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  1. My EFIS range knob has seen too much use, and is jumpy. I would like to replace it, and can use a soldering iron. Have you done this? Do you have a Mouser or DigiKey part number that will work? Much appreciated! They make great products but their support is rubbish. Carl
  2. I was just trying to gently steer the conversation back to FIFI. I am always educated and entertained by your intense affection for, and then sudden distaste with the airframe you are flying at the moment. It’s was not meant as a derogatory statement… Best- C
  3. ….. and now back to the topic. Bob is a constant flow of dogmatic absolutes, and whilst I do enjoy reading about his swapping swings of affection, I’d love for this topic to stay focused on Fifi, please. Ta- C
  4. Thanks! I appreciate the information and continue to look forward to Fifi’s haute couture appointment at Channel… 😉 C
  5. Just checking in to see if those active on Discord have heard any further news re. Fifi? I know Amir pops by here from time to time, and perhaps I have missed an update? For those who like to rabidly protest even polite requests for news- imagine if we did not care. Genuine anticipation- that’s all. Ta- C
  6. I still miss Rob & Sean’s delightful creations…
  7. Bob- The DC-6 remains one of my very favorite airplanes in flight simulation period. I tend to fly her from VOR to VOR or even an occasional ADF when I can find one. I also tend to fly her manually, only using the Gyro pilot to hold heading an altitude in straight line segments. I very rarely use any automation for approaches, preferring to keep my mental and motor skills sharpened. The cargo models propensity for dirt dives has finally been eliminated in the latest version. I am not sure that has been released yet. For me, the entire point is to re-create transport flying in the 1950s, and I am fine without GPS. I do agree that her engines are still a little too finicky, however, it is entirely possible to get 100 hours plus with judicious management. I would suggest that if people approach the aircraft, as they would an elderly aunt, they are very fond of, they would be less disappointed. That is the way I look at her and I still love her so. Best- C
  8. Thank you so very much for continuing to add to this wonderful altruistic endeavor. I know there has been a lot of attention given to the Fenix Fifi, but the team’s work here is important and impressive and appreciated. I will always be grateful for the first airliner I was able to operate with fidelity in MSFS. @Watsi could you tell us if the visual detail level demonstrated in the A380 VC previews will eventually make its way to the A320? That is one area that I would really appreciate as it where I spend all my time and there is definite opportunity for improvement. I remain obliged- C
  9. @Aamir I do hope you read my query as simply anticipatory curiosity and excitement. There was no moaning intended, and I hope it didn’t come out that way. Best- C
  10. As we approach 3 weeks, I must confess I haven’t really spent a lot of time on Discord. Have there been any morsels to feed our ravenous appetites for news about Fifi? Also, has there been an update to utilize the new Aviation Wx data? Ta- C PS- for those waiting to castigate the next inquirer, please remember that even Aamir has stopped by here regularly and I am excited about Fifi’s new wardrobe.
  11. Agreed- until the next update I have resorted to selecting individual SEL SPD rollback waypoints and then using the slow roll back method to allow for a non-Martini spilling vertical path. Looking forward to Fifi's next iteration.
  12. An airline Captain answered your questions here 😉
  13. Particularly fond of the last line in your Signature Jose! 🙂 C
  14. FWIW I flew TPA-CLT AAND HAD A CTD after touchdown at CLT. Flew back CLT-TPA no issue. I have flown this prior flight prior to the update dozens of times without issue- but for one time I’m staying a non-reporter. If it happens again I will file a ticket. C
  15. I am always impressed that Aamir takes the time to read and answer these threads. I for one am enjoying Fifi’s time at finishing school. I am confident that when she appears in her new pumps and choker- she’ll be lovely. Bring on that flap 3 FM fix and I can wait patiently.
  16. Rob- Aim for the TDZ- the white rectangles past the Piano Keys. Enjoy Fifi! C
  17. I don’t think the API is for Wx Radar…. rather for NEXRAD. I too would love accurate Wx depictions, but we are still working on accurate Wx…
  18. Rob- Get Fifi.. she's lovely now, and will be stunning in her new patent pumps and pearls. Promise! C
  19. So what is the GPS solution for those wanting comprehensive and accurate AIRAC data with modern unit functionality. I’m not opposed to payware… thanks!
  20. I believe we are 5-7 years out from VR being an acceptable solution to my current 65" 4k monitor. 180+ FOV at 4K is not currently attainable and until then I shall wait. I fully accept that there are others who are very happy with current VR offerings, it's just not for me... yet.
  21. I too own it but use the Asobo version… enough said. C
  22. Much appreciated Aamir… very much looking forward to Fif’s new patent pumps and pearl choker! Ta- C
  23. It’s not even real… she has her hands on the yoke and is just holding on. Incredible what rubbish people create for “views”.
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