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  1. Pardon my complete ignorance (and maybe asking a stupid question), but what are the differences between LIDO charts and ... well ... whatever Navigraph is using?
  2. Looks interesting, but... I would probably go nuts (and not in the good way) if I had to interact with this crew simulation, every-single-time I had to do a flight... I mean, it's probably fun the first couple of times and it's probably good for marketing and writing in the 'features' on their sales page... but I quickly imagine it would become an annoyance. Especially since it doesn't sound especially realistic. It may very well be 'the most comprehensive and detailed' simulation of any airliner to date (or whatever the hyperbole statement that was made), but would you actually use 1000+ simulated failures? Do you actually think it's fun or immerseful to have to talk to the crew for closing/opening the doors? For my part: no. But then again, I'm probably not the target customers. I have maybe once used the failure system. But to be honest, I usually just turn them off. Sorry for the negativity, but does this simulate any features, which are used in a day-to-day scenario, better than it's competitors? Or is it 'the most complete and comprehenisve airliner every developed for any sim' because it includes a set of features, which - at best - are being used once or twice?
  3. I'm really sorry, guys, but I really, really don't understand your incentive to come in here and moan and cry about features which are missing, bugs and general instability and/or misunderstandings in the voice-recognition system etc... they LITTERALY spelled it out for you, when you CHOSE to purchase the software! Please calm down. You wanted it released in Early-Access and it's released as Early-Access, with all the caveats and bugs and missing features that entails. Trust me - I've had games where Early-Access was unplayable. This ACTUALLY does work and you CAN complete a flight with it. Yes there's bugs and it's sometimes hard to hear and reply to the controllers - but come on... Really? It's not as this could come as a surprise. You have a developer, which have been COMPLETELY OPEN to the development process and have warned you, that this software has bugs etc... in more honest words than many other developers have done. Nobody asked you to 'jump' into Early-Access!!! You were given the OPTION of doing so with all the warnings and cautions (even in the actual purchasing process!)... and yet you still come in here and moan and rant about it being unreliable... there's just no winning. Sorry for my rant...
  4. Indeed there was. In huge letters! Both a 'warning' notice AND a confimration box, that you were understanding the caveats of purhasing and using the software. I assume (and hope) that the above poster was being sarcastic.
  5. Is it the entire A340-series or 'just' the A340-300 ?
  6. Looks really amazing! Any idea when (or in what order of release) the 777F from PMDG is?
  7. Personally I have no issues with 'first impressions' of an addon or software. What's really unfortunate and sad, is that so many streamers and users, are extending (or hiding) their own ignorance or incompetence as being faults in the addon or program. If you 'review' (or whatever you call it?!) something, which is brand new and you haven't had time or bothered to read the documentation first (or at least have SOME idea of how the program works), then disclaim it and take the patience and provide the proper reservations beforehand. Make it clear to your audience, that any faults or improper usage or unexpected behavior could be caused by YOU, and that YOU may have actually done something wrong. At least acknowledge, that if something isn't working as expected, assume that it's your fault. Not necessary the fault of the software or program... Sorry for my rant.
  8. Just gotten this PM from @Damian Clark Could you please remove references in here to the wrong price from Flight1 (as per Hifisim's request!). I've also edited my original post for the same reason. ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Really? Maybe I've been out of this loop for awhile now... But what aircrafts use/utilize this? ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Quite an interesting description! ๐Ÿ™‚ If the radius of the 'custom preset' is sufficiently far (or large) then you probably won't notice it.
  12. Boeing 747-series in my book! Boeing 747-400 is probably my preference.
  13. You're kidding, right? FSHud is NOT sold in (or as) Beta! You can choose to opt into BETA if you wish. Just like many other addons and software (like MSFS for instance). Please stick to facts and verifiable faults/problems. And make sure, that it's not your local system, which have some kind of misconfiguration or similar. Cheers!
  14. Ah guess I'm not really awake today. Thanks guys! ๐Ÿ™‚
  15. I'm sorry but what do you mean by "calendar" ? Could you perhaps explain it for the "slow kids" ๐Ÿ˜„
  16. Ah okay. Didn't realise that. Thanks, Christoffer for explaining that. ๐Ÿ™‚
  17. Maybe I'm missing something here (or maybe I'm just being an word not allowed - apologies in advance!)... but... Why would Steam/Valve have anything to do with purchases made in MS Markedplace, inside MSFS (I assume that's where you placed your order?) I mean - once you startup Microsoft Flight Simulator and are 'inside' the game, isn't purchases for the Marketplace made through Microsoft and not Steam? Granted I'm not sure about the procedure, as I have never purchased any thing through the Marketplace... As far as I can ascertain, Steam only 'hosts' the launcher/installer for the MSFS. Or am I missing something (obvious) ? Sorry in advance for the stupid questions. ๐Ÿ™‚
  18. Which is the last thing, a developer should be sensitive to... ๐Ÿ˜•
  19. It's a bit too late for that for the OP. But follow the great advice/directions that others have given. Log in to your XBOX/Live account and change the password. Afterwards, log out of all devices. Also change the passwords for any other accounts, that you may (inadvertently) have left behind. Do this as quickly as possible to limit the exposure. Look here for instructions on how to log out of all Microsoft/Live accounts Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚
  20. Interesting. I wonder if they connect the other maps at some point?
  21. That's really weird... I used to have blurry/fuzzy displays with DLSS on. It was especially noticable, when the displays was 'transitioning' from one value to another (if that made sense?). This was in 1080p though. I now run in 4K, and those 'issues' are gone. I don't know why, though... It looks SO good. Was also quite impressed with how good Frame Generation works. Actually doubled my FPS, by turning it on.
  22. I don't know... I don't see any difference between DLSS / Quality, DLSS / DLAA and DLAA alone. None of them look 'blurry'. Maybe I don't know what to look for. This is in 4K. I have an RTX 4070 Ti Super. I'm glad, that they fixed the blurry fonts/displays with DLSS, though. Looks SO good.
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