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  1. If you skip to the point in the SpaceX delve stream, it's still available on YouTube, they talk a bit about the weather and some of the things they are looking for. Far more to consider than what is included in local weather or METAR reports for sure.
  2. They talked a bit about it in the SpaceX live stream. It looks like the big factor in the scrub yesterday was the electrical charge in the atmosphere. Basically there was a chance the rocket itself could have triggered a lightning strike. Upper level winds and weather seemed to be okay. Then there is also the offshore weather in the case of an abort as they don’t want the capsule coming down in a tropical storm off shore, for example. Lots of points to factor in.
  3. Looks like it is being scrubbed due to weather.
  4. And of course they're driving to the pad in style. 😎
  5. SpaceX has a live stream going on right now. Currently following the astronauts as they prep for the flight.
  6. That was one of the best parts of training! Well, except when doing your flight test in the one plane the flight school has that didn't spin like the rest (all C172s).
  7. I was under the impression that there was a program put in place specifically to cover this in many countries. https://www.hrsa.gov/vaccine-compensation/index.html It also appears that it is rarely used, which will hopefully be the case with a COVID19 vaccine. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/18/health/vaccine-injury-claims.html
  8. It isn't necessarily contradictory as Azure AI is a platform for others to build their AI on top of. So in this case, MS and Asobo may have contracted out some of the work to this Blackshark company. Maybe Blackshark already had a prototype that MS or Asobo had seen? Similar to how Microsoft brought in Asobo themselves to build the sim instead of building it entirely in-house in Seattle.
  9. From Microsoft's point of view, this could be leading back down the road they started on with ESP. While there have been 3D models built of the world for many different industries, such as the ones listed above, most are somewhat customized and/or proprietary, and expensive. With this new technology, they could be looking to commoditize it and bring the cost way down. Anyone, anywhere that needs an accurate 3D model of the world wouldn't have to build their own, they would just sign up for Azure Earth (or whatever they call it). There are lots of other use cases around planning and training outside of aviation too. City modelling and disaster planning, and emergency response training would be two more examples.
  10. Virtual tourism, TV and movie productions, commercial sims, and open world gaming are some possible uses. For games, one could replace the photogrammetry data of our world and replace with some sci-fi or fantasy world to avoid having to take up a couple terabytes of users' hard drives. Take No Man's Sky or Eve and add in some very detailed worlds to explore, for example.
  11. Just remember the idea isn't that Asobo, Laminar or Lockheed would directly use code from UE5, but that they may develop similar features themselves using their own code. UE5 simply shows one way to do things, and are one of the first to show off what is coming. Other developers, including Asobo, will be looking to do new things with the upcoming new hardware as well. And it may not take that long to see some of the new features pop up elsewhere. Life is certainly looking better for flight simming! You can keep the vegemite though...
  12. Don't give up completely. Asobo have talked about moving to DX12 and possibly adopting things like ray tracing down the road. And who knows, they may come up with something that this UE5 demo doesn't have. new hardware is always coming out, which gives developers opportunities to do things that weren't possible before. With Microsoft back in the game, the flight sim world is looking to be in great shape to benefit this time too.
  13. Umm, what?? I think you're putting words in my mouth now. FSX and X-Plane fell way behind the rest of the gaming industry. One because the team was dropped, and the other because it's a small team with fewer resources. This is why they struggled for performance, not because there is some magical barrier that says flight sims can't look better while also performing well. Asobo looks to be proving this with the new sim, though it does remain to be scene what the final product looks like.
  14. Okay, let's try this a different way. I think you're getting too hung up on the idea that UE5 itself will be adopted by Asobo or Laminar research. The point here was to show what can be done on the upcoming consoles and PC hardware. Think of it like the major airshows, such as Farnborough, Paris or Oshkosh. One aircraft manufacturer has brought out the latest and greatest prototype to show off their new technology. Maybe in this example it's the latest fighter plane. For most civilian users it isn't directly relevant, at least not in the immediate moment. However, many of the technologies that were developed for the fighter may make it into the next generation of civilian aircraft. That's what is going on here. This UE5 demo is showing off a number of new and exciting features that other game engines will also adopt, or develop their own equivalents of. Some of these might make sense for Asobo to implement in MSFS at some point. After all, they said it was a ten year project. Many on this forum are interested in what our computers are capable of, and demos like this are great ways to see it. It isn't really any more complicated than that.
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