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  1. markyharris

    RXP GNS 530W/430W V2 database update

    Great info, thanks for sharing the steps. Mark
  2. markyharris

    Firmware for RXP GNS430W V2 available?

    Hi Nico, Here's a pic from my setup showing the LPV displayed. I'm flying the RNAV 21 into Flagstaff, AZ KFLG. I'm running the latest version of RXP for the GNS430 with the latest Nav Data from Garmin loaded. I'm flying the Carenado Bonanza V35, but it works the same on the 172SP that comes with X-Plane. What plane are you flying? - Mark
  3. markyharris

    Upgrade database with Jepp subscription

    Yuriala, Do you have a subscription to update a real world GNS 430/530 unit? If so it may be possible to update your RXP installation. Mark
  4. markyharris

    RXP GNS 530W/430W V2 X-Plane v2.4.1 Released!

    I can confirm that this version fixed the issue I've had on my Carenado Bonanza V35 - "GNS overrides A/P and HSI when loaded with some aircraft". Worked perfectly without having to go the plugins menu to disable/enable the plugin. Thanks for taking care of this. Mark
  5. markyharris

    GNS430 and Felis Tu-154

    This may be too simplistic of an answer, but did you set the settings to connect to the Autopilot? Give us more details of your settings. Mark
  6. Hi, I've asked about this issue a few times in the past, but I came across some info that may help eliminate the problem once and for all. The issue is when I start X-Plane 11 RXP GNS 430W starts up in its own window just fine. When I enter a fix to fly to, or setup a GPS approach and hit "Nav" on the auto pilot, the annunciator shows that the auto pilot is armed, but not coupled. Similarly, the auto pilot indicator lights flash confirming that its armed and not coupled. This only happens when the RXP GNS 430W is in GPS mode, not VLOC, which couples properly. While playing around trying to figure out why this is happening I went into the "Plugins" menu in X-Plane and disabled RXP GNS plugin, then re-enabled it and suddenly its working properly. I can now couple the auto pilot in GPS and VLOC mode. I quit out of X-Plane then re-started X-Plane and the problem returned. I once again disabled the RXP plugin then immediately re-enabled it and it worked properly again, and continued to work until I quit X-Plane. I'm not sure why this should be the case, but I'm hoping this will be helpful for the people coding RXP in an effort to eliminate the issue. Hopefully this will help others who may be seeing similar behavior. Mark
  7. markyharris

    RXP GNS 530W/430W V2 database update

    As long as you have a subscription at to download and program the data cards in a real GNS 430/530 used in an actual plane, you can extract the data and use it in your simulator. If this is the case, feel free to PM me and I may be able to direct you. Mark
  8. Hi Jean-Luc, I was glad to see the update, but I still cannot couple with the Autopilot in GPS mode. It couples fine in VLOC mode. Sounds similar to the issue with the 530 in another thread, but the new update did not make any difference. I'm flying the Carenado V35, with the latest non-beta release of X-Plane 11. Any suggestions? I can do whatever testing you need as well to help nail this down. Thanks for your time and help. Mark
  9. markyharris

    DIY G530 Hardware Kit

    I also can attest to the quality of this kit. I was one of the beta builders and had a blast building it. The Kit provides most everything needed and it is relatively easy to build. It looks and feels very much like the real unit. You won't be sorry.
  10. markyharris

    Auto Pilot Won't Couple in GPS Mode

    The reverse. I have a subscription with Garmin for my Bonanza and figured out how to extract the nav data to put into the Garmin GNS 430/530 Trainer db directory so that my simulator matches the planes data. This really helps so I can practice approaches etc. Mark
  11. markyharris

    Auto Pilot Won't Couple in GPS Mode

    I will get back to you on your questions, I'm out of town this week. As soon as I'm home I'll verify that it works with the default X-Plane GNS. Both the X-Plane default GNS and the RXP versions worked properly under the previous version before I updated, but I have not checked the default GNS since I've upgraded. So I will let you know. BTW: Great job on getting the window to work on a different monitor. It really made it usable for me. I was also able to figure out how to update the nav data to sync with what I actually fly with. So now its doing exactly what I need for practicing approaches. More to come.
  12. markyharris

    Auto Pilot Won't Couple in GPS Mode

    Yes, it is set to MasterDevice = true. Should I not have it set as the masterdevice?
  13. Hi all, The newest update (which is great since we can pop out the gauge now) of the Reality XP GNS 430 won't couple with the autopilot in GPS mode but does couple in VLOC mode. So if I fly a GPS approach to an airport and hit the "Nav" button on the Saitek autopilot, the "NAV" button blinks and the annunciator shows that its armed but not coupled. If I continue to the Final Approach Fix and hit the "APR" (Approach) button then both the "NAV" and "APR" lights blink and the annunciator shows that the approach is armed but not coupled. Interestingly the simulator responds as if it was properly coupled. When I fly an ILS and I switch from "GPS" mode to "VLOC" mode, and press the "APR" button, then both "APR" and "NAV" lights come on solid and the annunciator shows that the approach is coupled, and the simulator responds as expected. I've included a link to a video that shows the situation for both the GPS approach and VLOC ILS approach. Just click here; Thanks for your help.
  14. I love the pop-out screen. It makes it much nicer to put it on its own monitor. Great Job! - Mark
  15. markyharris

    Undocking window in X-Plane 11

    HI, Now that Laminar has released X-Plane 11.10 r3, have they released the SDK3 you need to be able to undock? Any insights to the timing of a undockable version would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time in addressing these matters. I love your product and look forward to using it on another monitor. Mark