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  1. Thx, that is doing the trick !!!
  2. Looking good, I made a quick flight over the NL2000 scenery to the south (Maastricht-Aachen airport) and discover a problem just north of the airport and in the picture you see a similar problem in the South East. 2 hugh grey rectangels. maybe something to do with the 2 fixes you offered? Anyway, It will be adviced to put a short install procedure with the files... Keep up the good work !!!
  3. Have made a good Shared Cockpit flight with the Maddog in Prepar3D. Have to do further testing but there are NO sync problems we have normally in FSX Multiplayer...The Maddog is using it's own IP to IP connection outside the Multiplayer section but the good news is that we also have flown the iFly 737 within the Multiplayer section over the Internet and ofcourse not all the systems are simulated vice versa but the PF could use al the navigation stuff like LNav and VNav and the PNF plane was following 100% without sync problems and funny behaviour normally occured is FSX Multiplayer..The Maddog NEEDS FSUIPC to operate as Shared Cockpit planeFor using the Multiplayer section for all the other planes, I have to disable FSUIPC because it's causing a App crash (BEX)
  4. Make a Modules folder in Prepar3D and copy the iFly737NG.dll from Modules FSX to Prepar3D new made folder.Be sure to copy the DLL.xml file from your FSX installation to the proper (hidden) folder where your Prepar3D.cfg file is.That's all, The iFly works 100% perfect under Prepar3D.
  5. Look and listen to the interaction with Vatsim ATC staff at Stuttgart Germany as Part1 of my EDDS to LOWI journey with the 767, FS2Crew and Vatsim landings...
  6. Well, I did my practising for Communications examination for the real world over VATSIM, Normally they are focusing on IFR flights but found some real world controllers in Germany who where so kind to help me with VFR ATC training over VATSIM. I passed the examination with very good results. Now I have had the LPE examination for JAR/FCL and thanks to my hours on VATSIM I also had good result so yes, If you want to go as real as it gets, simflying over VATSIM or IVAO is a must and even for real world pilots it's a very good training course to stay sharp.
  7. I'll put my 2 cents next to you, I'm also flying 90% of my big iron time on VATSIM on short haul flights between The Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switserland. I started with VATSIM in 2007 and have 2500+ hours so coverage is not a real issue here. I can affirm that the best coverage is in the UK and Germany. Don't know how it is in the USA but when there is only poor coverage the fun of flying online is gone. Very soon I will post a video of a short haul from Stuttgart Germany to Innsbruck Austria with one of the most difficult approaches in Europe, Eastern Approache and RW 08 Circle to Land with coverage of VATSIM.
  8. simba_nl

    iFLY vs. PMDG?

    Tonight I made a online VATSIM flight from EDDG to LOWK in Austria and the sky (also EDDM on the ground, I flew direct over it to Austria) was pretty occupied by i-fly 737 planes.It's amazing to see the grown i-fly fleet on VATSIM in such a short time...Happy landings
  9. Hi,I want to teach a friend the ATC procedures so I was looking for a multiplayer add-on to share the cockpit of my LVD 767 in FS9 and found only software from Gates.ToIs there any more software or can you recommand another add-ons?Happy landings...
  10. Welcome to the club...I also have blurries since I have a 8800GTS/320 and have done everything and all the tweaks but without any result.As I mentiod earlier, It seems that modern hardware will not run very well under the old fashion FS9 (???)I hope we can find a solution for it.By the way, It is not only Nvidia, I tried a new ATI HD2600XT to see if it was in the 8800 but the ATI has the same problem.I don't now what is causing this...Happy landings..... (without blurries)
  11. Yep, but the article is about multi GPU's like the new X2 from ATI and NOT about multi MONITORS...Just for your information...
  12. simba_nl

    Blurries on good hardware

    Well. I have my E6750 (standard at 2.66Mhz) running at 3.2 Mhz.In FSX there is a gain but in FS9 no difference. I also tried a bit overclocking with the 8800 but no positive results.I also use Nhancer, have done all the tricks, seperated drives, Disktrix defrag, 4Gb instead of 2Gb etc. Clean XP/Vista32/Vista64.I don't have stutter but a lot of blurries.I will try the TextureMaxLoad tweak now.About your ATI question, I have a brand new ATI HD2600XT for my HTPC and tried this in my MSFS machine with the same results so it is NOT the Vcard or Nvidia driver. BUT my 8800 has 320Mb and the ATI only 256 and I'm running under 1920x1200. Turning down to 1600x1200 or less was NOT giving a positive result in relation to blurries.Happy landings...By the way, FSX is running fine, It's only the case with FS9
  13. simba_nl

    Blurries on good hardware

    I have the same fight as you so i'm glad I didn't already buy another card because I was thinking it was my 8800GTS/320 and needed more Vram at 1920x1200...My system specs are nearly the same, E6750, Gigabyte P35, 2 Gb 800Mhz RAM, 8800GTS/320.I will read the articles again but tweaked almost for a 100 hour now without any result, blurries, blurries and nothing but blurries.Tried XP, Vista32 and Vista64, bought 2x Raptor 150Gb, disable my RAID0 and put the OS on 1 Raptor and FS9/FSX on the second etc.I can't remember I had these issues with my old configuration with a 7600GT and 19" monitor on 1280x1024. It seems to me that the newer hardware is less beter for fs9 then the old single core rigs...Happy landings...
  14. Read these article which explain microstutter with multi gpu's landings...
  15. simba_nl


    To avoid "cold water fear" start with VOXATC, Look in the forums and there website to learn more. In this case you can train yourself in ATC communications and is it only a small step to the real world communications in VATSIM or IVAO.Happy landings...