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  1. Same issue but with msfs, used to work before i removed one panel, reinstalled and also have 3 greens in config, aircraft recognised but no response with any switch... would be great if some advice could be offered as to what to try next.
  2. Hi, finally returned to flying in Australia and almost every flight mce has bugged out on this problem of endlessly repeating "...dewpoint not available degrees celcius", but going to the abv folder has only KCLE in "latest_weather.txt" and this file is dated 26th Feb 2022, even though i have now flown mutiple flights both internationally and now in Oz?
  3. Hi, the option of getting wx at destination is awesome, but once every few P3Dv5 flights i have to reboot mce due to the read back getting stuck on never ending loop during the report (this time it was"...the dew point is not available"..).... must be something with the metar analysis sometimes perhaps?
  4. yes for p3dv5... was 20.97 euro down to 10.49 atm
  5. i spent a little as well thx to this sale......Zurich, Menorca, Ibiza, Oslo, Milan, Rome and the CRJ Pro. 🙂
  6. Gotta love Latinvfr, awesome discounts! Wish the other devs could do similar .... i actually bought airports i seldom fly to 😂
  7. Yes they have 20% sales a few times a year.... but dollars are tight 18 months into pandemic and with p3D losing ground to msfs im only buying 30-50% sales on airports i only occasionally fly into. That said, imaginesim are the scrooges, so if your desperate at least support a sale!
  8. Hi, i'm running p3dv5.2.22 using mce 2.9.39 to read out my own checklist items.... and annoyingly p3d has the info red text lines display one at a time each time a C/L item is read out? It keeps this cycle going until the last item has been read out, which is distracting visually. I still want to be able to bring up the info manually so not wanting to turn off the info option altogether, but this auto displaying by mce of the info shouldn't be happening... Any ideas? Regards, Shane Burrows
  9. Agreed .... because of msfs2020 the decision to spend on p3d is getting harder!
  10. Unfortunately your correct as PMDG rarely offer any discounts, especially not across platforms. With msfs2020 proving to be a difficult platform to develop/make compatible study level aircraft for, there will be none offered, guaranteed.
  11. Free! https://secure.simmarket.com/drzewiecki-design-miami-city-x-fsx-p3d.phtml
  12. https://secure.simmarket.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=technobrain
  13. Thanks but 10% is unfortunately not even close to an attractive discount. TBH, these days i look at nothing under 30% and more so if its P3d.
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