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  1. Sorry for sending this late but the site I got it can no longer be found.... Sorry and I no longer have the file either
  2. Alright folks, Scott I tried what you said and also changed my weather to be loaded directly from simconnect instead of FSUIPC and that did the job NGX not sure for airbus but ill try that one later but for now lease it working fine on the NGX. thank guys. image1 image2
  3. Exactly!!!. Ok so I will check the weather engine and report back tonight to see if that's the issue I have some other things in mind that I would check also.
  4. Yeahhh it's set to Indicated that the weird thing about it.... Definitely ain't my weather addons cause it was fine before that, I use FSrealWX and AS2016.
  5. Hi all, so the issue is very difficult to explain maybe if y'all see it y'all me have a better idea so I going to try my best to have it written well. So I have been flying with PMDG 737NGX for FSX and all my airspeed reading where correct cruising at .79 which is roughly around 484kts... I recently installed the Aerosoft Airbus a319-21 first couple of flights have been successful but as of recently it's all messed up, when cruising with both aerosoft and pmdg + other freeware airplanes my plane would try to cruise at a slow speed so on the autopilot panel it will say .80 Mach speed but on the pfd I'm am literally slowing down and going .45 which is very odd and sometimes disconnecting the auto throttle helps no little so I am very sure it may be the Airbus but at the same could be something else. So far I'm yet to find the issue but I am going to attempt deleting the FSX folder in %appdata%/roaming/Microsoft/fsx and see if that works . If anyone has any other suggestions or why this is happening please leave something below this would be very great full. Thanks in advance. Also I'll post some pictures later to show what I mean
  6. thanks i have both of these models... but i found the base pack yesterday from continuous searching i'll link the base pack for anyone who has being looking for it
  7. Hi all not sure if anyone has the file still... But since the hovercontrol website has been down I can't get the ICARO aw139 base pack for fsx / fs9. Does anyone still have the file would be great if someone to send it to me , I had it also but my hard drive crashed and had to reinstall back addons I backed up. But yeah would be great if someone has it the base pack and the addon packs with it. Regards André
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