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  1. I see the same anomaly in the Venetia area, flying from Slovenia and Croatia to Italy. On Venetia City and a bit more to the west 3 Piramids. It all shrinks away when flying toward it. You see it both in 2D and VR. Happy landings
  2. Yep, I also have that problem but we are the only one I think LOL. Even on the MSFS forum I can't find another one complaining about it.
  3. I have exact the same problem with the latest FBW A320 patch. Can switch the fuel off even with running APU or Groundpower but engines still running idle.
  4. From the author: Update 1.9 fixes the CTD issue. The reason for the CTD was a file that turned off car traffic to Locher. Now I have deleted this file. This worked in previous versions of the simulator, but after 1.10.7 it crashes for some reason. ASOBO often breaks down what works well. Therefore, flying car traffic will have to be disabled in the settings if it interferes. Enabling or disabling traffic in the simulator settings does not affect the crash.
  5. Have had contact with the designer of 1 of the CTD problem creator "Locher Airfield" and we did some testing and the problem seems to be solved so keep an eye on flightsim.to for the newest release. Happy landings...
  6. After take off at EHBK heading for EHEH I saw directly in the North West a hugh wall and entering the EHBD (Budel area) it was clear that it was a hugh mesh problem. Anyone else see these problem or is it just me? I disabled third party airports in Brabant temporary to exclude problems but no luck. Happy landings... PS: I have made a screenshot but can not post it here. (SOLVED) Bad add-on in EHBK (Maastricht City) area was causing the problem, I already noticed the maker of the add-on
  7. I have uninstalled the sim so now I want to re-install but... I have a purchase proof from Microsoft Store but now I need a install file. Anyone a suggestion?
  8. Nothing is changed, Time and Date is correct and region is the same.
  9. Bought in the Microsoft Store, changed automatic from Standard to Ultimate by getting the extra's, when I check in the Microsoft Store I can see that I have the full version version 1830 so also the latest update. I haven't install any license because it was all automatic. I think that the old startupfile is related to the gamepass and somewhere else on my pc (Apps map?) the latest .exe file
  10. We know you really want to get started, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Check the store for the launch date. This is in blue what I get on my screen after hitting the fs2020 button... On 18 augustus I have ordered the Gamepass try-out for 1 euro and 2 weeks later I bought the complete Ultimate edition and was getting the full version and this one worked perfect until today. Today is also the day my Gamepass ended so I tried to get to find the .exe file but get no access to the folder. Help will be appr.
  11. It's a very long topic I see and glad that I'm not the only one It was also my first "shocking" experience after installing the new sim that the "jerky" behavior of the planes was totally different then in other flight sims so my first step was to tune my Microsoft Joystick but without any luck. I hope they can make a fix very soon for it because it's a beautiful sim but the flight dynamics thru a Joystick is a complete showstopper for me. Happy landings...
  12. Yep, you know what you are talking about. A few light addons like ORBX TE Netherlands in tandem with Tampa's EHAM and 8xSSAA is giving me only 45 fps and a shimmer free experience so I think I will deactivate and go back to Shimmer paradise XP11. Oh, I'm sorry, I think it's my HiRes Reverb WMR headset that creates a shimmer problem with Xplane11, silly me, I better have chosen a Rift-S for Xplane for getting a shimmer free experience. But let's get serious and let me make a educated guess.... You are a cheerleader of Xplane11... but I am more curious how MSFS 2020 will catch the VR sim pilots. Happy landings...
  13. Noticing that users get performance problems, even with 2080 GPU's, while using Supersampling above 1.3 are most of the time Rift-S users. V5 is also vram hungry so combining with "only" 8Gb Vram and High settings in the sim you can quickly encounter problems. It seems that WMR VR headsets with the new DX12 engine have less problems or do I have to say, better performance? I can imagine that 1.5 SS in OTT is the same as 1.5 SS in SteamVR and I can use SS at 200% (my optimum default is 180%) without any problem and high sim settings even with inside 8xSSAA and reaching 45 fps. For the record, I'm NOT using EA, shadows, reflection and dynamic lights because that are real performance killers in High Res. VR. Monitoring with VRfps I'm using most of the time 9 Gb and in areas like ORBX TE The Netherlands with Tampa EHAM 10,5Gb Vram I'm using the Reverb on a i5-9600K (4,6Ghz) 32Gb ram and Titan XP Pascal 12Gb. As mentioned earlier in these post, for me there is a hugh performance boost compared to the V5 HF1 version. Happy landings...
  14. In your GTN750 you can look and read charts and find other relevant Airport and Airways info. I'm also using the F1 GTN750 in my "in-dash" modded airplanes like the Pilatus PC12, TBM-850 and Embrear 505 Phenom 300, where the GTN750 is replacing the middle G1000 screen complete. In the bigger planes and/or airliners, I'm using only versions with a build in "Electronic Flight Bag" like the PMDG 737 NGxu working with pdf files for charts or build in "tablet" like the TFDi 717 with jpg images of the charts. In both airliners I can view all the relevant airway and airport charts and comm freq's without destroying the VR experience with 2D pop-up screens in the cockpit. On the secundairy EFB screen or tablet screen (right seat in the cockpit) I have running a separate screen with the demanded Vatsim freq's, For me a VR experience is only working without any overlay or 2D screen floating around or projected on the windscreen. Happy landings...
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