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  1. CaptainLars

    FMCZ, FMEE runway elevation problem B777, B738

    Right. And yet 5m is not a resolution low enough to avoid the crash at the threshold. Try 10m.
  2. CaptainLars

    FMCZ, FMEE runway elevation problem B777, B738

    I experienced this behaviour at SCIP freeware by Carlyle Sharpe. The solution is to set the mesh resolution to 10m (5m is not enough).
  3. I reset the key commands a second time and - so far - they are working again. Any idea about what could have been the cause of this issue? I'm open to any suggestion (even silly ones).
  4. Hi, all of a sudden, my assigned key command bindings for my defined views don't work anymore - but only those that involve one of the numbers on the number pad. That means, they are there, I can see them, but they don't work any more since yesterday. No changes were made, no addons installed. When I set the key commands anew, they work again, but only for a few seconds before they get inop again. This involves the number keys of the num pad. Yes, num lock is activated (though it doesn't make any difference in the sim I think). The "/" key and the "*" key are not involved and work as intended. I already respawned the "wxstationlist" file, but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Lars
  5. Thanks, I will try this. Why is it called Rainbow Trails, btw? I've never seen a rainbow appearing there... (or anywhere else in the sim).
  6. Hi, is it possible to get rid of the overwing condensation effect during cruise? I do like this effect, but not half of the time in the cruise segment of flight while being slightly above FL300. Whenever I take a plane (in real life), I look out of the window and at the wings, but I never ever noticed this effect during cruise. It seems to happen just a tad too often. Regards, Lars
  7. CaptainLars

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    the updated 777 the 747-8/F as a standalone version the 777X one of the Bombardier Global series... a 1966 Pontiac GTO
  8. CaptainLars

    Entering NAT TRACK Points in RTA Progress Page

    I think I already did that some time ago, but can't find it anywhere. The ticket itself is no longer visible amongst my more recent support tickets.
  9. CaptainLars

    Entering NAT TRACK Points in RTA Progress Page

    Excactly this is the point where it's broke. Once you have your constant speed segment completed, you cannot use RTA correctly, which could be useful, of course, when you have a longer flight where the constant speed segment is only one part of the flight. There's a series of cifers appearing instead on Progress page 3, where the RTA normally can be inserted.
  10. CaptainLars

    Entering NAT TRACK Points in RTA Progress Page

    A) a constant speed segment does not work together with RTA, and B) once you had a constant speed segment, the RTA function is broken on this flight. It's a bug it seems.
  11. CaptainLars

    10 miles right of track - which regions?

    Yes. According to Paul Gollnick, it was the first time that this was mentioned. Apparently no one had tried a route offset and then to save and resume.
  12. CaptainLars

    10 miles right of track - which regions?

    Using a route offset comes with its downside: resuming a saved fight while an offset is drawn on the ND results in black screens and an increasing nose down attitude.
  13. CaptainLars

    10 miles right of track - which regions?

    OK, thank you. And why would Chinese / Russian ATC ask them to do that?
  14. CaptainLars

    PMDG 777-200ER for 2018?

    That's what they're going to do.
  15. CaptainLars

    PMDG 777-200ER for 2018?

    In my personal view, the -200ER is a past iteration of the -200LR. I wouldn't bother with it. Since this seems to be the thread where we tell PMDG what to do next , I want a 777 update, where it gets some bugs sorted out (there are some), and the shiny new Ground Maps feature. I can't tell how many times I got lost at one of those airports...