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  1. Im in a similar boat. I really want EA to work in the long run as im getting add-on fatigue. In the meantime i went back to ASCA and while its not as good as REX SF/EF, its simpler and more seamless.
  2. Qantas jumbo joy flights https://simpleflying.com/qantas-boeing-747-farewell-flights/
  3. Microsoft sidewinder precision 2 joystick, new in 2000, still running strong. Brought out of retirement twice after these new fangled sticks failed after a few years.
  4. One other thing to consider if you want even more automation is the co-pilot. The Aerosoft A330 includes one, whereas you can purchase FS2CREW for the QW787
  5. Sounds like anti virus quarantined it during or after an update.
  6. @opestan1 Once you have the extension pack installed and updated the navigraph FMS data you should see the current cycle in the database section on the AUX page in the G1000. I just updated mine to cycle 2004 With the extension pack VNAV works as expected for the G1000.
  7. Yes ive seen all this and worse. I'll minimize P3D on long hauls and every 20-30 flight or so I'll find it in the dirt or at FL400 trying to do mach .9 when the window is restored. One thing to try, which I havent, is raise the P3D process priority to 'high' or 'above normal'. Note that I dont do anything else while minimized.
  8. Bob's right, for the 300 you have to buy the navigraph extension pack. This gives you SID/STAR, vnav and a few other 'fixes' plus the ability to read the navigraph update. In the navigraph fms data manager just choose carenado products. Once the extension pack is installed you'll loose access to the P3D flight planner. The TBM doesnt have an extension pack but you can update the P3D database with either fsaerodata or sors.fr The other alternative is to throw a GTN750 in both and there's many a thread on how to do that in these forums but its database gets out of date too.
  9. I updated mine yesterday and exe was quarantined. Had to add an exception for that in addition to the bridge.
  10. Make sure you run vpilot as administrator too
  11. Is that the free or paid version of MB? Im thinking of switching to the same setup and im unsure what version to get.
  12. Spent way too much time with B17 and M1 tank platoon and sorry Microprose, Longbow 2 was better.
  13. I see this when using Rex EF/SF in the new 737ngxu and the aerosoft A330 in 4.5 HF2. The dome light doesn't seem to have any effect on the cockpit lighting. My fix was to change the time of day once in the sim, which reloads something (textures?) then the dome light works fine in both cases. Its really weird and any comments to Rex, PMDG or aerosoft results in 'ask the other guy'. Other 'older' PMDG aircraft and the rest of the airbuses are ok.
  14. Are you selecting the waypoint from the flightplan then pushing DCT or entering the waypoint after you push DCT? These are two different modes. The first will create a direct fix from your current location to the waypoint and keep the flightplan, the second assumes you're done with the flightplan and you want to fly to the new location.
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