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    No ai at FTampa CYUL

    No problems for me and I use AIG flightplans, not installed with the OCI though still the old system 🙂 so maybe its a problem with the OCI program, it is still in beta right?
  2. shamrockflyer

    FlyTampa's Montreal for v4 just dropped

    The addition of PBR textures is certainly enough to justify the upgrade price. V1 always performed very well for me and looked great. I cannot wait to pick this up later in the week and I also cannot wait for other major addon scenery devs such as Fligthbeam to adopt PBR in their scenery.
  3. shamrockflyer

    747 Immersion without the manager

    I too have experienced the ntdll error caused by the Immersion manager. I thought these issues had been resolved in the latest patch, obviously not. I also frequently have an issue where the immersion pack just doesn't want to work and upon attempting to restart the program it pings back the same error giving me no other option but to close it and just fly without the program.
  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Hopefully we can get some PBR in the cockpit too? Now that would be a stunner..
  5. shamrockflyer

    Size of snowflakes?

    This tweak works wonders and is exactly what you are looking for! I use the settings provided in the post and the snowflakes/rain appear much more realistic.
  6. shamrockflyer

    GSX baggage

    Don't mind updating the baggage facility. I'd MUCH prefer Couatl to be a thing of the past!
  7. shamrockflyer

    [26JAN19] It is Saturday. Let's have share some PBR!

    Although a shot in the dark, a good idea I have thought of. For those that aren't very familiar with the PMDG paintkit, myself included - why not create a program that will convert an existing livery to a PBR livery automatically on a users request, not only would such a program help those of us that have little knowledge with the paintkit (i've looked around and can't find a good in-depth tutorial on how to use, enlighten me if there is) but also those that don't want to go back and add a few more details to their already extensive piece of work. As I said - just an idea.
  8. shamrockflyer

    New ZBAA scenery

    Yes that worked. I had a look around and found the post about an hour after posting. I never had the option activated in the sim before and I am so glad ZBAA required it as the lighting is much better on simobjects now. Theres always a positive to a negative 🙂
  9. shamrockflyer

    FlyTampa KATL

    The last time I flew into Imaginesim ATL I am pretty sure the runways were slightly elevated, is it 27R and 28 where the highway runs past? because I am sure its not flat. I will check for you tomorrow and see if it is.
  10. shamrockflyer

    FlyTampa KATL

    Judging by the performance at BOS, ATL will be a miss for me. Imaginesims ATL is great however I would highly advise picking it up if you have not.
  11. shamrockflyer

    New ZBAA scenery

    This worked for me - I am now looking for a fix for the awfully bright dynamic lights and the dynamic lighting which causes the textures to flicker when exposed to dynamic lighting.
  12. To keep this post short. Is there anyway to make the Saitek throttle quadrant work without the saitek flight yoke? I have the old style throttle with the old connector and will be moving to the Yoko yoke in a couple of weeks, since Virtual Flys throttle is also very expensive, I would like to use the Saitek throttle with Yoko until I can scrape up enough funds to get the VF throttle.
  13. shamrockflyer

    Brighter patches in terrain textures

    I am also experiencing this. With FTX Ireland from Orbx I use FTX Vector and global with the frozen water in winter option turned off. It is like bright large squares are appearing at night where there are no lakes or water. I thought it could be snow but the surrounding areas do not have any snow, but then again P3D can be funky like that in the winter. I only started to notice it since updating to 4.4, I am also wondering if it has to do with the new ambient moon lighting LM added into 4.4?..
  14. shamrockflyer

    No Descent Via VNAV

    Since updating to the latest update for the 400 I have noticed that setting my descent altitude on the MCP well before hitting T/D the aircraft doesn't start descent via the VNAV profile. I haven't changed the way I set up my flight planning and everything is correct. To initiate the descent I have to manually start descent via the VS dial, wait until the aircraft is about 500 feet below the T/D altitude and then hit VNAV, that is the only way I can get VNAV to activate and control the descent. The speed is decreasing and going below set speed but with no change in altitude. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just an issue on my side? VNAV works as it should during climb out and cruise, its just the initiation of the descent phase where it seems to be having difficulty. Just to note - I have only experienced this on the 400 as I haven't flown the -8 yet with the latest update.
  15. shamrockflyer

    T2G MCO

    Ok I know that Taxi2Gates KMCO isn't officially compatible with V4. However, after seeing a few posts here and there and some others saying it works fine I decided to purchase the scenery for P34. My only issue is that the taxisigns are in the middle of the taxiways and there are two windsocks. I removed the FTX KMCO files that sorted out the duplicate control tower issue, but the taxisigns and others are still there. Is there any fix for this?
  16. shamrockflyer

    T2G MCO

    I had the same problem when trying to install Doha and Hong Kong, however - a quick search of the internet came up with results which fixed the issue, yes it does involve adding an entry into the registry but if you're willing to get any scenery up and running then its worth it imo.
  17. I think LM should just stick with 4.X until they build a new flight simulator on an up to date engine. Yes we would all have to purchase licenses again for all of our addons, but it would remove a lot of headaches and performance issues many are having. Its time LM moved on from the extremely outdated engine they currently use.
  18. shamrockflyer

    Saitek Throttle Quadrant

    That is a fine idea! Thank you for the suggestion. Ciaran
  19. shamrockflyer

    Affinity Mask -> NEVER leave out Core 0!

    I used Process Lasso too but also had bad results with it. Check out the link below, that is where I found the method which I still use...
  20. shamrockflyer

    Affinity Mask -> NEVER leave out Core 0!

    I use the manual AM method which goes by unselecting core 0 in task manager when P3D is open, closing the Set Affinity tab and then reopening and reselecting core 0. That method has always worked well for me on V4 and I do notice a big difference between with and without.
  21. Now that we have PMDG and a number of other developers adding rain drops to our virtual windshields, I would like to know whether there is an option in AS that enables constant rain in a rain forecasted area? The reason being, when it rains in P3D, it starts and stops therefore leaving the rain/snow effect on the windows rather unrealistic with the constant popping in and out of rain texture.
  22. shamrockflyer

    LatinVFR KMSY rain PBR preview

    I hope Orbx adopt PBR in their sceneries soon. The current static ground reflections are very bad! Its the early days of P3D and PBR and it may look funky, but it will get better!
  23. shamrockflyer

    No Descent Via VNAV

    I think this was what I thought was an issue, as it turns out it seems to just be normal behaviour of the aircraft. Descent into Sydney in the 400 went smoothly without a "hitch". I guess this thread was mainly created because of lack of patience in terms of waiting to see what the aircraft would do in the situation that occurred. This thread may be marked as solved, as stated above it was just a user "error" rather than software.
  24. shamrockflyer

    No Descent Via VNAV

    Yes I had as always. The same issue happened with two flights I had done in the past two days. I am now performing a flight of equal flight time to my previous flight and will report back with what the FMA says before and after TOD, hopefully the issue will repeat itself and I can get some information together.
  25. shamrockflyer

    No Descent Via VNAV

    Ok - after doing another test flight to see if the issue would arise and it didn't. Aircraft descends as per usual and there are no issues to report in regards to TOD. I know this doesn't fully answer any of your questions, but if I get a chance to reproduce the issue in the coming days then I will report back here with details. I may possibly be able to do a flight tomorrow, I will report back when I can.