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  1. I support the idea to collect yourself a used 11Gb Vram card like a 1080ti or similar when using P3dv5. I've sold my old but very good 1060 6Gb last year and collected me the brand new 2070 Super 8Gb for P3dv4.5 and it was giving me a 20% boost overall in graphics. Short after that I collected me a used Titan X on watercooling with 12Gb Vram and returned the 2070 super to the shop and i'm glad I did it because my Reverb is using with V5 an average of 9,5 Gb Vram and that is without Atmosferic settings. The GPU performance is between a 2080 and a 2080ti BUT with 12Gb Vram. Flying ORBX TE stuff is bringing me to 10.5 Gb so do your math carefully. A Reverb is hammering harder on a GPU than a Rift-S but I think a 9900 CPU bottlenecking with a 2060 with V5 in mind is not a good idea. Happy landings...
  2. "motionReprojectionMode" : "motionvector",
  3. Language mis-understanding I think. I have set Motion Vectors as my own default permanently ON in the Steam software. You where asking for my settings so... Other VR programs profit also from these setting because there are not much who can run at 90 hz/90 fps. so I set it as a default setting in my system. Resume, I have NO other settings activated for VR. Happy landings...
  4. Hotfix no2 for WMR. I'm using Single Pass. In SteamVR MotionVector set as default so 90 becomes 45 with unlimited frames by 4xSSAA. I have to test further but already saw that I can put now also Shadows on (plane/vehicle only). As said, fully ORBX loaded and made my testflight with the Embrear 505 Penom 300 Bizz jet in payware HD Slovenia-X scenery Ljubljana area and take-off and landing at LJLJ payware airport. I made a good flight over the border of Austria and Slovenia to see how the "walking" mountain Mesh was displayed and there was none so is another big improvement. Loading airport data when passing one on route was always causing a short loading freeze and is also solved. The "Short Final Crash" bug is still there but I'm convinced they solve it. However, there could be a problem for other users with less the 11gb Vram when using 4K monitor or HiRes Reverb. I'm testing with fpsVR and noticed that 80% of the time I'm using between 8 and 10Gb Vram. A short test in True Earth The Netherlands with Tampa's EHAM is using my 12Gb Vram nearly to the max. This is the most demanding area you can imagine and the only place I have to reduce my system load for keeping a smooth ride. Happy landings...
  5. The VR problem with the Reverb is fixed. Graphical wise it's a perfect running sim now. I have with very high settings a steady 45 fps by a fully loaded ORBX. The glitch they have to solve now is the "Short Final Crash into the ground" haha. Just happenend again with the hotfix test flight. A nice approach and 100% good on the PAPI and then suddenly BAM. Not VR related though. Happy landings...
  6. I have the "lag" problem on my Reverb in the right eye. While panning my head, my left eye has no lag but my right eye a lot. I have also "MotionVectors" on and running at a constant 45 fps. with very good performance on very high setting. (of course I tried also very low settings to rule out performance problems) but the lag in the right eye is still there. Very nice upgraded sim with good and high performance on the monitor but VR still filled with problems. I'm curious what MSFS 2020 will bring for VR. For VR is Aerofly 2 still the best (Flyinside 6.x is also a very good performer but has still a long way to go with landscape and scenery) I hope LM will do some more testing on the Reverb. Happy landings...
  7. I also have the Reverb and in Aerolfy and P3D I have a perfect picture.
  8. I can go to 200% SS in the Steam settings but is NOT removing the shimmer. loss of FPS is gladly not a issue for me. There is some progress with the Beta2 and Beta3 version now and using the "Medium Quality" 9not HDR) and put in 8xAA is doing much better but compared to P3D it's still a ugly picture. Even the renewed Xvision for 1.50 is not helping. Next week we can expect the new P3DV5 coming and I put my betts on that one for VR right now. For 1080P Monitor simulation the Xplane11 is very, very nice now but hey.... once in HD VR, you can never go back to the 2D pancake flightsim world. Happy landings....
