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  1. Is there a "whole lotta shaken' goin' on" ? when the cockpit is moving every which way doesn't that make it more difficult to point and keep your cursor on clickable areas?
  2. for what it's worth, ever since I started using XP11, I have not been able to get the fps meter to go over 30 fps. even with settings down to as low as they will go.... Must be a limiter some where in the game that I don't know about?
  3. I cannot find a V4 as such, but I do see a V3.2... It is under "My Account", "Click to Download", [the name of the file is XCE1900.zip}...????
  4. I've been using it in XP10 and now in XP11. Still looks very good to me. KPHX - Phoenix Sky Harbor International 1.01....Updated December 11, 2016
  5. This issue is mute, because NVIDIA INSPECTOR does not work at all for X Plane.
  6. Hello, I have installed this 'scenery' on top of HD Global Scenery3 and w2xp-America and it looks fine. Toughest thing for me to get right is where does it fit into the scenery_packs.ini ?
  7. X Plane final release still has no stars in the night sky.
  8. For what it's worth....after failing with the ISO thang, I formatted the USB to NTFS and just did a simple copy and paste of Disc-1 and it appears to work fine. Put the DVD back into it's box. Thanks to all for posting...
  9. Hello, For me and some others who had that OpenGL problem, I had a happy moment after installing NVIDIA driver 373.06, that this glitch was fixed. I see today 10/22/16 a new driver is ready to install 357.57. If u had that OpenGL problem, like me, I'm a little apprehensive about updating to 357.57. What r your thoughts. ps: It's sometimes exciting to know exactly when a glitch is fixed and to know exactly what did it....
  10. Hello and Thank U. I've been using computers for a long time but this process is a bit over my head. I'll get busy searching to find out how to do this. ps: if u can post a website/link with instructions that would save me some time. Thanks Again
  11. Hello, I keep XP Disc-1 in my old machines installed DVD player. I'm finding that most new computers don't come with a DVD player. Could I copy my XP Disc-1 to a USB thumb drive and keep that plugged in and remove the Disc-1 in the DVD player?
  12. Hello, Let's say I'm using XP v10.4 and adding freeware airports to my custom scenery folder. So, then XP V10.5 update comes out. What's the easiest way to see if V10.5 update now has better airports than the ones I added before. This way I could remove the old addon airports and save some space. Yes?
  13. So, After many flights, I am ready to say that the fix for my computer came by way of the NVIDIA driver 373.06. But, today 10/11/16 there is a Microsoft Win10 Cumulative Update KB3194798 that will be installed and I am skeptical about it messing things up again. Keep our fingers crossed.
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