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  1. What you want is a 4:3 projector of course :)Otherwise the bigger screens are all widescreen format. Now I don
  2. It will stretch the 2d panels if you don
  3. 1280x1024 on 42 is not better then 1366x768 on 32"...Also this is really not an issue. You just compensate by not sitting as close :).I do play on a 32" and if you sit at a metre or less you will notice the pixel grid. Depends a bit on how detailed the game is of course. But sitting so close to a 32" widescreen is not the best for your eyes I guess.I have a Sony KDL 32V2000 (or XBR1) which I am really happy with. Drawback with it is it uses the S-PVA panel which has the highest input lagg of all panels... Differs a bit from screen to screen but this is something all lcd panels has to a much larger extent then CRT panels.However it only truly matters if you are competing in fps games or maybe racing games. For flight sims like FS9 I would say it
  4. If you are curious about fresnel lenses just get a cheap one. I got the 550 something from 3dlens.com?Doesn
  5. Would be a Emagin Z800... Or rather the update since Z800 won
  6. If your monitor supports 1:1 pixel scaling yes you can run a smaller resolution and also not make full use of the monitor. Which won
  7. overkill for XPrequired for Vista (almost anyway). That is my bet :)
  8. That will require tons of your video card. It
  9. There is no problems running different drives. I have run the os on one drive. The Swap file on another. FS 9 on one and the scenery on a fourth harddrive works fine lol.If you are worried don
  10. What am I hearing running GTL and GTR on a gamepad. not to mention FS ;).Get a DFP for GTR and GTL and you will hate your Xbox 360 controller :). Unless you can afford a Logitech G25. If you run racing games a lot you will wonder how you ever could run with a gamepad That is if you run full sim mode anyway which is so much more rewarding.I do love how everyone is now copying Nintendos approach with motion sensing controllers. MS have had it in the past and it has been as dead as stereo3d gaming but now thanks to Nintendo it
  11. Most game developers including Microsoft uses the new DX 10 cards and Vista to give you more eyecandy. So it will not run games faster however they will look better without that much of a performance hit if you have a DX 10 video card that is.You may have seen conceptual screen shots on how they think the DX 10 version of FSX will look.You do need a dx 10 video card to make use of the extra features. Vista emulates dx 9 and eats more RAM so running dx 9 games in Vista may indead be slower then in XP...Really hard choice if you can wait to see the initial benchmarks of dx 10 video cards and vista before deciding. Otherwise I recon Vista we already know is very expensive and I don
  12. Intellimouse 4s scrollwheel is awesome for that though and quite cheap :).
  13. http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=10641242407 thread dunno if it