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  1. shaneb777

    QW-787 module beta

    Thanks Andrew for including the fuel ALL and BOTH options. With 2x multi switch panels and a GF-T8 panel i still don't have enough switches to cover each L and R with separate switches for each such as the pmdg 737 and 777 modules do so any extra assignments for the QW 787 are always greatly appreciated!
  2. shaneb777

    QW-787 module beta

    I really enjoy the QW 787 now that there is a module for it, many, many thanks so far! And as we cross fingers for other switches to be selectable via future module releases i was wondering if i could please request a fuel pumps ALL option (and a fuel center pumps BOTH option) to be implemented with the next release? (if i knew how to make/edit .lua files i would give it a go). Anyway regardless i extremely appreciate all the dev's efforts so far on the QW 787.
  3. is it possible to only display spoken words but not frames and memory?
  4. Just thought i need to say this didnt solve it for me.... But i did find the problem and an easy fix after hours of searching old forums etc that didnt help. So if you have settings in fsx sound set to 2 different devices and the background sound is completely muted for up to a minute when using atc in fsx, you probably have a confliction of sound devices. For example, i had 1 usb headset and all other sounds set via a usb external sound box that were both plugged into the same 4 port usb card. Adter relocating the box to the pc front usb.... Presto! Hope this helps.