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Lear35 Questions

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I'm new to the Lear35 and have a couple of initial questions:


- When I look out over the instrument panel I see the outline of something that appears to be on the other side of the windscreen on each side of the windscreen center bar -- perhaps part of the windscreen deicing system?  On the pilots side, it looks like a white line above the instrument panel that starts about at the center post and slopes a bit downward to a position approximately above the pilot's angle of attach indicator. The "higher" I sit the more I see of it.  I tried to post a picture here but can't seem to get that to work. Based on that admittedly poor description, any idea what I'm seeing? Should I be seeing anything above the instrument panel?


- The engine start procedure requires clicking on the throttle unlock buttons so you can move the throttle below idle. It seems fairly inconvenient getting in a "position" to see those buttons, especially for the right throttle, even using trackIR. Any suggestions?


- I use a single lever for both throttles, is it possible to pull both throttles below idle at that same time during engine start and if so, does that cause any problems?




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EDIT: Finally found a picture of a Lear35 that does show there is what looks like an air vent/intake of some kind just outside of the windscreen. That is what I am seeing from the inside and so it's not a graphics anomaly with my computer system as I initially thought might be the case.


Seems like you don't need to push both throttle unlock buttons to start both engines, one seems to be enough.


Few more questions:


Once the engines are started, what is the proper position for the generator switches?


Do the fuel pumps remain on during cruise if not transferring fuel between tanks?


And the most important question -- where can I find the answers to questions like the above myself?


Thx for any help,


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1. That is the outlet for the windshield bleed air, it blows warm air over the windshield for anti ice and defogging.


2. Move to the generator position when each engine start cycle is complete.During engine shut down turn off (center position)the generator prior to moving the thrust lever to cutoff. It is a three position switch, Gen - Off - Start


3. The standby pump switches (the ones that look like a white paddle) for normal use do not need to be on unless using to balance fuel wing to wing.Certain fuel system function and engine start will automatically activate the pumps without pilot interaction.The jet pump switches located behind the paddle switches should be left in the on position.


4. Post a question or download a pilot training manual, there is a thread in this forum with a link.

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Thanks very much for the info. I have read some of your other posts -- very informative. We are fortunate to have someone with your Lear 35 experience participating in the forum.

One of the major motivations for my purchase of the Lear 35 was the hope for a reasonably accurate flight model (air file), at least to the extent FSX will allow. My real world experience was limited to light GA a/c like the Piper Cherokee, so I have no basis for evaluating anything like a Lear jet.  I had been flying the default FSX Lear 45 which, I've been told, is not particularly realistic in a number of ways, including flight model wise.



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