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  1. I normally wouldn't post demo screenshots but you get a bit wild-eyed when a 747 starts doing this when holding for your runway :Shocked:
  2. Here's the current conditions And here's the bots getting into a LOT of trouble :excl:
  3. linuxflyer

    ahem... Linux....

    There are a large number of distributions so you will always get a variety of answers from a 'which dist' question. Personally I use Ubuntu as the large user base means I can usually google for people solving the same issues I have faced. e.g. I have recently installed X-Plane 10. To do so, I upgraded my existing Ubuntu system to an i5 and an Nvidia GTX660 with 2GB VRAM. Consensus seems to be that X-Plane is GPU/VRAM heavy. Once I had everything installed and running, I tested it with the Unigine Valley free benchmark and I was getting 40-odd FPS IIRC. After that, X-Plane has been running very nicely. Unfortunately the Nvidia linux support is pretty awful. They provide their own install script that is at odds with Ubuntu's packaging and you have to shutdown the XServer to do the install (!!). I would have preferred to get an AMD card but someone locally offered me the 2GB VRAM card for $100 so it was a no-brainer. So the video drivers can be a real PITA but once running, you are golden. And with the advent of the Steam distribution, things will only get better. I'm waiting for the day they get out of beta and then I will seriously think about installing Steam OS. It's been over 12 months since I have needed Windows for gaming and I have no plans to go back