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  1. GSX works well using the default settings. There are a multitude of options available: create your own pushback route, different jetway types, walk-in gates etc, but if you turn up at an airport without any pre-planning, it works. A read of the manual is essential, along with several cups of coffee.
  2. My flight yesterday was stuck in hdg sel the entire, flight. I really think that MS/Asobo are trying to do too much. Too many aircraft, too much going on, too little quality control. My little head can't keep up. Every time there's a new release I go 'oh no, not another one', and it's wasted on me. There's no longer any excitement when a new something comes along when I know I probably won't have time to fly it, and if I do have time undoubtedly it won't work for me, and I no longer have the patience to mess around. Just spent Sunday afternoon around Lands End and the Scilly Isles in UK flying the A2A Comanche. Bliss.
  3. When Hans Hartmann was speaking on the MSFS developers stream when the ATR was launched he said that ATR did not want failures to be included as it may create a bad impression with potential customers (or words to that effect). In all other respects ATR were and are very supportive.
  4. Buy by the month $11.99. When it runs out and you're not flying for a few days buy another month. Worth every penny.
  5. Fenix support don't operate over the weekend so I guess you'll get a reply pretty soon on Monday. You could try their Discord, which is good.
  6. I'd forgotten why so just looked up the website. 5-10% it says so I stand corrected. https://www.flightsim.com/files/file/209967-msfs-2020-global-ai-ship-traffic-gaist-ultra-v3/
  7. 6% is the maximum setting needed, more than that has a detrimental effect. Select only the areas in which you will be flying, not the whole lot.
  8. RealTraffic provides the traffic data. PSXT links the data with AI models. You need, for example, https://www.fslivetrafficliveries.com/ for this, just the liveries, not the injector. All the instructions are on the PSXT website https://www.lekseecon.nl/
  9. I really think you would be better off going direct to the forum: https://www.plan-g.app/viewforum.php?f=5
  10. This as well: https://kb.fenixsim.com/efb-showing-as-blank
  11. Hans, the developer, said on the stream that he wants failures but ATR aren't too keen as they think it may reflect badly on their product.
  12. As RaptyrOne says, the freeware by mkvy is outstanding and continually updated. He's also removed the runway lights on 26R/08L as these are very rarely used in real life.
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