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  1. Hi, the option of getting wx at destination is awesome, but once every few P3Dv5 flights i have to reboot mce due to the read back getting stuck on never ending loop during the report (this time it was"...the dew point is not available"..).... must be something with the metar analysis sometimes perhaps?
  2. yes for p3dv5... was 20.97 euro down to 10.49 atm
  3. i spent a little as well thx to this sale......Zurich, Menorca, Ibiza, Oslo, Milan, Rome and the CRJ Pro. 🙂
  4. Gotta love Latinvfr, awesome discounts! Wish the other devs could do similar .... i actually bought airports i seldom fly to 😂
  5. Yes they have 20% sales a few times a year.... but dollars are tight 18 months into pandemic and with p3D losing ground to msfs im only buying 30-50% sales on airports i only occasionally fly into. That said, imaginesim are the scrooges, so if your desperate at least support a sale!
  6. Hi, i'm running p3dv5.2.22 using mce 2.9.39 to read out my own checklist items.... and annoyingly p3d has the info red text lines display one at a time each time a C/L item is read out? It keeps this cycle going until the last item has been read out, which is distracting visually. I still want to be able to bring up the info manually so not wanting to turn off the info option altogether, but this auto displaying by mce of the info shouldn't be happening... Any ideas? Regards, Shane Burrows
  7. Agreed .... because of msfs2020 the decision to spend on p3d is getting harder!
  8. Unfortunately your correct as PMDG rarely offer any discounts, especially not across platforms. With msfs2020 proving to be a difficult platform to develop/make compatible study level aircraft for, there will be none offered, guaranteed.
  9. Free! https://secure.simmarket.com/drzewiecki-design-miami-city-x-fsx-p3d.phtml
  10. https://secure.simmarket.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=technobrain
  11. Thanks but 10% is unfortunately not even close to an attractive discount. TBH, these days i look at nothing under 30% and more so if its P3d.
  12. Yes i think so...better land definition
  13. https://secure.simmarket.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=technobrain
  14. Thanks Tim for letting us know and to orbx for the freebie!
  15. I also had problems with ver Connected as usual on p3dv5.1 but had red info text stuck on in top left (GPU memory, FPS etc) and mce wouldn't operate any switches (flying pmdg 777). Tried uninstalling/reinstalling but only fix was reverting back to ver and all is good again. Hope this helps. Regards, Shane Burrows P3D v5.1
  16. Free but expires 21/2 https://secure.simmarket.com/davor-puljevic-pula-x.phtml
  17. Bought 🙂 Many thanks to MSK ! You guys are awesome!!! Devs like Imaginesim, who have offered not even a discount in the last two years, should realise the sale opportunities with P3D are quickly diminishing and appear to many as ungrateful to the flightsim community. MSK... check out their other add-ons! https://secure.simmarket.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=msk
  18. OK, update to this after multiple flights is im still getting the random ctd with p3d 5.1, mostly when using "call the crew" in options or direct via clicking mce.exe. Happens as it triggers the GSX / atc windows....does it really need to involve them?. Would be great if mce was independent of simconnect like Active Sky now is. -Shane Burrows
  19. Hi, thanks for the detailed reply in which i mostly agree with. Long been aware of p3dv5 limitations, i have for quite some time dialed down settings so memory does not ever excede 4.0 gb (of 8gb vram), so most flights 2.7-3.2gb, with frames averaging 20-40. Also only use win10 defender but long ago excluded prepar3d.exe. But even though i upgraded mce since posting above to, p3d ctd twice more with mce files listed as the cause (once when mce co-pilot went to reply to atc and once just as the mce program nearly finished loading up), so i changed airport from the p3d defaults of PAOM to PAFA, and then no problem flying PAFA-CYZF, so perhaps mce does not like some airports? To be fair to your great program, most ctd flights for me are due to the simconnect window opening, especially GSX, sometimes ATC (default) and occasionally Active Sky (but not since they dumped simconnect). I will try to log more details next time mce is showing as the ctd cause. Regards, Shane Burrows
  20. Just had that too on takeoff from PAOM, not interacting with atc and have usb headset but nothing altered/unplugged for turn around flight...ctd after selecting and completing wheels up on second flight in day time. I7-4790k 16GB gtx1070 P3dv5.1 MCE
  21. Great to see decent discounts, but some are not yet p3dv5 compatible so look before purchasing if this could affect you. Im buying Kansai RJBB ...v5 ready 🙂
  22. Nice they are having a few weeks of a discount, but 25% is hardly a "completely ludicrous special" saving. For alot of us expenditure now is minimized more than ever, so its going to take a bit more of a "bargain" discount of such to lure my last few dollars out of me.
  23. Curved are fine but two scrreens have bezel in middle which can be annoying for taxiing, takeoff and landings.
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