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  1. Hi Noel. What an interesting post. I'm really impressed with the life you have carved out for yourself in a Care Home. It's good to hear that's possible. I rarely post here because I live a very quiet uninteresting life. Like you, my main interest is flight simming, and I fly most days for a Group called the Magpies. I use a VR headset to take me into that other world, and at ninety, it seems to keep my brain working reasonably well. Best Wishes to you, Jim
  2. Hi again, If anyone reading this topic could recommend a Twin with a proven RXP GTN 750 functioning in its virtual cockpit, I'd be really interested in purchasing it. Regards, Jim
  3. Hi, I fly two aircraft. 1. Flysimware F50 which locks onto the RXP GTN 750 course without fail. My other aircraft is the Carenado B120 which used to behave exactly as the F50. Following problems unrelated to either Carenado nor RXP, I've had to do some uninstalling/re-installing. Now, the B120 heads over to the GPS course as before, but then turns onto a reciprocal heading and proceeds in exactly the opposite direction. I'm an old guy who now likes an easy aircraft to fly, hence the liking for this particular B120. Since it behaved well in the past, I'm puzzled as to why this behaviour makes it useless for me now. I'm hoping for help here, as I woudn't expect help for this problem over there. Regards, Jim
  4. Hi again, In VR Settings/User Interface/MouseCursorRadius, the slightest variation from default (0.0125) seems to result in a gigantic round cursor filling the screen in both HMD and monitor, just like a fog. For the present at least, I'm happy again! Regards, Jim
  5. Hi, My Reverb G2 has been a joy in P3D v5.4 until now. I've just carried out a clean uninstall/re-install of the sim. Now, when I go into VR, and move the cursor, I'm seriously dismayed. The view, both on monitor and in the headset is instantly covered by a pale pink fog, and the cursor itself is the normal one, not the white disk I was accustomed to. The Reverb has remained plugged in throughout the P3D change. I feel the cursor change must be implicated, but don't know how to get the round VR cursor restored. Regards, Jim
  6. Hi, I fly exclusively in VR and had to uninstall/reinstall P3Dv5.4 recently. Now I can't see any message text appearing in my normal screen, outside of the VR image, as I had before. Has anyone else had this problem? I like to check an ATC message if I have not quite caught the aural version. I'll be really grateful for any help. Regards Jim
  7. Hi, I've been flying the B120 for a long time with no problems at all. I use P3D, currently v5.4. Recently I've had problems not in any way related to the B120, but led me to uninstall and reinstall P3D and all my addons for a fresh start. I fly always with a flight plan and my trusty B120 has always followed the plans faithfully, but now when I select Nav or bring up Nav Arm on the autopilot when close to the magenta line on the GPS display, the B120 turns in the opposite direction. It will not lock on to the GPS plan making the aircraft unusable for the way I fly. The other aircraft I fly, also newly re-installed, behaves normally, so my problem lies with the B120. I hope someone can help me, for I dearly miss my favourite aircraft. Regards, Jim
  8. I'm on 5.3. Waiting for 5.4 to finally settle down. I'm fortunate to have flown P3D in VR, many hundreds of flights, using five different headsets starting with an Oculus Rift. Throughout, my experience has been smooth as silk, with no problems at all. My settings in P3D are those I've carefully matched to the capabilities of my system. I've no other explanation for my good luck. I hope you can find a solution to your problems, for P3D can deliver an excellent VR experience. Cheers, Jim
  9. I see my future with P3D 5.3, or perhaps the next version, solely for my choice of aircraft and navigation. I used to enjoy planning and flying PMDG aircraft, but I'm not as sharp as I used to be (I'll be 90 very soon). I'm happy now flying, either a B120, or a Falcon 50, each fitted with an RXP GTN 750, with my flight planning done with IdealFlight Pro. This combo takes me anywhere I want to go, suits my waning capabilites, and when I don my VR headset, kind of allows me to take the base sim for granted. Cheers, Jim
  10. jimh

    Go around

    Thank you, Jack. You came up with just what I needed on this dark day!
  11. Hi All, I discovered FS5, sometime in the Nineties, and followed the sequence to P3D 5.2, by far the best and most stable of them all. By now I have addons galore. and am more than content, to fly every day with what I have. The routine of flight planning, setting up the flight with weather, ATC, etc., and carrying out the flight itself helps to keep my tiny mind alert. I hope to be 89 in a couple of months. Cheers, Jim
  12. Same experience here. I had a solid, stable 5.2, reluctant to move. Now in 5.3, I can move sliders to the right far further than I would ever have dared, and the sim is smoother than ever. Seems like magic! 😃 Jim
  13. To All at Avsim. A safe and happy Christmas, and a Better New Year when it comes!
  14. @coastaldriver. Thank you for sharing your settings and contents of your volumetric.cfg. I'm a flightsimmer since FS5, and now too ancient to experiment with the complexities myself. I've just climbed a little PC12 out of North Germany, in pouring rain with an overcast of dark blue grey clouds, emerging at 18,000 ft., from an infinitely gradual lightening, to a raft of clouds, stretching into the horizon. In all these years I've never before had such a realistic experience, in any of the Sims. Best Regards, Jim
  15. jimh

