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  1. Eric Bakker

    Realair Turbine Duke v2 and GTN 750

    Found it here in mentioned video, thanks:
  2. Eric Bakker

    Realair Turbine Duke v2 and GTN 750

    I have exactly the same problem, any help is appreciated.
  3. Eric Bakker

    Free update Milviz Cessna 310

    Thanks, I appreciate this a lot.
  4. Eric Bakker

    Free update Milviz Cessna 310

    Bill, sorry for going off-topic, but can you say already if the B55 will also get an update?
  5. Eric Bakker

    Realair Legacy Release

    Rob, thank you for updating the Legacy, it was my favourite FSX aircraft for a long time. So glad to have it back in P3Dv3, I really missed her.
  6. Eric Bakker

    Orbx Patch for P3D Hotfix # 4

    Since Orbx, ASN and F1 GTN750 are updated now for HF#4, I guess there is no need to wait any longer with applying this hotfix. Or are there known issues with other add-ons?
  7. Eric Bakker

    What's going on with P3D

    Thanks for the information, Rob. Can you also tell if the next version will be v3, or that there will be (one or more) intermittent versions, like f.i. 2.6?
  8. Good to hear it works, Mike. I hope you will enjoy SLX.
  9. Eric Bakker

    P3D v2.5...Does anyone use DSR?

    Steve, what are your NVIDIA driver version and your 2.5 hotfix version now?
  10. Hi Mike, is your problem solved now or still the same?
  11. Mike, I hope Maarten comes to the rescue with this. :smile: What I can do is showing my own (working) SLX setup: The default LM flight situation is stored here: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Prepar3D_Default When you save a new 'default' flight it will be stored in C:\Users\username\Documents\Prepar3D v2 Files
  12. Thanks Steve. I got confused about the NI setting of Multsampling Transparancy being 'disabled' by default, to me it suggested that this driver setting would not allow P3D to use MSAA from the program. Hence my question about enabling it. Apparantly it's two different things.
  13. Steve, You seem to use slightly different wording than the program does. This is what I see and what I changed in NI (the two black lines): Only the 'Antialasing-Mode' can be enhanced, Transparency MS can only be disabled or enabled. Should I enable it?
  14. HI Mike, the flights are normally stored in: C:\Users\your username\Documents\Prepar3D v2 Files (I could have answered this in the other forum, sorry, but I thought it was important to make you aware of this SLX dedicated forum in case the cause is different :smile: )
  15. Eric Bakker

    SimLauncher with v2.5

    Yes, SimLauncherX works perfectly with P3Dv2.5. If you have problems please consult the dedicated forum: Maarten (the developer) is extremely helpful.