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  1. Hageneezz

    Shimmering taxi lines

    Okay, I`ve seemed to fix the problem, by installing the newest DX10 Fixer vrsion...
  2. Hi all, and happy Easter! I am running FSX in DX10 mode, using Nvidia Inspector to apply all of the DX10 settings, and of course the DX10 fixer Everyting used to run good. But, I recently have upgraded some computer parts, and changed from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Pro 64 bit... Now, all the lines (like taxi lines) are very shimmery... Is there someone who can help me fix this, maybe post a Nvidia Inpector DX10 profile? Help is very appreciated Cheers, Wilco
  3. Hi all, I hope you are doing fine I would like some assistence with the following problem I have: When using FS9, (and FSX) on Windows 10 Pro - 64 bit, and with a USB external sound card, I get an annoying graphical stutter, for a microsecond or so, when talking to the ATC, or when another AI pilot is talking to the ATC.. I remember I had this problem years ago, on Windows 7, and for this reason I bought the sound card, which fixed this problem But now, on W10, it is there again.. Could someone please help me fix this stupid problem? I have googled this but I did not come up with a fix Thanks!
  4. Hageneezz

    FMS Bug?

    Hello all, This might, or might not, be a bug with the FMS. When i use VNAV and NAV, and i watch the flight plan on the MFD, the current leg color does not change once the waypoint is reached, the color on the flightplan on the MFD stays light blue, so does not change to purple... Is this supposed to happen, or this is a bug? Thanks
  5. Hi all I'm thinking about buying the cls 767. I know that this aircraft is not dx10 compatible because IT is a native fs9 model. Would i be able tot use the aircraft in dx10 by using the dx10 fixer?
  6. Hageneezz

    CLS 767

    Hi all I'm thinking about buying the cls 767. I know that this aircraft is not dx10 compatible because IT is a native fs9 model. Would i be able tot use the aircraft in dx10 by using the dx10 fixer?
  7. Hageneezz

    FSX default ATC and Airac cycles

    Thanks guys, that fsaerodata seems exactely what i'm looking for..
  8. Hi all, I would like to update my Carenado aircraft to a newer airac cycle, but i would also like to use the default ATC. i know the new airac cycle won't update the default FSX navigation database. So would the default ATC then become unusable? Is there a way to make them both work together? Thanks
  9. Hageneezz

    Low FPS problem in VC

    Hello all, I just bought the Carenado Beechcraft 350i, and i am experiencing low fps in the vc. It is not low all the time, sometimes it jumps back and forth. I am using this aircraft on FSX Gold, and at DX10 mode. I don`t have this problem with any other payware aircraft. I hope someone can help me out Thanks...
  10. Good evening all, I just have bought the beautiful Beech King Air 350i, I would like to know if is is possible to somehow import a flight plan, made with the FSX default flight planner, into the FMS Thanks..
  11. Hi all, I am looking at two possible new systems: System one has a i7 7700k cpu with a Nvidia 1050ti with 4 GB System two has a i5 7600k cpu with a Nvidia 1060 with 6gb Which system is the better choice for FSX, p3d and x plane 11? Thanks in advance
  12. Good evening all, I still use the excellent E Jets for FSX. I am planning to purchase P3d v4. Is there anyone who knows if the E Jet series will be made available for P3d? Thank you..
  13. Good evening all, I currently have an I5 PC (3,4ghz) coupled with an Nvidia Geforce 750gtx card, of 2gb I am thinking about replacing that GPU with a Geforce GTX 1050 Ti of 4gb memory.. I am usually playing FSX in dx10 mode, and if i understand correctly, the videocard is more important then in dx9 mode. Can i expect more fluent gameplay (less stutters) with everything set on low to medium? Thanks..
  14. Hageneezz

    Cloud layers

    I see, thanks, guess i`ll have to save up some money then, or give myself a great christmas present
  15. Hageneezz

    DX10 cloud performance

    Good evening Ilya, with not so good performance i mean fps jumping up and down from 20 to 31 (locked at 31) I use DX10 and know performance cloud-wise is worse than DX9. but i`d rather not switch back.. I am using the REX Soft Clouds, but am looking for other clouds that may give better performance Do you know if performance is better on FSX-SE? (i`m still playing the boxed version)