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  1. Hi Chris, I was getting a very consistent CTD when using a certain taxiway at one airport. Tonight I tried the test 4 dll's with great success. I traveled the entire length of the taxiway several times, restarted the sim and tried again without any CTD's. I then completed a pattern and touchdown at the problem airport without a CTD. Many thanks to Chris and PMDG for such a terrific aircraft. Kevin Bouchard
  2. Hi Bryan, I am using FSCaptain along with FS2Crew and was flying into Bogota yesterday which has an alititude around 8,000 feet. The FO turned on the landing lights well before 10,000 feet which may in fact be SOP. I got a "did not set lights properly" penalty in FSCaptain for turning on the landing lights before 10,000 feet. Questions: 1) How does FS2Crew determine when to turn on the landing lights? 2) Are landing light minimums dictated by governments, airlines or both? I continue to be amazed at how much realism FS2Crew has added to my flying. I used to think FS2Crew would add too much time to my flights but I have found it to be just the opposite, allowing me to follow the checklists without worrying about missing every switch and setting. Now if I could only get my wife to respond to "Some Dinner Please". Thanks for any info you can provide.
  3. Thanks Bryan! Absolutely love the software and support. Looking forward to the next purchase with the Triple 7!
  4. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I call leave the flaps up for taxi and complete the before taxi checklist but when I ask the FO for FLAPS 5 during taxi he does not comply. I have even tried setting the contaminated runway setting in the briefing but he doesn't set the flaps.
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