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  1. Hello, I have used a HIDmacros, from hidmacros.eu to do exactly what you are trying to do in FSX, but I do not see why it wouldn't work in P3D. It recognises different keyboards and allows you to assign functions to it. I have a numeric keyboard for view control and a second keyboard for more complex functions that integrate with FSUIPC. HIDmacros is no longer supported by the developer, but is open source and works fine on Windows 7, I cannot vouch for Windows 10. It can be a little quirky to set up, and can lose setting if started without the keyboard attached. I keep a backup of the settings file in case this happens.
  2. Hello, I too experienced this with FSX-SE. I spent some time looking for the cause. I was thrown by the error, thinking it had something to do with the Creative sound card I had removed some time before. I had however uninstalled all components. In my case, I tracked it down to the auto update features within FSDT's GSX. I cannot be sure this is the real cause, but I do know it did not occur when GSX was not installed and I could produce a similar problem by asking GSX to check for an update. Investigations also pointed to the faulting file being from a supplier providing auto update functionality. I have never had this problem with FSX Boxed edition. For me, this was the last straw and I uninstalled FSX-SE and restored my trusty boxed edition. Regards,
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