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  1. RoDuSu

    Aerosoft Summer sale 30% off!

    Easy way to find out. Click the link. If the products are discounted, then yes. If not, then no.
  2. RoDuSu

    Aerosoft CRJ 10% off - to be released Jun 22

    For anyone interested in this, it's for the boxed version, not the digital download. Aerosoft typically charge more for the boxed version anyway, so the 10% discount is likely to cover that difference.
  3. RoDuSu

    Saitek X52 and Windows 10

    I managed to get it to work. Here's the solution... Run the driver installer - the beta driver from the Madcatz site, then do as instructed and plug your X52 in. Let the installer run. Once Windows has completed its process, you'll need to go to device manager. From there, right click on the X52 (with the exclamation mark in a yellow triangle on it) and select 'Update Driver.' This is the interesting bit. You'll need to choose 'Let me pick...' and then choose the first device - Generic USB Device or similar - NOT the X52 one. Your X52 will then be recognised by Windows 10 and your installer will continue with its installation process. You should now have a fully functioning X52 again
  4. RoDuSu

    Saitek X52 and Windows 10

    I have tried this, and it still won't work. It returns an error of "Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while trying to install it." I've tried this also, but I don't think it's this problem. The X52 joystick was working perfectly before the November 2015 update.
  5. RoDuSu

    Saitek X52 and Windows 10

    I have tested the joystick on another Windows 10 computer without this latest update. It installed fine. Seems to be an issue with the latest release of Windows 10 then?
  6. RoDuSu

    Saitek X52 and Windows 10

    Unfortunately, it's not the cable. They're both connected fine, and they connect via USB to the computer. But when it comes to installing it, the software suggests plugging the USB cable in (which I do) but it won't let me proceed with the installation - the 'Next' box is grayed out and cannot be clicked. This is so frustrating. I have a brand new graphics card for FSX that I can't use because the joystick won't work! :(
  7. RoDuSu

    Saitek X52 and Windows 10

    Hi All, I have a Saitek X52 setup and am running on Windows 10. About a month and a half ago, I had the BETA driver installed and all was working perfectly - no issues whatsoever. However, I was away from my PC for two weeks and in that time, something changed - the joystick and throttle light up but they don't function. I have uninstalled the drivers and software, cleaned up the registry to make sure there aren't any traces, have deleted the relevant folders (and the temp folders), unplugged the joystick, and have gone through the installation process again. When I run the driver installation however, and plug the controller in, it doesn't recognise the device being plugged in. Instead, Windows seems to proceed with its own installation process. I'm at my wits end with it. So I'm asking for help - anyone got any thoughts on what a) might be wrong, and b) I can do to fix it?
  8. That certainly explains the one time I had a VAS crash with my 777.
  9. RoDuSu

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    My thoughts are with his family and friends. I've been an avid user of AVSIM for years and will never, ever forget the contribution he made to the flight simming community. An incredible person with generosity at his core. Rest in Peace, Tom.
  10. RoDuSu

    FPS. What FPS do you get?

    I was getting about 20fps so decided to adjust the full screen resolution from 1680x1050 down to 1440x900 and it's given me a boost of about 9 or 10 FPS without really hitting the quality too much. -- Robert Sutherland