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  1. Thomas AH Thanks for your reply, which confirms what I suspected. I have the original version, but as I received it from SimFlight for review, back in 2011, and could not find the key to update it to the new version., I decided to buy this new one, as the Cessna 337 is the plane I use the most. I installed this new one after uninstalling the original, and as soon as I started flying I felt something was wrong with the GPS, so I asked Carenado. The reply from support just makes me wish some other company - A2A? would recreate a Cessna 337, as I would buy it, no doubt. I don't expect Carenado to do any update to this version, as usual. It's a pity, because this is one of the best planes they've ever created.
  2. Bert Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, disabling the Instrument Reflections does not change a thing. This and Thomas AH reply confirm what I suspected: Carenado does not even know the airplanes they sell. I have the previous version of the Cessna 337, and I've flown it since 2011, so I knew it was possible to popup the GPS simply by clicking on it. The new one, besides having some other problems, like the letters on two GPS buttons being upside down, does not allow you to use that process, which is better than Shift+1. It's just bad that Carenado support say it does not work that way... because it did.
  3. Hi I recently bought the updated Cessna 337 and found out the GPS does not popup with a mouse click, something I believe the 2011 version did. The manual also mentions the fact. I contacted Carenado support asking if only the Shift+1 key would work, and also pointed to the fact that the two lower buttons on the GPS have text inverted and the only reply I got was this: Sadly there's no other way to pop up the GPS in the C337. Does anyone remember if the GPS opened with a mouse click ? I believe so, as that's how I remember it worked, and the manual does say so. Any help on this?