.Ditto Aurasim A few days ago I bought it again, from PC Aviator Australia. The download link takes me back to the shop. Three emails/messages have gone unanswered. I really want some help here folks!
  11. Some of you are such a miserable shower here; is that how you always live your life?
  12. jonesrob

    Every aircraft sounds like prop plane

    I had this last week and it appears it may be from the default airfield vehicles setting - I can't remember what the proper term is offhand. I turned the slider (in the Traffic setting) to zero and they went away.
  13. jonesrob

    Win 10 update today

    It's removed my nVidia and Intel graphics drivers, mouse won't right click and will only recognise one monitor instead of two. No luck trying to fix at the moment.
  14. jonesrob

    EGKK London Gatwick SIDs

    I think Tiger is an ATC tactical SID used to alleviate congestion. LAM is normal for northerlies.
  15. jonesrob

    777 update from Aerosoft support

    You cannot update an FSX version to P3D - they're separate versions.