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  1. Belongs to Microsoft Visuals. Run Windows update and see it there is an update. Some add-ons need the latest and greatest.
  2. Usually indicates out of memory due to lack of VAS. Lower settings to default.
  3. Attachments and images must be hosted on a site of your choosing. See screenshot forum. I do not think you can uninstall individual default aircraft and reinstall. Only a repair. Right click fsx and select repair.
  4. Pete, I signed into your account as you and I can see your signature. Jim
  5. As the stock plunges (it was near 200 a month ago), there is reason for fear. It happened in 2009 when the ACES Team was released. Major financial crisis as the US elections were near. Good thing we still have P3D.
  6. AVSIM has over a million membership? Think it is over 300000 and not 300000 are active anymore. Think we have about 1000 who are active. Still the site has over 2 million hits each month and everyone is hitting an advertisement. We generate a lot from this revenue but nothing crazy wild. The CEO, AVSIM Tech and I are looking at options to beef up the donations. Stay tuned. Best regards, Jim
  7. I have started the investigation Ed. I saw no way to save though. I simply indicated I wanted to follow above the Topic and learn more about the topic as more and more posted. The topic I selected was "In-game VS Satellite ". Emails will now be sent to me whenever there is a post.
  8. Except the AVSIM Terms of Service says this is advertising and all commercial advertisements are moved to this forum. Commercial developers we host on AVSIM are allowed to advertise all they want in their support forums.
  9. Page 30 of the AVSIM CTD Guide might help. ACONTAIN.DLL relates to AI. Same with AIPlayer.
  10. I doubt it. The best way to diagnose and turn off AI is via the P3D settings. I do know UTLive is in the Addon Manager.
  11. We ;have a pinned topic in the FSX Forum -
  12. It would be awesome if a crash report identified the specific add-on!
  13. Terrain.dll and ntdll are well known modules that cause crashes. To me you installed a program addon not comparable such as one made for FS9.
  14. FSUIPC was one crash. Make sure you have the latest version and made for your version of fsx-se.
  15. P3D just happened to be running when this error occurred. There are some suggested fixes in the back of the AVSIM CTD Guide and, on page 9, How to Fix Most CTD's in P3D provides some suggestions for investigating your crime scene. You see, if you could only disable all add-on scenery and allow only the default scenery to be loaded. You can if you have the Lorby-Si Add-on Manager. When all add-on scenery is disabled and just the default scenery working, you'll be able to see if it is one of your add-on scenery causing the problem. I think you are running into a bad scenery or aircraft texture not compatible with P3D.
  16. Jim Young


    Best to show your creations and expertise first and then brag about each one (but only if your input definitely shows you are as great as you say). I could write every day my dreams and accomplishments but that would be truly boring to others.
  17. System restore prevents you from reinstalling Windows.
  18. https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=132&t=77789
  19. And they quoted it before we removed it. In any case, this subject is closed. Please be careful.
  20. I certainly like this idea but would go a little further with a list of all the added features you could enable/disable as you set up your Free Flight. Think it would be easy to accomplish.
  21. Jim Young


    It is within 2 hours after posting no matter where you are located in the World.
  22. What a silly comment! You were recognized for something you stated by the MS Team. What happens here means nothing! Glad they recognized you in any case.
  23. This topic had some intelligent discussions from those knowledgeable of the topic but it sure went South fast. I removed the bad stuff and the topic is now locked.
  24. There really is no bad idea to put before the MSFS Team but dang, this one complicates the simulator even more. If they did implement, I would be looking and looking for a way to turn it off so I can enjoy flight simulation. Those who want to be snagged by more obstacles to land (or take off) can easily enable these conditions.
  25. You did not indicate the full version of P3Dv4 you own. There's a v4.5 with hot fix. https://hifisimtech.com/downloads/. HiFi is very good at telling you if you did not install the product properly or you need an update. There is another dll.xml located in the same folder as your P3D config and it is the one that has Active Sky entries. There is a possibility the dll.xml's are corrupt. If you have Lorby's Si Addon Manager, it has a tool to check for corrupted files. If so, you should delete/uninstall the offending program and reinstall. I doubt the CTD's are caused by Active Sky but another incompatibility. Did you download and install AppCRASH View as suggested in the AVSIM Guide. It should show you a faulting module. HiFi has an excellent trouble ticket system and, if you really think it is Active Sky causing your headaches, you should submit a trouble ticket with them.
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