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  1. Reshade is basically a package of different shaders like sweetfx, gemfx, masterfx,... All under one roof working together and easily controllable. I used to use various older version of reshade for p3dv2.5 and updated to 1.0.0 now using p3dv3.
  2. Haven't had any issues throughout today. I've been spending all day testing and tweaking it with some awesome results. Everything works pretty much on the fly and for the first time is adjustable through a pretty nice GUI. I only found that it would conflict with the accu feel addon, so I had to get rid of it. Apart from that not a single crash a very little impact on performance. I'm currently using about 10 out of more than 70 available sharers. Of course with the "right" setting you'll bring your GPU to its knees.
  3. Try and grab reshade from reshade.me instead. You won't be disappointed.
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