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  1. Indeed, I would love to see many other sceneries (KDFW, KDAL, KIAH, KHOU, and more) come to the Lone Star State. We'll see what happens this next year
  2. Here is an Endeavor LGA to JFK charter/repositioning and they flew VFR. I don't really know about any other circumstance in which they would.
  3. Hey all, My friend and I will be starting an around the tour trip with the PMDG 737 when it comes out from MSFS. We are planning on compiling a list of all the places we would like to go and will be working our way through slowly. Fun is the name of the game here, and we'll take our time. With all that being said, are there any amazing airports that you would recommend? It could be a gem of an airport that's unknown to most, someplace cool within MSFS itself, somewhere with interesting/challenging approaches, etc. Only limiting factor is the runway needs to be long enough for our 737's (a little dirt or gravel never hurt anyone either)! Thanks!
  4. To preface, I haven't flown P3D in awhile but I did previously and had a few LatinVFR airports. My favorites were KSAN, KMIA, and SCEL but most of their products are outstanding and I would happily buy most of them. I currently have KFLL, KMSY, KMIA, KSAN for MSFS and love them all as the level of detail and the frame friendliness are top notch! I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed by adding San Diego (KSAN), San Juan (TJSJ) or New Orleans (KMSY) to your P3D collection.
  5. LatinVFR is having a 40% sale until 03 Dec! https://secure.simmarket.com/latinvfr.mhtml https://latinvfr.com Also on the Contrail App for MSFS.
  6. I am really hoping this is the answer, going to check it out in the sim right now. Thank you for the response. Edit: I'm almost sure that was the issue, I really appreciate the help. Would've never thought of that myself.
  7. Thank you for the reply. All of it is completely turned off during the entirety of the flight.
  8. I have all of the assistance features I could find turned off but when I am flying around the radios will change randomly. I assume its the remnants of whatever AI programming there is but I can't seem to get rid of it. I've reinstalled the sim, and all of my addons. It happens independent of what aircraft I'm using and it happens offline and in VATSIM. Any ideas?
  9. This is quite unfortunate for me as I bought it for $589.99 about 2 weeks ago. 😅
  10. So I was hoping Captain Sim would release a tanker version of the new 767 but I doubt that going to happen. The old version had the tanker as an expansion and I really miss it. Does anyone think it's possible to merge the two together to make a Frankenstein 767 compatible with P3D v4? I assume these planes share very similar coding. Thanks for any replies, Clayton
  11. I finally found the liveries I was looking for, thank you. I'll make this same offer later if I can think of anymore repaints I want done, especially since we are greatly behind the curve for donations.
  12. My request is pretty simple, I want a repaint of the C-40B and C-40C for PMDG's 737-700 NGXU. There was a really good one that I liked here and I really wish there were some good ones available for the NGXU. I know there's a C-40 NGXU that was made but the curve, or lack thereof, on the tail is wrong. If I can get a plane in this paint, especially, I'd be super happy. Additionally, I know there is a website by the name of iniBuilds that does repaints for a decent price of £13.99 ($17.06). If I can get someone on this forum to do a nice, quality paint, I'll donate that much to AVSIM directly. I would like at least a few variations in tail numbers. Here's a list of all the C-40B/C aircraft that the U.S. Air Force has. Furthermore, the old repaint had an airwing emblem in the cockpit, like this one and I would love to see it in the new ones. Finally, I don't want the blue to be too bright, I really like True Blue. I know this is a super picky set of instructions but I really want these for my organization that I am apart of, and anyone who wants to use it. If no one wants to do it, that's fine, but I just wanted to give someone a chance to do it in exchange for support of this amazing community. I've donated a few dollars awhile back but I am still willing to give more. Thanks!
  13. Hello, I have a simple request, a repaint of the C-32B using the CS 757 kit. I know nothing about painting but I assume it's going to be super easy due to the aircraft being all white except for the U.S. flag and a reg number. It doesn't even have guidance marks for the refueling aircraft or any tail design, just white. Reg numbers can be: 09001, 96143, 24452, or any others you find in reference pictures. I read somewhere that they change a lot due to secrecy or something similar so it doesn't matter to me. Thanks! Edit: I'm seeing a few newer photo's with the USAF Roundel being on there in place of the U.S. flag and also print towards the front saying U.S. AIR FORCE. Do whichever one you feel like, if you do one.
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