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  1. I go to their website every day only to be tortured. It's especially cruel that their banner is V2 Released. Talk about anticipoitment. The Duke is my favourite aircraft and in the Turbine form it finally reaches it's true potential. I will probably buy this one too, i'm a sucker for turbine aircraft.
  2. Please... here's my credit card. How would the touch screen interface go. The PMDG checklist is a bit odd, would it suffer from the same problem? I haven't bought the F1 gauges yet.
  3. Great work. Once again FSX is improved thanks to great people at great communities like this one. Fabulous. FSX taxi almost feels like rw now. Awesome.
  4. I've had that issue once. Went away after I restarted FSX. It was in a Pre Sp1, though.
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