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  1. I'll check out those NGX effects, thanks Dan. The effects I have a hard time setting are the ones without the preview window, lol. The random "head bobble" effect is easy enough. What I'm trying to really capture is the lag and sway from banking, braking, acceleration, etc.
  2. Setting up camera views is about as easy as it possibly could be. What I think is sorely needed are two basic sets of effects files: one set for heavies and one for GA. I'd be 100% good to go with just those.
  3. Almost every addon has bugs on first release. The CS732 is superb. Once these few issues are sorted I think it will be a masterpiece by any standard. This is really not necessarily a bug, that's what we're trying to determine at the CS forum, since not everyone is experiencing this issue. Could be something we're doing wrong when replacing previous versions with updates, who knows. Lol, that might be better than finding out there's something extra. :Thinking:
  4. Problem #1 - try adjusting cruise_lift_scalar. I don't remember if higher values decrease cruise pitch but I think so. If not, then use a lower value obviously. Problem #2 - increase parasite_drag_scalar It should affect higher speeds more than lower speeds, which sounds like what you're looking for. In either case, never use negative numbers (-1.5) use for example, 0.5 instead.
  5. If I get anything under 20 FPS in conditions where I should be getting 30, I will uninstall whatever that plane is, and then make sure everyone knows that plane is a performance hog.
  6. I left it at the default 500 or 600, but I must admit I'm confused about that option's relation to the traffic density sliders. The lowest setting I've ever seen anyone use or suggest is 200.
  7. I wasn't terribly happy with framerates (using addon aircraft) when I set both traffic sliders somewhat high. But now I just set airline traffic to 100% and GA to 20%, if I'm doing that type of flying. Otherwise I set both to about 35% for GA flying. Also, initially I misunderstood the purpose of the framerate limit slider in UT2, and had it set to 30, so my AI traffic was disapearing as UT2 tried to let FS maintain 30 FPS. DON"T do that. Set that slider in UT2 to "0" (OFF), or maybe about 15 at the most.
  8. I'm using the magic battery option in fsuipc to avoid the problem for now. It just troubles that without that workaround their could be something not right with the electrical system. Someone posted at the CS forum, if I understood correctly, that according to the DC meter, the battery is being charged while on battery power, and drained on APU generators, which of course is backwards.
  9. hold shift- or shift+ should zoom in/out in .1 increments.
  10. Please bear with me, I know this is not the CS support forum but because of the nature of the problem, a solution is particularly dependent on as many views and as much participation as possible, not support from CS. The problem: battery seems to drain with APU power, or external power. CS said they will not address the issue until they have 10 or more complaints (lol?) I believe they are not having more complaints because most people start up engines sooner than some of us so the issue doesn't have time to show itself, since they are on APU/GPU power for a shorter time. I'm asking CS737 owners to fire up the APU and stay on APU power for up to 10 minutes. Most people having the dead battery issue report avionics power loss in about 6 minutes. Symptoms are radios go silent, HSI loses power, altimeter noise stops, radio dials won't turn. Everything else seems to be fine until you shut down the APU or attempt engine start and see that the battery is in fact dead. please also make sure 1. unlimited battery is disabled in FSUIPC 2. do not enter the FSX menu while testing (could trigger a seperate bug with similar issues). Thank you very much in advance!!
  11. USAEnglandGermanySaudi ArabiaIraqPanamaItalyAfghanistanSpain
  12. I'll bet if you run task manager and watch the performance monitor you might see the cpu usage spike to 100% every time you get those blocky textures. Could be something else hogging resources.Or, your power supply could be inadequate, or dying.
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