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  1. Same here, both in Xplane 11 and 12 it still shows up as 2.5.30. As I didn't read anything about it here I thought it was just me.
  2. Just to let you know so far I haven't had any memory leaks or CTD with the Airfoillaps / GTN 750 nor any other plane. My flights vary from 30 minutes to just over 1 hour. So obviously the crashes are not happening to all.
  3. I did a flight from LOWI to EDDM and it followed the flight route and also pickedup the ILS.
  4. NAV is back working for me in the Saab with the Reality XP v2.5.14 update, no need to do the default GPS / Reality GPS workaround anymore.
  5. i7-4790K, GTX 1080, Nvidia driver 382.05
  6. Couldn't resist after all the positive posts about performance improvements with the 11.02 beta update, 750 and 650 are still working for me.
  7. Usage of the 750/650 in a helicopter: (own created) checklist, setting user waypoints, graphically editing flightplan
  8. Silly me, I was hitting "Done" after modifying each leg. If I don't do it and continue with editing the other legs of course it only moves back to the helicopter at the airport AFTER I hit Done, so everything fine ! BTW Did I already mention I love flying with the RealityXP 750/650 ? :)
  9. Unfortunately no, it still moves back to the helicopter no matter if auto-zoom is on or off.
  10. Lately I'm using the GTN750/650 with the Bell 407 helicopter in X-Plane 11 and after setting the general flight plan I like to pin-point my route through valleys with the "graphically edit flight plan" option. Works perfectly but what is a little annoying: after each editing of a leg the map zooms back to the helicopter which of course is still at the airport. Maybe I missed a setting but I couldn't find a option to disable it as long as I edit the flight route.
  11. Hey Bluebell2, do you have the new Aerobask Panthera or Eclipse ? :)
  12. I think this is what you are looking for. At least it has a link to a modded default Cessna. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/498512-flying-rxp-gtn-in-xp11-beta/?page=2#comment-3525493
  13. Yeah, tried to install it a couple of times. Each time it would fail to install the Trainer files which resulted in the GNT not working in X-Plane. What I did: when it starts the install of the trainer files there is a "copy xxx to zzz" copy message. I click on that "zzz" link (which is the temp folder for the trainer files) and after it fails and before I click on "ok" I copy this "zzz" folder to another place on my HD. When you click on ok after the failure message the "zzz" folder in the temp folder gets deleted so there is nothing left, therefore copy the files before you continue the installation. In that copied folder run the autorun.exe ... voila, now its working (at least for me). Hope this helps.
  14. The nose wheel isn't animated in "saved" replays, gear up/down is, but not nose wheel steering: Georg Naujoks
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