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  1. Actually that would not be a bug. After 10hr of VFR night flying in just the last 30 days, it is my experience that runway edge white lights are hard to see unless you are almost aligned on the extended centerline as if they were directional ( which they are not afaik). Blue taxiway lights are for some reasons easier to see in downwind. Minos
  2. With 350hrs of general aviation PIC time and 600 commercial flights flown just in 2019, I can say that a vast majority (>60%) of runways have some form of undulation. Using the start and end altitudes of runways to get an average slope won't cut the mustard. A perfect example of this is runway 8R at Atlanta. The starting altitude is 1024fr and the end altitude is 995 for a change in elevation of barely 30ft. That would be almost an imperceptible slope using an average slope measure over the 10,000ft length of the runway. However, the runway do dip significantly in the middle to the point that some part of aircraft almost dissappear beyond sight when you are lined up low enough on the runway.
  3. And boom... only took a 1min video to dig X-Plane further...
  4. These videos looks great but there is one striking details no-one seems to pay attention to: the blending of airport artifacts with the surrounding scenery. The surrounding looks great in the Diamond video, but the runway pops out of the greenery like a giant billboard. Being a Commercial pilot, I can say that runways are usually much harder to find that depicted here and blend usually quite nicely with the surrounding. there has been a couple of times flying VFR Nordo that you literally struggle to find the runway. They just don't show up like that. I think the white lines surrounding the concrete/asphalt needs to be more muted and should fade a bit in the distance. After all, they shouldn't be any more obvious that concrete roads.
  5. Oh yes. Don't get me wrong. I use it or some flavor of it everyday for my work. But just like everything in life, there are many flavors to it. In particular, there are good and bad implementations of it. There are plain vanilla BEMT that barely work and there are sophisticated ones that do work. And even then, BEMT does not always work i.e. descent and VRS for helicopters. What is wrong is hiding behind some fancy names that impress the unsuspecting crowd to refuse to fix glaring and elementary flaws in the ground dynamics / flight dynamics. It is unfortunate and painful to watch all the comments about these glaring flaws and to realize that nothing is done year after year. How many years did it take to fix the rolling issues / P factor issue or whatever it was that was crippling Xplane 11? But there was no issue. BEMT , of which we know nothing about the implementation, was perfect because this is the state of the art and it cannot be wrong.
  6. Yes this is what is so disappointing with Outerra, So much potential wasted over the years. But hey, we receive postcards from twitter from time to time...
  7. But Chris.... The FDM uses the sophisticated blade element momentum theory. This is the unobtainium tech that Eurocopter, Airbus and Boeing have never evolved from during the past 50 years and the implementation of which in X-plane we do not know anything about. After all, the EC145, A350 and 787 are no better than the S46, A300 and 707 aerodynamically because the same methods are used, hence the same results are obtained. No one could ever improve BEMT because this is already pure perfection, so why should Austin devote time to that? The name sounds fancy and it impresses the unsuspecting crowds so it has to be the right way and the real deal even if you cannot land in a crosswind. Crosswind landings that you see everyday at airports worldwide are just a mirage, an illusion of the fifth kind. These airplanes, they never land safely as the aircraft always end up in ditches along the runways. You just do not realize it. What you see or what you believe you see when an aircraft taxi to the gate is a mere illusion. They all end up in ditches, like the Fedex MD11 at Narita. Make no mistake. Just like in X-Plane 11 with the fancy BEMT corrected for tip losses, hub losses, Prandtl Glauert compression effects, and possibly low Reynolds numbers for small trike vehicles.What are you thinking?
  8. This has to be the euphemism of the day
  9. Sorry guys but this is factually wrong. I know Austin likes to brag about BEMT but let's be honest here: this is as simple/basic as it gets regarding aerodynamics codes (i.e. BS in Aero can do it) and it is not even that accurate. It literally takes 10min to code a proper BEMT code. Nothing fancy there. I think the hype surrounding BEMT has to stop. Certainly good enough for simulation but probably no better than a properly done lookup database.
  10. Don't dare state that these recurrent customer service challenges, which are harmful in the long term to the entire X-Plane community, and to the whole Flight Simming community for lack of credible alternatives, which primarily surprise newbies possibly accustomed to better customer service elsewhere, and which end-up burning them after one of their first purchase, is a problem. Because if you do so, you are "disparaging" developers and this is not tolerated on these board. Don't even try. So with all due respect, you're only alternative is to pony up with your credit card (once) but keep your mouth shut and stay low (forever). :-) Minos
  11. I get that but what kind of quality control is there ar LR? Don't they see that or do they not care? Especially for someone who has pride himself for over 15 years on having great flight physics in the sim (using rather rudimentary first order aero code nonetheless shall I say) Minos
  12. You sound like Stephen Hawkins! Great work!
  13. Someone spending time in a PT6 equipped aircraft should have observed and realized that Winter is not just a matter of tree leaves. Fields get ploughed and therefore change color to brown. Wheat fields turn yellow in Summer and become inexistent in Winter and so forth and so on..
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