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  1. This happened to me also, but after reinstalling the NG the cold/dark startup worked perfectly. (I reinstalled several addons after having to replace my OS drive).
  2. Support ticket replied to quickly by Flight One with links to downloads.
  3. Yes I'm looking for the Flight One version. I simply can't use my existing setup.exe. It requires a license file created by the primary installer , or "wrapper". I lost that file when my OS drive crashed (the lic file was probably created in the Windows folder). If I run the existing .exe, it will install the aircraft, but when I try and select it from within FS it will lock up the pc and I'll have to reboot and uninstall it. Ah well, lesson learned. Always back-up.
  4. I don't think that's the way it works at Flight1. My order details are listed in my account, but no download links. Instead you just go to the product page, download as if you're buying, then when installing select "reinstall". My problem is that the aircraft is nowhere to be found on their site or anywhere else. Strange, considering it's one of the best GA aircraft of all time.
  5. Recently reinstalled Windows 7 and FS9, own the Flight1 172R for both FS9 and FSX but can't find either one anywhere online. It's like they never existed. The only one I had backed up was the FS9 version of the unwrapped setup.exe but it's useless without my lost .lic file. I need to download the wrapper version and can't find it anywhere. I've been away from simming for a couple of years. Did I miss something in that time? Is there a known reason the aircraft has been pulled (if that's what happened)?
  6. Hi, I found the 9.1 version and it works fine. And so far it seems I didn't need to reinstall FS9 at all,. Once I ran the sim, the missing folders and files were created.
  7. Thanks for the reply Jim. Yes the OS is on it's own drive as well. I installed a fresh copy on a third drive (this drive contains all my other games). I can't get FS9 to even launch now, same as you described. I haven't started the sim in about 2 years, even before the hard drive crash, I don't know if that makes a difference. I also still have no FS9 registry entry, even after running the Flight1 repair tool. I'll try the no-CD patch if I can find it. Update: the no-cd file works. Looks good so far.
  8. It's been years since I did anything with FS9 files so I'm unsure about this process . . . . I have FS (and all addons) on it's own drive, but my OS drive died and I lost files that default to My Documents and C:\Users. My entire FS installation is good except for those ^ missing files. If I install a fresh FS9 in a new location (a third drive) those files currently missing should get placed in the above locations. Does that sound right? Am I missing anything? (Windows 7)
  9. Hi Joe, that's not the cause in my case. I'm starting new fights every time I fly. And if the previous flight was with an addon plane then I start my next flight with the default C182. Edit: Started a flight today and now it's normal.
  10. The main panel on my DF 727 has begun loading in the upper half of the screen only, so I have to drag and resize it every flight. Anyone else have this happen?
  11. Loaded the Duke and all was good for about a minute, then there was a blip in the terrain textures as if something major had just occured, and immediately lost my click spots. I shut down, and let FSX create a new fsx.cfg, so far so good. Doing a flight now, thunderstorms, good framerates, smooth, no issues with clicks.
  12. Thanks for the info! It says to try "reload aircraft" so I'll do that next time I fly. Hopefully it's not a conflict with EZdok.
  13. Hi Ryan, started with the default cessna and switched to the Duke. I'm about 90% sure this started after I had the aircraft loaded in my last FSX session, but like I said that was weeks ago so I'm not 100% sure.
  14. I suddenly have no click spots anywhere. No switches, knobs etc respond to mouse clicks. No + / - pop ups, just dead. The aircraft is otherwise totally responsive, i.e. animations, flight controls, etc. I haven't run FSX in a few weeks, been running FS9 lately, but I'm almost certain this happened during my last Duke preflight and when I started FSX today the problem is still there.
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