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  1. Hi All, I hope I've posted this in the correct forum, apologies if I haven't. I have two Aircraft that came complete with GPS 530 included, the Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended and the Caranado Beech King Air B200, and one aircraft that hasn't, the RealAir Duke B60 which has the GPS 500. Is there any way I can port the GPS 530 across from the two that have it to the one that doesn't? Perhaps an alteration to the Panel .cfg file? As you probably realise I'm not great shakes at all this computer stuff, so be gentle please. I'm running FSX with Acceleration on Windows 7. Any ideas guys? mog
  2. Thanks for that thibodba57, all I need now is to work out if I need a new PC to run it!! mog
  3. I've just looked on the simMarket sales site for the requirements and it quotes Windows 7, will this bird work on FSX on Windows 10? I think it looks fantastic, I've been a Leonardo Maddog Fan for ages, in the RW it was always my favorite A/C, the most sensible design ever!! mog
  4. Thanks for the response dagghito, I'm running under Win7, Davide of Maddog contacted me, the fix was to start the load manager and Fsx in administrator. But thanks for the response nonetheless. mog
  5. mog

    DM BAC 1-11

    Thanks Gents, I've now reinstalled Maddog but there is still a problem, every time I want to use the Manager & Setup utility I have to re register! I've put a thread on the Maddog site here in Avsim, there is little or no point in putting anything on Leonardos site, they never respond, that and the fact that their website is down for repair and has been for some time, it'll probably reappear when they want to sell their MaddogX! mog
  6. Hi All, I recently had problems with my FSX and had to repair it, since then every time I want to fly Maddog I have to register it again, I go to the Manager and Setup facility and I get the register page which states that the A/C is not registered?? so I register and set up what I want but the next time I go to use it I'm told it's not registered again!! Any ideas? mog
  7. mog

    DM BAC 1-11

    Well my quest for nav. lights caused an odd failure, none of my A/C had them! yes! all of the A/C in my FSX lost their nav. lights, so I've had to delete my existing FSX and replace it with a back up that I had on a flash card, it also meant that I deleted DMs 1-11 completely, I've got FSX working again with nav. lights but my Maddog and Captain Sim A/C are showing registration problems, so I'll probably have to reinstall them separately. Oh Joy unbounded!!! Thanks for all your help Bjoern, I may try to put DM's A/C on again in the future, I did do a lot of work on them in the RW so they should be represented in my sim, but not for a while! mog
  8. mog

    DM BAC 1-11

    OK so best I leave them alone, sounds a bit technical. Yes strobes probably are, but are there any 1-11s still flying? I'm wondering if the fault I'm experiencing is caused by the fact that my "default" aircraft logging into FSX is set to cold and dark, maybe this is inhibiting the 1-11 when I load it? mog
  9. mog

    DM BAC 1-11

    Hi again Bjoern, That's another odd thing, the anti collision, turn off, taxi and Landing lights all work as advertised, strobes? are they fitted?. Thanks for the info on the model file, I don't know how to look at that, is it notebook same as the .cfg file? mog.
  10. mog

    DM BAC 1-11

    Curiouser and curiouser, I always start in cold and dark where possible, that way (hopefully) nothing gets forgotten (yeah right!), so after switching on the battery, doing the fire check, starting the APU, the next thing would be switch on the Nav. lights, to indicate that the A/C has been powered up, ( OK at night sometimes if the A/C is on Ground power the lights would be on as well ), it was considered at Gatwick that the lights should be on all the time at night, after a catering truck drove into the wing tip (ouch!), but then they found the driver had been sampling the booze trolley and decided that it wasn't necessary! The odd part of this is the momentary flash when the window is changed, weird! Thanks for your help nonetheless Bjoern. mog
  11. mog

    DM BAC 1-11

    All the cockpit lights work on all the A/C I have, i.e. the 500 series, only the anti collision light works on the exterior, no Nav. light, no U/C bay light, no wing lights, this is true on all of the aircraft, as I said though, if I change to windowed view, (Alt + Enter) the Nav lights flash on momentarily, and the same thing happens when I change back. Does that help? mog
  12. mog

    DM BAC 1-11

    Hi Bjoern, OK, the download was...create folder on desktop marked Aircraft, create within that folder three folders marked BAC 1-11 A/C, BAC1-11 Sound and BAC 1-11 Panel. I only wanted the series 500, then I downloaded the Zip file 111_500_20_080120 into the BAC1-11 A/C folder, then downloaded the Zip File 111_SOUND_20061001 into the BAC 1-11 Sound folder and finally downloaded the Zip file 111_ PANEL_20061031 into the BAC1-11 Panel folder. I extracted the zip files in their respective folders and then following the instructions on DM's website disseminated the various folders ( Effects, Texture, BAC 1-11 500, BAC 1-11 Hush-Kits and DFMS to their respective places. This now brings me to the point when I opened this thread, whilst the A/C appeared in the menu and opened OK lots of thing weren't working e.g. APU run, sounds etc. in the end I downloaded and installed your update and yes it works and I thank you for it but I can't get the lights to work, I tried using L to get the lights on as you suggested, but only the cockpit lights came on, I started both engines and ensured both generators were on line and then switched on the exterior lights, only the anti-collision light works, no navigation lights no wing lights no undercarriage bay lights, oddly enough I switched to windowed mode and just for a second I thought I saw the nav light come on, but it was only for a second, once the window was established as it were the nav light was out. I am not running in DX10 preview as it screws up the best A/C in the world, the Leonardo House MD 80. I hope this brings a little clarity? mog
  13. mog

    DM BAC 1-11

    Hi again Bjoern, Both engines running hyds. on. If I remove the modified one that worked (see previous) and install the original one that didn't, I get nav. lights, of course I'm back to square one with nothing else working! Reinstalling the modified one gets everything working again minus lights, odd I seem to have nose/ turn off and landing lights but no nav wing or U/C bay lights. mog
  14. mog

    DM BAC 1-11

    Ok All, It is working But! I seem to have lost the Nav. lights? and the wing lights ?, and, when viewed from the rear outside, if the ailerons are moved left and right the spoilers don't seem to raise and lower they just flicker as do the ailerons? Any ideas? mog
  15. mog

    DM BAC 1-11

    Thanks Bjoern, I'll give them a go. Great video, I expect those people running away claimed for loss of hearing later in life, none of them are wearing ear defenders silly buggers! It was a powerful old beast, they used the Spey in the UK version of the Phantom and I believe had to modify the intake because it was too powerful for the basic design, I did a ground run on one 1-11 when i was at Dans, and unnoticed by me the brake pressure decayed, and in spite of being on the detuner with large chocks set in the ground when we went to max chat on both, the bloody thing leapt the chocks, luckily I managed to stop before we hit the hangar! there were skid marks right across the pan, but not as big as the ones in my pants! mog
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