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  1. ClaytonYosten

    GSX Nose Door Load Vehicle?

    Sounds good! I didn't realize this was under PMDG support. Thanks for the quick response.
  2. ClaytonYosten

    GSX Nose Door Load Vehicle?

    I know this post died nearly 3 months ago but I wish GSX would add this feature. Is there any news of GSX planning to do this or are we to just suffer? Not that we don't have an already great product but it'd be nice to have this option.
  3. ClaytonYosten

    PMDG Rainmaker

    Any updates on this aritcle? I am really interested to when this may come for the 737 or 777.
  4. ClaytonYosten

    Goodbye FSX - thank you Windows 10 !

    It is very terrible indeed but with the idea that a majority of my products work with P3Dv4 I went ahead and got it. This update was my deciding factor to switch and I recommend you do as well. All I can say is that I was not happy repurchasing the PMDG products again. Hopefully you can find a solution but if not you may need to make the change. Clay
  5. ClaytonYosten

    UPS Majestic Dash-8 Repaint

    I will indeed.
  6. ClaytonYosten

    UPS Majestic Dash-8 Repaint

    Hey Steve, Thanks for responding to this post! Also thank you thibodba57 for alerting him. If it's too much for you then I understand. Do whatever you need. Clay P.S. Those are some very nice paints you have made there in your sig. Thanks!
  7. ClaytonYosten

    UPS Majestic Dash-8 Repaint

    Dear to whom it may concern, At UPS Virtual we have a fictional feeder fleet which consists of the Dash 8. If anyone would be so kind to taking a look at a repaint for it I would really appreciate it! Obviously it is fictional so if you don't care for that then there's the warning. If you have any questions please ask, Clay
  8. ClaytonYosten

    Al Pelletier Happy to be back

    Welcome to Avism! Hope you enjoy P3Dv4 and the website. Clay
  9. ClaytonYosten

    Which graphics card selection?

    Thanks a lot! I thought it might have to do with the resolutions and I guess that is true. I am actually interested in your GPU use. Did you just put both cards in and run them or did you have to set up some additional settings?
  10. So I use FSX:SE and I was looking through the settings today and dropped down the device tab. The default selection is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.0.0 but there are two more selections. Should I use a different one? Does anyone know why it does this? I do have 3 monitors if that does anything. Picture
  11. ClaytonYosten

    PSU for Kaby Lake

    +1 If your budget isn't tight then I'd go for the 850. It's there just in case and it'll give you room for more consuming upgrades if you ever decide to. Clay
  12. ClaytonYosten

    IRIS Sale in Bargain Hunters

    Am I the only one surprised to hear they are working in V4? Clay
  13. ClaytonYosten

    Slow or freeze Start menu button (Creator Update)

    This has also been a problem for me. I will check out the link when I return home. Thanks for the help. Clay
  14. Very, very nice screenshots here James. Those mountains look very nice! Clay
  15. We're glad you found what you're looking for. Maybe that link will come in use to someone else. Clay