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GPS/ILS discrepancy

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Hi everyone, hope someone can help me here :)

I'm running P3D V4.5, and I'm having a strange issue with at least one ILS approach, LFMN ILS 04L I have Justsim's LFMN airport. 

Oddly, the approach was fine until I started using GSX and shader tools. I don't see the correlation, but the fact is there...

What happens is that my GPS assigns the wrong frequency to 04L. I checked LFMN specs, it should be 109.95 but the GPS assigns the wrong one... 110.7 (which is 04R). So whatever I do, that's where my plane lands... 04R instead of 04L.

I checked the BGL files with ADE (stock file and the Justsim), compared online navaid data, used the Navaid Sors to correct discrepancies, but the fact is, all the data in my BGL file is correct. So where and how is my GPS getting the wrong frequency info for 04L? 

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I don't follow this.... the ILS frequency is set on the NAV receiver.  You don't set GPS frequencies.  This sounds like you are using something like a Garmin which has COMM/NAV radios built in.  Yes?  The popular Flight1 Garmin doesn't use current navdata, rather it is an old set of data that Garmin provides for training purposes.  If the auto set NAV frequency isn't the right one then manually correct it.  Easy.

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downscc, thanks but perhaps I was not clear enough... Up to 72 hours ago, the ILS frequency that came up in my radio was 109.95, not 110.70, and it feeds the wrong frequency to the GPS approach. Correcting is of course not difficult, but I'd like to understand why this has started happening - and get pointers on how to address it without another full re-install.

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I've just checked it out, entering the ILS 04L approach 109.95 shows in the stby frequency, and  doing the same for ILS 05R shows 110.70. this is in the default airport scenery.



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