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  1. Indeed. I see no hostilities in here - and I'm usually the one to complain about such in here 😉 More simple and direct explanations of what's happening. Also, OP could have laid out the original post as a question - not an accusation. This thread should probably be locked, as the OP's question have been resolved.
  2. I don't understand these constant (and honestly I'm getting a bit tired of) "I-know-better-than-all-the-testers-and-real-world-airline-pilots-who-have-tested-this-addon". What are you really basing these assumptions (or accusations?) on?! You do realise, that there's probably a gazillion things, which can affect flight performance? Weather, wind, temperature, weight etc... Also, if you're so sure, that this addon is so faulty and wrong, that you make time to come in here and complain, why don't you show us your documentation of what you're claiming? Or write all these - so far unfounded - complaints on their Discord? Or even better, shoot Fenix a support ticket, along with the necessary documentation of your claims. I'm not saying that it's perfect in any way, but so far (by the amount I've flown it) it's word not allowed good and far better than anything other I've seen. Also, Aamir and the Fenix development- and support team is really nice and open and are more than welcoming for critisism and improvements. As long as such ideas, improvements, criticisms, are within reason and have some basis in reality and are backed up by other than your word. No matter how important you think it is. P.s - sorry for sounding harsh!
  3. I agree. I don't know what is meant by "fix the flight dynamics", but as far as I can see - and from what I've seen in the videos of it - it simulates fly-by-wire correctly and behaves as expected within it's flight envelope... of am I missing something?
  4. Wow! Amazing! Is there a TL;DR ? 😛
  5. It doesn't! It's not allowed on the Microsoft Markedplace, as Fenix is utilizing outside executables, to make the plane work. It's also not coming for the XBOX for the same reason.
  6. Well - it does load! It just goes to Flightplan2 instead of 1.
  7. I can understand your predicament, but honestly I personally think it's on the edge, to install software on multiple computers at the same time, when you only control one license. The license is personal and it's only as a courtesy (if you change computers or hardware) that you're able to install it on 3 different configurations. It's not meant to be freely distributed as you please. It's not like Fenix is making huge amounts of cash on each sale and quite frankly I really think, that if you really need to install it on two computers - then buy two licenses. These guys really deserve it - and it's not that huge amount, to be honest. Sorry for sounding harsh and I mean no disrespect!
  8. As far as I know @Aamir have said, that it's a (highly) tweaked version of the internal flight-model, using MSFS physics. EDIT: His post here
  9. I didn't realize, that the inflation was that bad? 😮😄
  10. LOL! We are truly armchair-pilots! 😄
  11. Interesting idea, but - well, not to be pessimestic, but I seriously doubt it. It's not Airbus' market and I doubt that they want to delegate time and energy to perpetuate and share that kind of information about their aircrafts.
  12. That would be amazing, yes. But as far as I know, Airbus are unwilling (or have been unwilling in the past) to engage in similar agreements, that PMDG had made with Boeing.
  13. I'm 99% sure that there won't be! But, out of curiousity, why would you want that? Also, who have optical drives anymore??
  14. If you mean the PMDG one, then yes I did. But I have to admit, that this Fenix bird is a step above... 🙂
  15. LOL! I'll grab the popcorn...
  16. Really? Are they really actively bashing the Fenix team and product?? Wow! Distasteful.
  17. Then don't purchase the Airbus, if it's that big of a concern for you! Honestly, I really don't understand what you're trying to achieve with your posts?
  18. Where would this plane be sold? In their own webpage? The reason I'm asking is, that there doesn't seem to be any store on their webpage, currently.
  19. Indeed, @Aamir Stop teain' and start releasin' 😄
  20. I think it's fairly accurate. I remember the Airline2Sim pilot (James) saying, that the noise from the airconditioning on the flightdeck is extremely loud.
  21. "Comparing himself to Michelangelo" ??? What are you talking about? RSR didn't "compare" himself to Michelangelo. He was using Michelangelo as a metaphore of comparing the completion of a work of art, and by such making the point, that an artist never sees the beauty of the full work, but only sees the faults or what is missing from the work. Oh boy, I would really wish that people would stop making up things that they claim RSR have said or over-analyze sentences, as a way of critizing and/or ridicule him. Sorry for being blunt, but this is getting ridiculous.
  22. Amazing! Thanks alot. Would be greatly appreciated!
  23. Amazing! I didn't know you were doing these? Fantastic work! Where can these be purchased / obtained? 🙂
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