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  1. Wouldn't be the first time something like Google Maps lead someone down a backroad to the middle of nowhere.
  2. Sounds like a couple that were lost, and the wife finally got the husband to pull over and ask for directions. 👽
  3. The intent doesn't need to be malicious, it could be people being naive and/or failing to properly consider the question of whether they should do it in their rush to create something. AI is a great example as there are plenty of companies rushing to develop it, but few people actually stopping to consider the impacts, including whether we as a society are ready for it. And the ones who do raise concerns tend to get ignored or drowned out by the next big AI announcement. Social media is another good example. It was supposed to bring the world together and break down barriers, but has been twisted and abused to sow division and distrust. Looking back, it should have been obvious that people would find ways to abuse it, and that perhaps we weren't ready for it as a society, but there was money to be made, so here we are. It still comes down to people in the end.
  4. Does poor optimization extend to getting money for free? https://dotesports.com/starfield/news/new-starfield-glitch-gives-players-free-loot-via-puddle
  5. goates

    LEGO Icon

    Ah, the good old No True Scotsman argument. 🙄 One more point, the sticker on the stand one builds for this lists the original companies as well. Sounds like something a "True Aviation Enthusiast" would be happy about. Still not seeing how Lego is burying or changing history here, and certainly no where close to Hollywood.
  6. goates

    LEGO Icon

    Lego isn't trying to bury or hide the history. The instruction guide talks about the history of the plane and who the original companies were. The other point I touched on above is that Lego worked with the Airbus Heritage team in putting this model together, which likely also contributed to putting the Airbus logo on the box. To counter your Revell DC-10 example, here's their Concorde model kit. https://www.revell.de/en/products/modelmaking/aircraft/civil-aircraft/concorde-british-airways.html?listtype=search&searchparam=concorde I don't see the original company names anywhere obvious on the front of the box.
  7. goates

    LEGO Icon

    Again, that isn't relevant when it comes to things like copyrights and trademarks. Lego worked with the Airbus Heritage team and got a licence for the use of the name, so included Airbus on the box as the current rights holder to the Concorde. It has nothing to do with ignoring or changing history. https://www.lego.com/en-ca/categories/adults-welcome/article/why-concorde-is-engineering-masterpiece
  8. goates

    LEGO Icon

    When it comes to the world of intellectual property and licensing, everything you have covered is mostly irrelevant. Airbus is now the owner of the Concorde and associated rights, and anyone that wants to release a product today is likely going to have to include Airbus' name on the product. Lego probably could have included Aérospatiale/BAC on the box, but I bet they were required to include Airbus on it.
  9. I'm not sure I would take one accident where the plane looks to have been flown outside of its design limits to be an indicator it wasn't designed properly. It can handle some elevator input when dropping heavy loads, but not a full deflection. You should also note that this was an emergency dump from the plane where all ~1,200lbs of water and dye was released at once, whereas most times a crop duster is spraying smaller amounts over a longer duration so wouldn't be quite so constrained. This case looks like the plane was being flown at the edge of the design limits, and was pushed over. An additional detail the investigators will likely look into is whether there was any corrosion in the plane structure which was the subject of an AD for these aircraft.
  10. When dropping heavy loads they, and water bombers, will keep straight and level, or only make small adjustments.
  11. Not sure what would be illegal about a gender reveal party in general, however, I do think the idea has become a bit silly and the apparent need to come up with something more dramatic has gotten well out of hand. This wasn't the first plane to crash at gender reveal party either. https://abcnews.go.com/International/dead-plane-crashes-gender-reveal-stunt-mexico/story?id=76824951 Earlier this summer a brushfire was started in BC (the province that's been dealing with fires all summer) thanks to one of these parties. https://bc.ctvnews.ca/gender-reveal-party-sparks-b-c-brushfire-1.6465659
  12. You're welcome! Glad to hear you've got it sorted now. Don't be too hard on yourself, you aren't the only one that's been stumped by Microsoft.
  13. There shouldn't be any need to reinstall just to get the desktop icon back. If MSFS is in your Start menu, you just need to open the menu and drag the icon to the desktop. If it isn't in your Start menu, open the Microsoft Store app, go the Library where all of your apps are listed, then click the three dots on the right side and hit "Pin to start", after which you can drag it the icon to the desktop as above.
  14. No, this isn't a marketing ploy to get you to buy an Xbox console (although merging all of their gaming products and services under the Xbox brand can be a little confusing), something isn't right with the account authentication on your system. Asobo/Microsoft have some troubleshooting steps you can look into in the link below. Also make sure you have the latest Xbox Gaming Services updates from the Microsoft Store on your PC. https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019967600-How-to-fix-Xbox-Live-Sign-In-issues Edit: Here's some more suggestions. https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4412295717650-Read-first-Windows-10-11-troubleshooting
  15. While out for a bike ride last summer I had a chat with an elderly couple over lunch who were enjoying their ride on their new ebikes. The extra boost from the electric motor meant they could still get out and enjoy bike rides that they couldn't otherwise (there are some pretty big hills around here) and had nothing to do with being lazy.
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