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  1. Hi MDFlier, I used the cold and dark panel state that’s with the NGXu. I did delete my previous panel states when I updated but even with those I couldn’t find a panel state that would take me from cold and dark to engines running by just selecting a panel state in the FMC. not sure if you had the FSX version but it was just a case of selecting the default panel state in the fmc and everything in the plane would change to ready to fly. For some reason the NGXu doesn’t seem to do this when selecting the default state in the FMC. its sounds trivial but I just sometimes don’t have the time to go through the startup process and my Virtual airline and GSX require me to start cold and dark to be able to use them before I start the engines. I guess I will see if PMDG have a solution. There has to be something I am missing. Thank you for your advice.
  2. Hi All, I was just wondering whether anyone has found a successful way of going from a cold and dark panel state to a fully ready to fly engines running panel state by simply loading a panel state from the FMC? In the original FSX PMDG 737 there was a panel state named default which when selected loaded the plane ready to fly. I had my FMC set up to load the plane into a cold and dark state on startup and whenever I just wanted to get flying quickly just loaded the default panel state and I was good to go. In the PMDG NGXu I have set the startup panel state to be cold and dark just like in the original FSX model however if I then load the default panel state in the FMC everything in the plane changes to a ready to fly state except the ngines are not running. I have tried pretty much everything to get it to work like the original FSX PMDG 737 but can;t seem to crack it. Has anyone got any ideas for me? I have read somewhere about saving and loading scenarios but it would be nice if I could just do it from the FMC. Many Thanks for any assistance
  3. Thanks all, will give the tips a try this afternoon. Cheers and a Happy New Year to all
  4. Hi, I am running P3D v4 with the PMDG 737NGXu and using all the saitek equipment: Yoke and 2 throttle quadrants 6 x FIPS Switch Panel Radio Panel Multi panel All of them work except for some of the multi panel. On the multi panel all of the AP buttons function, the trim wheel and AT arm switch work without issue. The issues are with the display and the rotary selector switch. When I select Heading and turn the rotary knob, nothing moves. The display shows the current altitude on the MCP in the simulation but when turning the knob nothing moves in the sim or on the panel. When I select IAS and move the knob, the multi panel display changes but nothing in the sim changes. When selecting Heading nothing changes on the multi panel or the sim. When selecting course the multi panel changes but again nothing happens in the sim. I have the latest build of SPAD next and are using the default online snippets you created. Even if I try and create my own actions I cannot get them to work properly. It is really strange as my radios work as normal and every other piece of Saitek equipment works perfectly. I checked to make sure that Broadcast was enabled in the SDK and it was. Any ideas why i may be having this issue? Many Thanks Dave Top kennedy2125 Passenger Posts: 2 Joined: 09 Sep 2015, 12:32 Contact: Contact kennedy2125 Status: Online Re: Saitek multi panel and PMDG NGXu Post by kennedy2125 » Yesterday, 21:22 Ok, so I have got altitude and heading working properly now by using the pmdg 737ngx events for turning the selector and the simconnect event for the display value. I have got the IAS selector working in sim but cannot find the right simconnect event for showing the value in the multi panel display. The same goes for the course selector. Works in the sim but can’t find the right event to show on the multi panel display. Bottom line seems to be to use the original 737ngx events to control the actions in the sim and use simconnect events to output the value to the multi panel display. Only issue I have now is trying to work out what the right simconnect events are for IAS and Course, I’ve tried all the obvious ones but no joy. Anyone have any ideas what the right simconnect values are to show IAS and Course on the multi panel display. I had working perfect in FSX with the NGX but have overwritten the profile with my P3D one. Report Quote
  5. Thanks Rockliffe, I'm going to download LINDA and give it a go to see what it can do for me. Cheers
  6. Michael you are a Legend my friend!! Thank you so much for the guide you provided. It worked a treat. I had a few hiccups along the way which were purely self inflicted so it took me a little longer to get running but it now works flawlessly. The CDU_Screeen edit also works perfectly too. One thing to add for any CDU III user is that you need to do exactly the same in the CDU III config file as you do in the CDU II config file otherwise it wont find your aircraft. Other than that Michales guide is perfect. Many many Thanks Michael
  7. Hi Michael, I am trying to get the CDU working for my PMDG NGXu, it looks like you have found a solution which doesnt involve setting up macros in FSUIPC for each button by somehow configuring the original 737NGX keymap. Could you help as I dont know how you link the original NGX keymap to the new NGXu? Many Thanks for any advice you can offer. Cheers Dave
  8. Many Thanks, I'm just getting back into flying after a couple of years out and so many things have changed since then! Thanks again, I shall try some 64 bit voices Cheers
  9. Hi both, Thank you you for the replies. Am i correct in assuming that I dont need Voxpopbase then? If i have other 64bit voices just set them up in Voxatc settings and they will work without Voxpop base. Guessing Voxpopbase was just used to load the voices? Cheers
  10. Hi All, Just purchased V7 after using V6 for a long time with no issues. However when installing Voxpopbase from the link on the VoxATC website it installs but does not show in my Start menu in Windows. Also when trying to run it from the install folder it just opens a DOS window which is just completely black with the flashing cursor at the top. Has anyone seen this before and do you know what the issue is? In the previous version it ran the Voxpop server and ran the installed voices. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Dave
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