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  1. Haseen, Did you set the HSI course to 144 for that ILS Approach? Ive had a similar problem where i forget to set the HSI and it doesn't pick up the localizer.
  2. SoJourned

    Name the movie...

    oh man that goes back. Without looking at the copy on the shelf, I want to say a very young Sam Waterson, OJ Simpson?. Elliot Gould was the reporter. Hal Halbrook? Who played Brolin's wife, the one with the husk voice?
  3. Great trouble shooting, how on earth did you narrow it down to those dll's?
  4. SoJourned

    Defrag SSD

    Yes its safe to 'defrag' an ssd drive. The OS/Software knows its an ssd drive and really just does a trim rather than a traditional defrag operation.
  5. SoJourned

    Sudden network issue between two Win10 machines

    Hi Bruce, I had a similar issue between a work laptop and my home network that 'just started happening' but i assume it was an update somewhere along the line. After searching i came across the following windows forum post: The solution that worked for me was the services suggestion at the bottom of page 2, namely to start the Function Discovery Provider Host and Function Discovery Resource Publication services. I dont know if these were previously active or what the effect of leaving then enabled is.
  6. SoJourned

    xplane 11 on steam no way

    On behalf of Amazon stockholders, thank you for your purchase.
  7. SoJourned

    ProATC/X flight plans compatible for aircraft?

    Try exporting the simbrief flight plan to a squawkbox file, you can import it straight into proatc. Use the simbrief downloader to create all the files you need, one for the bus, one for proatc and optionaly one for the sim
  8. The bundle is now available.
  9. SoJourned

    Stand alone or Steam

    In steam, go to your game properties, betas and opt-in to the public_beta....
  10. Sorry but can you explain how a disorder that kills over a million people in the US each year relates to computers?
  11. SoJourned

    P4AO 1.32 b01 unable to create backup

    Thanks, 7-Zip revealed all. Keep up the great work!
  12. Im trying to create a backup of the scenery configuration using 'create backup' on the backup/restore page. The ZIP file is created but it is empty. This was fine in previous versions. (running P4AO as administrator)
  13. SoJourned

    P4AO Addon Organizer 1.31 b04

  14. SIDs and STARs are usually assigned by ATC (clearance) at the time of departure because the winds may have changed between filing time and flight, so they are not imported into the FMC with the flightplan. To get those in from littlemap just enter them under the DEP/ARR page on the FMC and pretend ATC gave them to you.