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  1. I recently discovered FS-Recorder as an alternative to the squirrelly default of FSX. This one has some really nice features and works well. I write missions a lot and wanted to show multiple different aircraft landing at KHOU at 10 ninute intervals (real life). FS Recorder does the trick, BUT it saves files as frc extension, which is incompatible with FSX's "PlayFlightRecordingAction" using fsr files. Changing the extension doesn't work. Any ideas or advise are appreciated. See FS Recorder | FSXMissionsHangar.com if you wish to check it out for yourself(you'll have to register but it's free)... it's a real professional utility developed by Matthias Neusinger.
  2. I participated in the Alpha testing and noticed little improvement since that time. Yep, I bit for the whole enchilada but have opted for my $130 refund. Every problem I reported during testing is still present with the final release. You'd think MS would have shared their expectations and learnings from FSX and Flight, but it looks as if ASOBA has to learn them all over again. Like most I'm really impressed with the scenery and weather, but if I were building a flight simulator, the first order of business would be to accurately model the planes... the GAs look like my grandchild's playing Roblox... so disappointed... back to FSX and P3D for a year at least.
  3. Ditto Dave, For me the ability to create your own is the primary reason Microsoft Flight Simulator X has held this community captive for over 10 years. Some of us get high on missions, for others it's aircraft or scenery; but the fact we are all proactively involved in the Sim is the reason It has outlived any App/Program, at least that I'm aware of. I do hope DoveTail will consider this feature... and capitalize on it. If so, then they will be around for a long time. Good luck Stephen Hood...enjoyed your rather vague talk at FlightSimCon. Jake
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