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  1. Hello, In p3d 4.5, I have shimmering taxi and runway lines. I have googles the problem for a fix but have found none Is there anything to do about this problem? Thanks!
  2. Hi all I am having a stutter at exact same spot in fsx. There are a number of spots in the fsx world where this happens It happens, for instance, when taking of from rwy 33 at the default Aspen airport. When immediately after taking off making a slight left turn, after a couple of seconds there's a stutter. It is always there, whichever plane is use and whatever settings I change in fsx or in Nvidia Inspector...is this something to do with the fsx engine, do other users experience this also and is there a fix? Got a mid range system, with W10, I5 10600K cpu, nvidia 1660 gpu and 16 mb ddr4 memory Thanks for reading
  3. Good evening all, I have awful flickering runway lines, using the latest DX10Fixer Everything else does not flicker, at all. I have DX10 anti aliasing at 8x, and in Nvidia inspector I have 4x SGSS and 16x AF The sim runs great, but these shimmers are awful Hope someone can help! Cheers
  4. Good evening all! I am still using the Real Environment Extreme weather engine, to generate random weather for my FS2004 flights Since switching to Windows 10, I can`t seem to get the weather to get injected into FS2004 every time Sometimes it does work, but I don`t know why I have tried some compatability settings, but to no avail I hope someone uses REX too, and can help me to sort things out Thanks!
  5. So, I am having terrible stutters with al my four Carenado planes, on FSX boxed edition. Maybe this is a coincidence, but it has started since updating W10 with the KB4566782, KB4569745, and KB4559309. I have reinstalled FSX, tried FSX SE, tried all sorts of things with Nvidia Inspector and altering stuff in the config file, but nothing seems to have any effect at all. This only happens to the Carenado planes, all other freeware and payware are not affected, and perform like they should. I hope someone is able to help me fix this! W10 Pro 64 bit I7-3770K (Non OC) 8Gb DDR3 Nvidia Geforce 1050ti W10 and FSX each installed on a separate SSD
  6. Thanks. Do you mean the circular knob in the middle? Nothing happens when I either click on it, or use mouse scroll. Do I have to be in some kind of autopilot mode?
  7. Hi all, Still on FS2004. I recently picked up the C90B. I am trying to figure out where and how to change the course, in order to perform an ILS landing. I guess it`s somewhere on the EFIS, but I can`t seem to find it. Thanks
  8. Hello, I am trying to get the following to work, using AIFP (latest version) I have downloaded a Tupolev 95 Bear AI plane, from Military AI Works I want that airplane to fly a flightplan, from Murmansk (ULMM) to Havana (MUHA) In AIFP, I selected the plane, and entered the flightplan, without any problem. I then compiled the bgl.. When I go to Murmans, on the appropriate time, the Tu95 does not show up, so must be doing something wrong. When I made a flightplan from Rotterdam to Bordeaux, with the same TU95, the plane does show up, taxies, and does the take off. I suspect this may have to do with summer/standard time, or the different time zones, but I can`t seem to get this to work... Any suggestions please? Wilco
  9. Good evening, I am using the Overland 737ng, which uses the default gps. I have created a flightplan and loaded it into the gps. When I am airbourne and activate the ap, I activate the gps switch, and nav button. I also have dialed in altitude and speeds etc..I remember from using the default planes this would the trick. But now, when I watch the gps screen, I see that thd aircraft roughly follows the magenta line, but not precisely, something like a mile off. What is the problem? I am using the default nav database I hope someone can help me Thanks
  10. So I deleted the cfg, again. This time I added one tweak at a time, and it seems to be a lot better now, I`ve also changed the virtual memory setting of W10. Now using DX10 mode btw These are the tweaks I now have in my config: HIGHMEMFIX=1 TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=120 UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=31 DisablePreload=1 FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.22 [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=84 [BUFFERPOOLS] UsePools=1 PoolSize=5242880 RejectThreshold=131072
  11. Well, thats the problem. I`ve installed a clean FSX, with Acceleration. But even at a default airport, with the default Cessna, it stutters. FPS is locked at 31, and stays at 31, so no problem there, I`ve installed outside of the default location, on a own seperate SSD. What`s the game mode section, and what do I need to adjust? Thanks!
  12. Yes I have. I`ve tried all sorts of tweaks but not one seems to have the slightest impact.. Thanks for thinking along though
  13. Good evening, So, in the beginning of the year, I had FSX Boxed running very well on my Windows 7-64 bit, I5-3570, Nvidia 750GTX system. Windows 7 and FSX each on a seperate SSD. I then decided to upgrade the I5 to an I7 3770K and the GPU to a Nvidia 1050 ti (4GB). I also installed W10 Pro, from scratch, so no upgrade So after taking a couple of months off, I decided to reinstall everything FSX. The problem I now have, is I have bad stutters. I have tried dozens of tweaks, one at a time, also played around with Nvidia Inspector settings. The thing that`s really strange is that it seems that nothing has even the slightest effect. If I for instance change the TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT from 160 to 10, there is no effect... I also checked for CPU and GPU temperatures, but they are well within appropriate values.. This really bugs me I hope some of you experts can help me out Thanks! EDIT: This happens both on boxed and Steam versions..
  14. Hi all, Is there a site that has all of the Posky downloads? I`ve searched but couldn`t find it Thanks!
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