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  1. Pricelss

    VNAV fail

    The Desc path didnt dump until after TOD. All the changes i made were before TOD. I pressed EXEC and it was fine then i went to DESC now and it dumped. TOD stayed in place as the constraint wasnt that far off from where I was calculated to be at.
  2. Pricelss

    VNAV fail

    I dont push the button and too m knowledge theres no ke command. As far as start up I use the defualt Start up and then start the APU and cut the engines. Then thats it.
  3. Pricelss

    VNAV fail

    I dont know yet im still in cruise. Im somewhere over russia. Edit: On the decent into Heathrow and no issues but this is a westbound flight. Im going to do another eastbound and see what happens ill know late tonight or in the morning tomorrow.
  4. Pricelss

    VNAV fail as requested @Ephedrin
  5. Pricelss

    VNAV fail

    Roger Doger
  6. Pricelss

    VNAV fail

    Will do. Itll be later tonight. Pages 1 and 2 before take off?
  7. Pricelss

    VNAV fail

    Throttle spike i am unsure of. I have on my throttle full so theres no manual override, and even if there was an attempt, manual override has been turned off in the FMS settings. 2nd im not removing the path? All I did was add the restriction in for BEDEK at 250/14000. When i landed at LAX the yesterday i did the same for the SADDE8. 250/11000 and it dumped them. Could it be the edits before TOD causing the dump?
  8. Pricelss

    VNAV fail

    I honestly have no clue as to how the descent path got replaced and completely screwed up. Of all the 74 flights i do it appears it is only happening in which i am at a cruise at FL410 before TOD as it has only happened on Eastbound flights. Im about an hour and a half out from BNE and cruising at FL400 so we will see if it does it on the descent into BNE. If it comes up and its due to a corrupt panel state then i can just do a repair from the installer and that should fix the dll or whatever file is messed up right? AS far as it being at FL410 I am unsure of but it seems to only happen that high.
  9. Pricelss

    VNAV fail

    It is but what was your final cruise before TOD?
  10. Pricelss

    VNAV fail

    Cruise before TOD was up to FL410 I believe. As far as resetting the MCP alt I set it to the 14k in case I reached it before BEDEK. And i didn't press the ALT knob. I went into the FMS on the VNAV DES page and clicked DES NOW. I clearly said I clicked "DES NOW" and on every flight i do this for the NG and T7 it does just fine. The 74 it doesn't. It did it this morning when I was flying the Quantas ER into LA.
  11. Pricelss

    VNAV fail

    I replied with the knowledge I had. As far as the FMA (Thanks to Epherin explaining it) IT was HOLD | LNAV | VNAV SPD as far as steps to get to that point I Implemented the restriction for BEDEK and then clicked DES NOW on the DES page as i was about 20 miles before TOD and wished to start my decent early. Then my 74 went pitch down about 15 degrees and an FMC message appeared that I do believe said "DES PATH UNACHIEVABLE" I cleared it and then a message saying "DRAG REQUIRED" appeared. At which point I noticed I was at a decent rate greater than -5k fpm and was approaching 300 knots. To counteract this I used V/S and manual throttles. What else do you want to know and Ill let you know to the best of my knowledge.
  12. Pricelss

    VNAV fail

    I was in the 744 in the 1970s BA livery. This was taken past TOD. Before TOD I was able to put in the restraint at BEDEK (that's why it's there. It wasn't in there before for some reason.) FMA annunciating I'm unaware of. If I know what I'm looking for I can be sure to look out for it. As far as more info, once it happens again I will. Doing Brisbane to LAX so we'll see if its in the Quantas livery or just specific to that livery maybe? Unsure of how that works...
  13. Pricelss

    VNAV fail Did it finally. The only reason Bedek isnt at 2500 is because I put that in before I started my descent. i try to edit the altitudes and it says "Invalid Entry"
  14. Pricelss

    VNAV fail

    Loving this wonderful help and support that I'm getting from the PMDG staff.
  15. Pricelss

    VNAV fail

    When it happens again ill screenshot it. its been 3 days and hasnt done it so we'll see if it decides to screw up again.