    Windows 11

    Hi, I accepted the upgrade offer to Win11 yesterday. No immediate problems, all seemed very smooth, loaded up P3D5.2, all good, enabled VR (Vive Pro2 - Vive Console - SteamVR). P3D immediately crashed out. I tried again several times with the same result, and mixed in with those was a single DXGI error which I've never seen before. After some research revealed numerous similar experiences, I rolled back to Win10, and VR returned to normal. Regards, Jim
  16. Thank you. I'll keep that in mind from now on.
  17. Hi, Thank you for your helpful reply. I confess to being somewhat out of my depth here. I now have a backup of my new "nonvol" folder. I'm hoping that restoring that backup will solve my recent problem if it recurs in the future. I am a huge fan of RXP. Regards, Jim
  18. Hi, Reasoning that a brand new RXP/Garmin Trainer installation would have a workable database, and should work as before, I've carefully uninstalled both my RXP 750GTN, and the Garmin Trainer, removing every trace I could find. A new installation of both has resulted in the acceptance of a first flight plan, so I hope to be good to go again. I would still be interested in any way to fix the errors I reported. Regards, Jim
  19. Hi, I have happily used my RXP 750 to guide several hundreds of flights, using flight plans produced by IdealFlight Pro. Tonight, my 750 reports "Flt plan contains unknown waypoints", plus "User Wpt. Database full". I had Little Navmap export a plan for a similar route, with the same result. I want to say that I'm neither so young as I used to be, nor so able technically. I would be more than grateful for some helpful advice, especially since I'm more of less grounded for now. Regards, Jim H.
  20. Hi Brett, I find it absolutely essential to switch on the Pro2, wait for, first the Console, then SteamVR, to appear automatically, and only then fire up P3D, finally enabling VR in P3D. If I don't follow this ritual, P3D freezes. For me, launching P3D first is a big No No. One other thing. All my previous headsets could be taken off for periods short and long while remaining connected. Not so my Pro 2. I've had to buy a mannequin head to park the Pro 2 on, if I want to leave the computer while on a flight. A kind of dumb co-pilot! 😀
  21. Hi Brett, The Vive Pro 2 needs the Vive Console for Steam VR (as well as SteamVR itself), to work in P3D. You'll find the Console in Steam. I've had the Pro2 since launch, and find it really good in P3D5. The improvement in resolution from my Valve Index is just amazing. Good Luck, Jim
  22. Hi, Just to add a little variety to the conversation, my Reverb G2 has ceased to connect after only around 10 days use. No Mixed Reality entry in Device Manager, Headset not connected in MRP. I've tried every permutation of connections I can think of to no avail. I've replaced it for now with a Vive Pro, and boy is there a difference! ☹️ Now I can see the sweet spot! Jim
  23. Hi, We're all very different. I don't really notice the sweet spot in my G2. Perhaps I move my head more than most. I do have a pair of special glasses I got from VR lens Lab for my original CV1, which I'm using in the G2 until proper conversion lenses arrive, and the maximum IPD adjustment just happens to match my own. I'm just lucky, I guess. Jim
  24. Hi Guys, I've downloaded the latest version of Voice Attack to try it out. I'm not too sure about it, for Windows voice recognition doesn't like my Scots accent much. I've also made the switch to automatic Win+Y, so here goes! Thanks All, Jim
  25. Hi Terry, I can't thank you enough, for you've helped me get a routine which works. I've been practising and practising since your first reply. For me, pressing Win key twice, as you describe, with the headset on, consistently crashes P3D straight out. Very strange that it doesn't work for me! No matter, I now have a routine which seems to work every time. 1. Headset in full view on my desk. 2. Start Mixed Reality Portal. 3. Start P3D5.1 4. Enable VR and SteamVR. 5. Press Win+Y 6. Now put on my G2. 7. Press Recalibrate Origin - HMD 8. Now, at last, I'm at the controls and have a working cursor! Like you, I'm comparing very unfavourably, the difference between using my previous HMD, the Valve Index, with this complex procedure to get going with the Reverb G2. Once at the instruments however, the G2 is definitely in a class of its own. Thanks again, Terry. Jim
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