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  1. I got no download link in my order page.... "Downloadable Product(s) Information" field is empty. Order #430641 - Order Date: 9/22/2018 - ORDER CODE: DDR1284207975 Appreciate your advice
  2. Dear Team, It have been announced that with the release of the 747-8 today, PMDG will issue a new installer for the 747-400 as well, in order to reinstall the product after modifications. Will this need to wait for a newer version of FS2Crew as well or can the current version be used with it? Was this verified? Appreciate your advice
  3. Great, thank you. Will the base 747-400 new installer require FS2Crew to issue an update?
  4. Great news, thanks a lot. I could not imagine myself so keen to looking forward uninstalling a PMDG machine 😇
  5. Hello, I could not figure out what is the use of "Regenerate Airport Data" in CP configuration and when should it be executed. Appreciate your advice, Moshe
  6. Thank you Dave, this is exactly what I needed! Appreciated.
  7. Hello Team, I must be doing something wrong, I did not figure that out yet and will appreciate a hint. From the default controls of the aircraft, yaw and throttle axis are fine while pitch and roll do not respond. Other default / PMDG aircraft responds ok. P3Dv4, clean install with all DC-6 default options. Reinstall did not help. I am a bit lost. Appreciate your support. Moshe
  8. Hello, When I leave P3Dv4 running on a long haul flight with PMDG 747 and Chase Plane, then aftet few minutes the view begins to cycle through different angles, inside and outside, somehow like a screen saver until I make some actions again. Is it CP festure? Where do I disable this feature? Support Appreciated, Moshe
  9. Hello, Currently I have purchased CP and configured it with Xbox controller on my P3Dv4. I was thinking to build and add a home made switching panel for more custom cameras. I saw this card (ARDUINO MEGA 2560 R3 INTERFACE CIRCUIT I/O CARD WITH USB CABLE) and was thinking of it as a good interface to directly connect it to my PC. I just do not know if it will be detected as a joystick and the buttons setup will be straight forward as with the Xbox controller. Can anyone help with this please? Sincerely, Moshe
  10. great news, stunning product, close release, wide package, reasonable price... looking forward to flying it.
  11. thank you. i did not find it in google that is why i tried here
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