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  1. Removing the Windows Update will allow the CD to work.
  2. Hi, This thread in my forum discusses multiple installs of Golden Wings, Silver Wings, and Classic FS (classic aircraft, AI, and scenery not using the "Wings" packages). You can use any or all of those. http://calclassic.proboards.com/thread/181/multiple-installations-fs2004 Another discussion of the topic: http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php?21431-Multiple-Installs-of-FS2004
  3. First, you need to check if the model has "holes" for windows, or are the windows painted on. If "holes", then the lighting may be in the model, unless it is the interior textures that are lighting up (as opposed to a diffuse glow). If the interior textures, see below. If painted on, then your United night textures need to have a black alpha channel where the cabin windows are located in the day texture. If the window pattern is identical between the DAL and UAL schemes, you could try copying the DAL night textures into the UAL folder (backup first).
  4. I think you listed everything I've done. Enjoy your flights.
  5. Since there is only one valid zoom value for a given monitor (assuming you cover the entire screen with FS) since the zoom value should be determined by the proportions of the monitor, the change to the zoom value as saved in the default Flight is all you need.
  6. Hi, The line in the panel.cfg file only affects the 2D panel, not the VC. The correct answer was to change the zoom value and then save a flight. You then either have to make that your Default Flight, or load that flight each time before you start. Hope this helps,
  7. If you mean the spinning aircraft in the Select Aircraft window is black, this is a common problem with recent video cards and drivers. Do a web search for: black window select aircraft fs2004 and you should see some possible solutions.
  8. Thanks John for making those available, and for the tip you can import more than one at a time.
  9. Mine is 214 MB. If you are short of space, download AFCAD 2.21 instead. It's only 3.2 MB.
  10. Sure, with a lot of work. This is only for your own personal use; otherwise you will need to get permission from all authors involved. 1. Convert all library objects to P3D format. This can be done with ModelConverterX. You load a library BGL and save it (Export Scenery menu) in P3D format. You need to make sure that MCX retains the same GUID values. Any object with transparency will need to have that transparent material fixed (the Use Default Transparent drop down choice). 2. Load the AFCAD file into ADE (P3D mode). Make any desired changes, and save it in P3D format. 3. Re-create any terrain features while in ADE (flattens, excludes, airport polygons, roads, rivers, etc.). 4. You may also need to move the airport (using ADE) to avoid changes between FS9 and P3D. Hope this helps,
  11. Nice trick. I wonder if a substitute scenery.cfg file with just the default scenery would make it even faster?
  12. Hi, For FS9 the livery is what is used to specify the AI aircraft in the flight plan files (actually, the title= line in the aircraft.cfg file). This title must be unique to your FS installation, and the texture= line must point to the livery's texture folder. There must also be a valid AIR file in the folder, with the sim= line pointing to that. Finally, there must be a valid model folder (with an MDL file, a model.cfg file pointing to that MDL file, and a model= line in the aircraft.cfg file pointing to that folder). If that has been checked and double checked, then perhaps you are having permission issues allowing AIFP to access this information? If AIFP or FS are located in a Program Files folder your OS may block access, depending on your permission settings.
  13. It could be something in your default flight. Load the default Cessna at SeaTac and then switch to the 747.
  14. And follow the Build a P-38 tutorial in the main GMAX tutorials.
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