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  1. It´s the rendering setting for the instruments that they use on the xbox or something. Read that in the future it will be the primary method. If you have the sdk enabled its available in the options menu. Use nanovg for xml or something like that.
  2. I tried the nanovg setting and litterary got an 80 percent performance increase so no complaints at all anymore. 310r and Junkers 52 dont benefit as much
  3. PMDG Dc6 is causing a big performance hit for me. 40 % worse then the ju-52 asobo. Versus other more serious addons like milviz 30r less difference but still considerable harder to drive the DC6 I am at 25 fps where I am at 45 on the easier to drive aircraft and over 35 on the milviz 3080 but old cpu i770K running in dx 11 mode. Will try the nano VG setting 🙂
  4. Exactly what I wanted to hear just getting this. I am in the business of setting up the sim again so I have not been able to get to VR yet I am very curious how the ju-52 fairs and the PMDG DC6. The latter is very performance intensive so I do fear I don´t have what it takes but that cockpit would be very interesting to see in proper scale!
  5. Well you can always gamble that the vr pilots will get it even if it don´t support VR. In the dedicated simracing, simflying communities a lot have VR. According to steam 23 % have even but nobody care about this small niche really anyway it´s more important that console joe likes FS 2020 to increase sales as they outnumber simflyer jim by a million so if that demographic is in the calculations VR support would seem to be a bad investment.
  6. Absolutely astonishingly fascinating that nobody is interested in testing vr performance with this card. Not talking fs 2020 of course as there is no vr support talking in general here. Seem to be an absolute Borg mentality amoung the review sites where they test everything the exact same way with the same benchmarks with no ability to look past their own horizon of testing how they have always done! 2D results do nothing to make me jump from 2080ti though though seem to be at times the 25 % performance increase is there in FS 2020 to but far from norm 🙂
  7. Contact lenses is expensive. I hope to be able to use my CV1 lenses I bought and make them somehow fit. Or find some adapters for it.
  8. Really interesting. I am off fs 2020 for now though. Waiting for vr and choppers so really need the trees cut down 🙂
  9. Have you cleaned the yoke from dust? Have you checked the axis with ch software? If they are fine there retuening to center and all should work fine. I have the honeycomb it does have a luxury feel but like most yokes it dont really help you control the aircraft just want to trim it constantly so I dont have to battle the yoke. I think a stiffer aileron 45 degrees so it would be more i line with the elevator would feel more natural then the loose 180. I have much better control with my virpil warbrd base where it easy to do supersmall corrections but also fast to make big in any direction. Yoko plus seem to be really nice though worse buttons. And 3h the cost. As for 2080 ti next generation is on its way. Rumours say they will be incredibly expensive but costs of 2080tis should go down if not on the used market.
  10. I used that too. Never felt comfortable talking to myself though. Is people still using voice buddy or is there anything better? But I didnt get those VGA vr glasses though tempted 🙂
  11. dk 1 is not the first generation. There has been waves before but none that got traction 🙂
  12. I do believe most do get it. Certainly everyone that tested the modern wave of VR understand it. Those that tried the older iterations maybe more in doubt 🙂
  13. I had to wait a year to get my replacement for my faulty pimax 5k+! So yes can´t recommend them. The replacement worked without issues though I sold it quickly because being fed up with them. The panels used was quite booring no colours and there was something with the 3D that was less 3D. Maybe the algorithm to get that wide fov without artifacts messed up with the 3D image? It just felt flatter then other VR headsets I owned. But otherwise it´s a real product it works but besides fov didn´t have anything that stood out. Reverb G2 do appear to be the best bang for buck currently. Running half resolution mode it seem to perform well against Rift S. Still more demanding but not that much. There is also Xtal VR that is of very high quality but an entirely different price range. But if you really want that fov it should work great I am certain!
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