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  1. Hello Randy--did you ever get the F50 cockpit issue solved?  I have the exact same issue for the F50 Lite, but not the regular version of the F50.  Let me know if you've found a solution--thanks, Jay

  2. I am trying to run the F50 in P3DV4.5 and this is what I get when displaying the Virtual Cockpit....anyone have any idea of what is going on here. Other Carenado planes work OK? https://www.flickr.com/photos/189610751@N08/shares/75Bvf7 I had a hell of a time trying to get a picture in here....don't know if the link will work or not.
  3. Is anyone using FS Panel Studio and using it for P3D? I am finding some of the FSX gauges work and some don't. Has anyone found a way to import P3DV4 gauges into FS Panel Studio? Thanks.
  4. Don't know if anyone remembers the Robert K Guy's fuelstat gauge for FSX but it is a dandy but the old one for FSX will not work in P3DV4. Has anyone tried to build one or get the FSX one to work in P3DV4? Randy
  5. Here is the contents of gthe rxpGTN.xpl.log: 18/01/25 00:41:00.223 05296 - ] # win.xpl version 18/01/25 00:41:00.223 05296 INFO ] Here is the contents of the rxpGtnSim.dll.log: 18/01/25 00:41:02.602 05296 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 18/01/25 00:41:02.601 05296 INFO ] 18/01/25 00:41:46.972 05296 WARN ] can't find trainer installer path ......So that is pretty self explainatory isn't it....now to find out how to point the 750 to the trainer? OK.....here is an update...I just uninstalled and reinstalled the 750 and the trainer and now the 750 was able to find the trainer and it works fine. Thanks for your help....should have read the manual....I see the info about the log files and the ini files there now....sorry.
  6. GTN 750 was running beautifully in X-Plane 11.11 until I tried to open the 750 today....it caused X-Plane to crash and, oddly enough, it deleted my xplane.exe file. I tried replacing the exe file but x-plane would not run. I had to create a new instance of X-Plane and start over. I reinstalled the GTN 750 but now when I open it all I get is a black screen.....nothing. Does anyone have any idea of what might be going on? I uninstalled it several times and reinstalled it. Thanks.
  7. Found the problem......and thanks for all the great suggestions. I have never heard of the "hidden administrator account" I will have to remember that one. What I found was, I had used "FSX Reg Utility" to check to see if the correct path to Steam FSX was set in the Registry and it appeared to be correct so I didn't change it. Well a buddy of mine suggested that I reset it on the off chance that it appeared correct but really wasn't, and sure enough that was exactly what was going on. As soon as I reset the correct path to FSX Steam in the 2 Registry positions that show up in FSX RegUtility it started working correctly and I could install any aircraft I wanted. Thanks again everyone. Randy
  8. Thanks fellas. I tried the Everyone group change and it made no difference. This is really bizarre....I can not figure out what the heck is going on here. I even checked the Attributes in the Properties section of the FSX folder under the General Tab and it has Read only checked so I tried to uncheck it and it appears to run and change all the sub folders and files but when you go back to check it...it says Read Only. So I am stumped.
  9. I have a brand new Windows 10 install with FSX-SE installed. When ever I try to install a new aircraft I get an "error opening file for writing" error and it refers to a file in steamapps\common\fsx\effects\fx_carldnc177.fx If I click ignore I get an error on another file relating to the aircraft. It doesn't appear to matter which aircraft I try to install. I am signed on as Administrator and have gone into User Account Control and moved the slider to the bottom and am running FSX-SE as Administrator and am running the aircraft install program as Administrator. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate the help. Randy
  10. So where is this service pack? It has been 4 months since we have seen this original post and the weather radar still does not work.
  11. Yes...those drivers were the first things I installed. I have been looking at the nVidia forum and it appears there are a lot of people having trouble with the 8800 video cards and FSX. I may have to try an ATI card just to see if it works any better.
  12. OK....guys. I Have a Mag LDC monitor 22" and a Westinghouse 22" monitor on this system. I have gone through and turned off all unnecessary services...the only thing I have running is AVG antivirus...other than all the windows services. I think I mentioned before I have a Quad Processor....nVidea 8800GTX Video card, 2GB Corsair Dominator 1066mhz RAM ( I have tried replacing the RAM and that didn't make any difference. I have two SATA Hard Drives...Segate Barracuda 500gb 7200rpm. Running Win XP Pro...and FSX. Oh yes...I am running a evga NForce 680i SLI Motherboard...that is supposed to be a super board. ( I have all high quality parts and it runs like crap...go figure. ) As for the setup on FSX. A friend of mine has a new Dell computer with a dual core proc and the same video card, we set FSX up the same and he is having no trouble....but I am. (By the way I built this myself...it is not a Dell.Here is how my sim is configured right now.Graphics Tab:Frame Rate = 24Full Screen Resolution = 1680 x 1050 x 32 (since that is the native resolution of my monitors )Global Texture Resolution = HighLens flare - OffLight Bloom - OffAdvanced Animations - OnFiltering - TrilinearAnti-aliasing - OffAircraft Tab:Medium High Scenery Tab:Medium HighWeather Tab:HighTraffic Tab:Minimal...with Road Vehicles turned up to 7%OK....what I am seeing is this:Almost every time I take off just as I lift off the display will hesitate...sometimes for 1 or 2 seconds...sometimes longer. Then it will hesitate again as I climb...sometimes several times. Occasionally I will get a 5 to 10 second pause. Sometimes I will get these pauses while flying straight and level and sometimes I won't. Sometimes I get them when turning....you know...when the graphics has to work hard...sometimes I don't. It is crazy. My friend that only has a dual core processor says his display is very smooth...while my quad it jerky...sometimes to the point of giving me a headache.Well I would appreciate ANY ideas at this point. I am willing to get another video card to see if that fixes it....or another Mother Board. Thanks. Randy
  13. Hey thanks for the Questions. I am running Win XP ProRunning 22" LCD monitors.I have tried changing the Scenery settings and most of the display settings and even with effects turned way down I still get pausing and stuttering. I have tried locking the framerate to 24 and setting it to unlimited and it doesn't appear to make much of a difference. I am beginning to think there is an issue with my Video card. I have talked to other guys in my VA that have a much slower computer and videocard than I have...that are not having this kind of video pausing problem. I just loaded the latest version of video driver for this card 163.75 and will try and run some tests and get back to you. Thanks a lot for your offer to help....it is driving me nuts. Randy
  14. I have what I thought was going to be a kick butt system with a Quad Processor, a nVidea 8800GTX video card and 4gb of ram ( yes I know it doesn't see all that memory...but I have it anyway ). I mainly run FSX and the display sucks most of the time. It hesitates on turns and sometimes just on straight and level flights. Many times on approach it just hesitates for 5 to 15 seconds....then sort of stutters...then hesitates.......It drives me crazy, and I don't know what to do about it. I watch videos on YouTube of different peoples systems and their systems appear to have flawless smooth video...where my high end system sucks. Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on or what I can do about it. I have tried dumbing down the sim and sliding down the sliders and it doesn't appear to make much of a difference. I have tried tweaks I have found on some forums and nothing seems to make much of a difference. Do you think a different video card would help....like an ATI....or adding another video card in a SLI configuration???I am open for any suggestions. Randy
  15. Nikki......thanks a bunch for the KingAir 200 link.....NOW that's how to do a manual.....that is if I had looked at it...ha. I will probably go ahead and buy the plane, just because of the superb work they did with the manual and the training flights....oh yea the plane looks very nice also. Thanks again Nikki.
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