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  1. ther45k9

    PMDG 777 with OrbX FTX Global Base + OpenLC + Vector

    I think that Pilot's FSGlobal2010FTX has improved the look of the sim world because mountains have more realistic shapes compared to default FSX, thus I would say it is "significant improvement" mainly because default FSX is so lacking in the mesh. But I did buy it begrudgingly due to cost, but with the understanding that I wanted to build my FSX from the bottom up.
  2. ther45k9

    PMDG 777 with OrbX FTX Global Base + OpenLC + Vector

    Pilot's FSGlobal2010FTX download version from Flightsimstore. Installation was problematic and had to do some tricks to get it installed.
  3. ther45k9

    UIAutomationCore dll fix

    the version of UIAutomationCore.dll which worked for me is: 6.0.5840.16386 The one linked to in the PMDG777 manual did not work for me.
  4. ther45k9

    PMDG 777 with OrbX FTX Global Base + OpenLC + Vector

    I just installed: Pilot's FSGlobal2010FTX mesh (25GB!) FTX Global Base I.M.O this has greatly improved the look of long-haul flights even at high altitudes (mainly due to the mesh). From about 8000 feet and below it's like flying in a beautiful different world (meaning 'different' and much improved from default FSX). Have to say I will not go back and now saving up for Vector at a later stage. Flying over Germany:
  5. ther45k9

    impressed - with some newbie questions

    OK, the issue with my setup is that I removed TowerView from the FSX view cycling group...and this is what prevents me from creating OpusFSX external camera views. But the Opus VC views work great! I had removed the TowerView (before installing Opus) because it was causing FSX to crash on long oceanic flights (refer PMDG777 manual). Also I really like that PMDG777 FMC can easily with one click import the OpusFSX winds aloft data.
  6. ther45k9

    impressed - with some newbie questions

    Created some VC views & assigned them to various buttons. Having trouble creating external aircraft view. I can only create a single additional ext view, and a key/button assignment doesn't work for that - I have to instead use the menu to click 'OpusFSX Aircraft View'. The list on the right are stock external views included in the PMDG777 with an additional entry at the bottom created by Opus. I cannot get to that Opus view using a button and I can't seem to add more external views. Adding more ext views causes them to appear in the Opus Camera config dialogue but they don't all appear when I cycle thru the ext views - only one of them shows.
  7. ther45k9

    impressed - with some newbie questions

    thanks very much Stephen. I'm getting the big picture now. I did my first flight yesterday with DHM enabled and it is a very nice effect making the flight so much more real. The DHM makes it like being in a real cockpit - and of course the effect is direclty linked to the real weather conditions courtesy of LWE.
  8. ther45k9

    impressed - with some newbie questions

    not interested in installing FSUIPC at present. BTW: am trying to understand the concept of Opus camera views and why I would want it. I have different views and can pan around within FSX (don't need Opus for this), so why would I want to create [re-create] my views using OpusFSX ? In other words, what does Opus give me i.t.o. views that I don't already have in default FSX ? I've been reading the manuals but still trying to see the whole point. Yes, I understand DHM.
  9. ther45k9

    impressed - with some newbie questions

    after disabling DWC I do not see those error 9 & 14 anymore. Makes sense.
  10. Really impressed with realism of Opus Live Weather. Quick questions: 1). Spy window shows errors 9 & 14 --- I'm guessing this is because I have chosen not to install FSUIPC ? 2). Noticed big wind shift when climbing to new altitude. Would DWC help with this - or does DWC only influence lateral variation in winds ?
  11. I am satisfied with performance of following in DX10: Aerosoft EFHK, ENGMv2, EDDT, EDDL, LLBGv2
  12. ther45k9

    Longest 777 flight...

    I did this one back in '11 connecting with KATL-KLAS. Never again! For roughly similar cost one could fly via EU with overnight stop (much better for one's health). thinking about long flights makes me reminisce about the erstwhile Delta standby pass...those were the days! ( thread?) BTW, recently did my first long haul (10hrs) EFHK-KLAS on Vatsim without CTD :-D
  13. I had same problem until today. I placed " uiautomationcore.dll " file in FSX program folder. The file version is the one with a Microsoft digital signature and file version 6.0.5840.16386 which I found somewhere on the web / youtube. Search for [uiautomationcore.dll FSX crash windows 7 64 bit]. My freeze always happened while I was doing something with the I disabled mouse shadows and set mouse pointer scheme to None (in Windows). See below. BTW I run Win7-64 using Basic desktop theme - not one of the aero desktop themes (but the mouse was still using aero pointer scheme). So my guesss is that one of the above did the trick.
  14. I have problem (FSX freezes with milky screen) on long flights >6hrs. usually I am doing something with the mouse when it happens e.g. clicking on FMC buttons. I run FSX windowed on single monitor. Plenty of OOM room because it can happen even in sparse default scenery area.
  15. ther45k9

    need help to get RAAS working

    solved. the dll.xml was in another user's folder because FSX was installed under a different user, and run under another Windows username. Have reinstalled everythign again as a single user and works fine