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  1. Hi, You should have received an email around October 2021 from FS2CREW describing the transition to the new website and how the old account information was not carried over. The important part is: "Please be reminded that your legacy account is still active and your previous orders for your FSX and Prepar 3D FS2Crew products are still available for download. You can access your old FSX/P3D FS2Crew orders via this link:" https://legacy.fs2crew.com If you're still having trouble, you can send them a support ticket and they'll help you out.
  2. Its silly that you have instant IRS, fuel and boarding, yet have to type in information that's readily available in the EFB. I'd like to see it as another config option.
  3. Tail number or TBM930xxx or TBMxxx when comms is established. To change in MSFS: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/586949-want-your-pilot-atc-to-call-you-tbm-and-not-daher-voila/
  4. Have you tried simply restarting the PC? I get the package looping thing every time the aerosoft twin otter has an update. Restarting the pc and trying again in content manager fixes it.
  5. Thanks! I didn't pick up that it had an MSFS installer too.
  6. I still use Lorby Time Machine for P3D today. Its a great tool and wish it were available for MSFS 🙂 FS SimRateBandit in MSFS is close but needs a bit more work.
  7. Its an alternate keybind issue. Reported in beta, not fixed in final. See the workaround: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/camera-views-using-numeric-keypad-erratic-behaviour-since-su8-beta-official/502250
  8. I use the ‘chase plane’ method of named views such that num-7 is pilot view, num-8 might be overhead, num-5 for pedestal, num-4 for FMC etc for every aircraft I fly. The way this works is you first setup shortcut keys to save and load custom views. You only have to do this once, not for each aircraft. Next jump in the aircraft and get the cockpit view you want. Start by using one of the pre-set views (ctrl-1, ctrl-2 etc) that comes with the aircraft then refine with the built in camera controls (up, down, left, right, home, end, pg up, pg down etc). Save the current view to the custom view. (e.g CTRl-ALT-7 Note, use the keyboard 7 not the numpad) Test the view by looking somewhere else then press num-7. It should take you to the custom view you setup. Repeat for all the different cockpit views you want. You can repeat this for each aircraft you fly such that num-7 will be the pilot view you want for example. You can read more about it here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/guide-how-to-configure-cockpit-views-cameras-using-custom-camera-controller-assignments/171116
  9. Working as intended: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/608209-suddenly-ads-are-appearing-across-screen-constantly-changing/?do=findComment&comment=4639093 Keep in mind, if you're blocking ads you are depriving AVSIM of the income to keep it running.
  10. Hi Rafal, Everything works fine with the radio panel in the airbus except dialing the transponder code with the logitech V4 driver. To get the V4 drivers working in V5, see this thread: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/573456-saitek-radio-and-switch-panel/
  11. I was thinking the same. They never would have done this for the other platforms. MSFS really is changing the way developers approach business, for the better.
  12. The FAQ explains it all https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402318233874-Microsoft-Flight-Simulator-Xbox-FAQ
  13. I'm not 'feeling' Paul in any of the trailers. I'm worried his lack of onscreen presence will be covered up with the CGI effects elsewhere.
  14. The questions you raise would make good a FSElite or Threshold article however many developers have already discussed their plans in their own forums and I don't see how you expect any of them to respond to a thread here with such a childish title.
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