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  1. It would be cool to have that, i used today a 20 mile vis and raised it to 950 feet, it looked about spot on to 10 mile vis. Using the correct cloud type helped too, looked great during the day
  2. What is everyone's thought on visibility. I try to use metar and use accurate weather, but I find 10 mile visibility is more like 3-5 mile visibility, and 20 mile visibility is more like 10 mile. Seems it is a little off? I just compared it to 10 mile visibilty in my city the other day and in fsx it seems way too thick by comparison.
  3. buffer pools helps with artifacts popping in and out for me
  4. Trust me my imagination ran wild when they announced mission, I immediately thought mission editor. - Kerbal space program style observation misison, photography, etc. - Weather observation - Fire, medical emergencies, extractions - Traffic copters, etc, - Cross country flights, incentive rides, charters, transport. Limited by imagination
  5. No no no, lol did anybody watch it? haha He was saying that currently SDK mission editor is only available to developers (microsoft and third party), as I imagine it requires writing lines of code. He was just saying that "take GTA 5 for example", has a user friendly mission editor, where they can just plop down items and create gates without having to write lines in C++. Meaning down the line, their goal is to make where we can just click and drag items, and create mission criteria (gates). i.e. if a user creates a rescue mission, I can just plop down a hurt pedestrian, and the rescue crew automatically goes out and picks them up and places them in the copter without me having to write lines of code for that. Upon arriving back at the hospital, I could just place a box to land in and it is mission successful, i.e. "gates".
  6. Nellis and LAX. The Mountains and Canyons are awesome to fly in
  7. Really? This was the first I heard that they are using SDK editor to create the missions and that they are strongly considering making it user friendly in the manner that it is for GTA 5, allowing users to add gates and scripts for missions. Also, that out of the gate the tools will be available for third party developers to use the dev build of SDK mission editor to create after market mission packs. They also said microsoft will be releasing new missions as part of updates. So... no I found this interview to be quite pleasing. Also, the questions regarding helicopters as AI traffic was a new question that I have wanted since fsx... As well as, being able to spawn on helipads on ships is almost a guarantee down the road. I feel you just wanted to say something mean, but that's okay, I forgive you.
  8. Sorry meant blackbird sims aka milviz. DC/SC designs has really improved from fsx days imo.
  9. Man, plane designer's charging more than DCS prices... literally made it $77.7 as a troll and yal still bought it... yikes. Looks like I'll stick with DC designs, milviz, and aerosoft into 2024. Crazy prices
  10. fsx player, for me it comes with flying new routes/cities. My sweet spot is 50 minute flights between airports, but on occasion I will love to sit down and do longer ones. Planning out VOR-to-VOR is a good way to break your normal patterns. I do know they are getting rid of many VORs moving forward, so I suppose intersection to intersection. But just VFR flying with no ATC flight following would get somewhat stale. Part of the fun is mixing it up with the traffic, doing IFRs with or without poor visibility, etc. But then again, I own a ton of planes, yet, I almost exclusively fly 450+ knots in the F16.
  11. No, I just have a giant sense of humor, I find it humorous - you are also talking to a fsx player
  12. In their defense the guy asking the question behaved like a 9 year old. I was bummed the SDK mission editor got glossed over, you can tell they never thought once about doing anything like that.
  13. Man let them off the hook with the follow up question! Edit: These people asking questions are goons
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