  9. Never get the correlation between AA and Shimmer with a high end GPU. In the latest X-Plane11 update to the modern Vulkan engine there is a much better spread over all the CPU cores and can achieve very high CPU and GPU performance maximum settings at a very, very good frametime and easy getting 80-100 fps in dens areas in Monitor config but it's still NOT possible in VR to crank up to let's say 4xSSAA to get rid of the shimmer effect I can't see on the 1080P PC monitor. In 2D monitor config I can get complete Aliasing free with only FXAA and can even go all op to 8x SSAA with still a high end performance from my CPU and GPU and similar to the readings I collect from Aerofly Vulkan version. Lot's of treads in the different fora saying, yes, XP11 is/was very weak due to the old OpenGL engine written for single core performance and not able to handle high end VR headsets like the Reverb but Vulkan will be the gamechanger. Now I have Xplane11 technical running at that point where Aerofly really shines (I use NO AA in Aerofly and the VR setting is at 160%) and get similar frametimes on CPU and GPU but with a complete different picture. I also see 4K youtube movies made within Xplane11 and wow... but why not in my 4K headset with the new Vulkan engine?????. I understand that my 1080P Monitor is a complete different performance ballgame compared with my 4K VR headset but activating only FXAA in the VR config gives no visible Aliasing so ok to use and the cockpit and outside view is without the typical Aliasing edges but the outside world... is very, very bad due to the shimmering. Putting in more AA (SSAA) even all to the max of 8x is not complete solving the shimmer effect but ofcourse hammering the system to his knees. Prepar3D 4.5 is painting the VR picture MUCH better than the upgraded XP11 version. I am very curious what's causing this shimmer issue... PS: my sytem is i5-9600 at 4.6Ghz - 32Gb RAM - 12Gb TITAN XP - win10/64 1909
  10. In 1080P Monitor setup it's running very good. In my config +30% and Xvision no longer needed. In VR however it's still a big mess with the HP Reverb. For more VR details see my post in the VR section. Happy landings....
  11. Just did a quick test run with a clean X-Plane install and updated to the long expected Vulcan 1.50 Beta version and ORBX LOWI and HD Monitor wise in 1080P , it's a perfect running sim and big improved . Even Xvision is no longer needed and all sliders to the max is giving me 60 fps (with very bad shadows though) and 100 fps without shadows with the default Cirrus Jet so very nice BUT... here it comes... I think my i5-9600 with 32Gb and TITAN XP 12Gb is still to weak for the X-Plane/Reverb Combo. I still have to use max 2 x SSAA where 4x SSAA is minimum needed for a playable and for 80% shimmer free experience so a NoGo for the moment in HP Reverb VR While Using 2xSSAA in the sim, fpsVR is showing a average of 35-40 fps and a very nice spread over the 6 CPU cores by 15Ms Frametime and the GPU is only 2,5 Ms by a GPU load of only 40-50%. Basicly the AA is at 2xSSAA good but the shimmer is still the massive and negative gamechanger in this. A nice comparision to P3d 4.5 who is fully ORBX loaded and still improving due to better Nvidia and Steam drivers where I have very high settings in the sim on 4x SSAA and with my 3 populair planes, Embrear 505 Phenom 300, TFDi 717-200 and last but not least the PMDG 737 NGu I mostly fly online on Vatsim in full VR with a average of 45 fps. (but also without shadows) In the Steam VR app I have the SS at 200% and that setting gives me a very, very sharp picture so compliments to the Titan GPU. The best buy for my Flightsim PC. Still the best performer for VR is Aerofly but using it only for VFR in TE Netherlands or flying the very fast jets in the Freeware Lofoten (Norway) mountain area with 90fps on 90hz. So... I think the next refuel will be MSFS 2020 later this year. Happy landings...
  12. It's the 2D Light Sensor that's causing these white rectangle. You have to go to your aircraft Panel.cfg in your Simobject\airplanes\ folder and edit the window section [ Window19 ] for the old 737 and have to put 2x // for it. Then it looks like // [ Window 19 ] Save the panel.cfg and the white rectangle is then disabled in VR. (make a backup first)
  13. I have had a good time with my old 2011 i7 Sandy Bridge 2600K and 16Gb Vram flying TE Netherlands so PC wise it's surely possible with your config. Find your self a second hand 1060 GTX with 6Gb Vram (not the 3Gb) as a minimum GPU and you are ready to go. In that config with high settings I was doing 30fps in 1920x1080. The alternative is also the Dutch Freeware NL2000 version also for P3Dv4.x Happy landings...
  14. The real reason for closing EKCH seems to be a bit off-topic in a flightsim forum but I notice also in the real world that thousands of windmills they are building within the "hidden" Green-Deals and starting to close airports have killed already lots of real life birds. I can't find any detailed info over it and it's been a while I was there in real life but glad that I can still visit every monday evening the virtual EKCH. Happy landings at Kastrup.....
  15. Ok, thx... Are you already able to upload your renewed Mod to the F1 library? Thx...
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