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  1. A2A Bonanza followed by the NGXu if I feel the need for button pushing.
  2. Well I guess something is better than nothing for P3D unlike my incompatible PMDG DC6 and NGX unless I want by another new version or switch to the other sim. On the bright side my CS B737-200 from V4.5 is flyable V5.2 so that made feel a little bit better about the state of things and it is just fun to fly.
  3. I have three Milviz products, two aircraft not compatible with V5 and the radar gauge no longer working in V5.2. I am moving on with P3D as my sim of choice, if Milviz won't support P3D updates then I can no longer support their business.
  4. For this new 5.2 version I went ahead and did a complete new installation, it is a not the most convenient method to upgrade but can confirm no issues with Shift Z or text displaying correctly. Every previous upgrade was done using the client only method without any problem. It is a lot of extra effort unfortunately.
  5. I installed it when it became available for V5 but soon deleted it as there were too many airport errors with double taxi way signs and a mixture of stock airport buildings and those in the airport pack. It really looked like a mess. I still use it in V4.5 and it looks nice in that version.
  6. Always cringe when media describes an incident like this as a crash landing
  7. I had the same aluminum computer the leather holder, loaned to a student of mine but he never returned it. I still have my original leather Jeppesen approach plate binder that came with your name engraved on the cover. I will never forget another instructor throwing it around the room a few times claiming it was to break it in and make it look like it had actually seen some use. Much to the amusement of the others in attendance. They were stiff as a board when new but over the years developed that I soft dog eared feel. I miss the those days.
  8. Pete, Thank you for the clarification, I was not aware UPS and Fedex are not available in a commercial product. Time to move on from TG and read up on AIG. Part of my early aviation career consisted of hauling automobile freight out of KYIP when it was still a thriving industry. Preflight in the middle of the night where anything from a DC6, C46, Convairs, Electra and early generation DC8's were turning over was a sight to be seen, stays in the blood. Zantop, Trans Continental, Rosenbaum and the early rendition of Kalitta were the main players at the time.
  9. I cannot get any Fedex or UPS cargo flights to display using the same traffic settings as you described. I updated to thinking that might be the solution. I loaded up KIND as your screen shot indicates but not a single cargo gate was occupied. KSDF and KMEM are two large hubs for UPS and Fedex, at both locations I have never seen aircraft at any cargo gate other than the occasional lone China livery 747. When cargo flights were generated with the compiler a total of 165 cargo flights are created yet 45000 airline and 25000 GA flights are produced. Two of the largest world wide cargo carriers nonexistent in the the sim.
  10. I felt the same way at first but it takes some trial and error to get the profiles set up correctly for your situation. Downloading a profile someone else created might be the perfect solution for one but not someone else. The most annoying factor I find is sunlight in a room interfering with the display and occasionally I also get a headache while using it. I flew P3D exclusively using a hat switch but eventually transitioned full time to Track IR. It really is a must if you are into DCS style flying and trying to keep sight of a target. This past week I ventured briefly into VR only to find the resolution and performance is just not there yet if one used to a 2K monitor display with good frame performance, I returned a Rift S yesterday as my GTX1070 / I7 8700K combo was underwhelming visually. Although the illusion of flight and depth perception is great it requires a significant GPU upgrade to achieve acceptable performance. As we all know it is near impossible to acquire a new graphics card unless you are willing to pay a pirate three times MSRP. I will continue using TrackIR for the near term until the hardware market returns to some semblance of normalcy. If I could acquire a 3080 series tomorrow I would most likely get a better resolution headset and switch over, moving the head around naturally while being aware of the aircraft attitude was the best part of the VR experience. Sometimes the TrackIR requires a recenter action at the worst possible moment in DCS. The one thing about using a TrackIR for civilian flight is the ability to view another monitor or charts and the ready access to the keyboard while not knocking over the water bottle. VR makes me appreciate the ability of the blind to read by touch, it definitely requires a lot of practice to feel for the correct button, switch or key. Even if I upgrade the system and purchase another VR headset I will still most likely continue to use the TrackIR for the majority of P3D use.
  11. CW46

    Traffic Global

    I agree it is hard to believe UPS and Fedex are no where to been seen at their primary hubs, same story in P3D and a big disappointment.
  12. About a month ago I made an error purchasing one of the airports and received an email the next morning from the developer indicating a refund had been issued. Overall good experience purchasing from Flightbeam.
  13. I recently purchased FB KPDX for the grand sum of $14.99, do I actually expect the developer to provide unlimited free updates for each FB airport? Absolutely not, no more than I would expect Navigraph Charts or FMS data updates to be free. Developers need an income stream to remain in business just like everyone one else. I have no issues paying reasonable update fees if it encourages new product development. The alternative is they go out of business which not good for anyone.
  14. And how exactly does one accomplish that? The explanation reminds me of Ed Norton explaining to Ralph Kramden from the Honeymooners series how to address the ball in the game of golf. Hello ball. Maybe someone can elaborate as I too miss the DC6.
  15. Any debit or credit card purchase I make will be confirmed within minutes with a follow up email from the financial services company I use confirming the transaction. It is as simple as authorizing those alerts to be sent to you for the applicable accounts. I generally receive the alert within five minutes of any transaction. Receiving an email to my cell phone may seem like a nuisance but it is helps to prevent fraudulent charges. A few years ago after purchasing gas on a road trip I received a second alert for a unauthorized purchase at a retail store. Apparently either the gas pump had a card skimmer installed on the pump or a clerk at the gas station had access to the transaction. Within minutes of the alert I called my card issuer who cancelled the unauthorized charge and had a new replacement card on the way with overnight service. The service is free and having online services anyway I always know the status of any financial account I use any hour of the day. I use Paypal for online flight sim purchases and their transaction alert shows up even before the vendor purchase confirmation does.
  16. I used some very similar here in the USA, I forget whatever brand it was but the trick one had to learn was getting the film loaded into the of the plastic wheel sprockets that held the strip. I used a light proof changing bag to practice with a roll of unexposed film. Open the film canister using a bottle opener, load the film strip on to the wheel sprockets (easier said than done when you can not actually see what you are doing), put the lid on, remove from the changing bag, pour in the developer and agitate for what ever time the developer required then remove from the tank in a dark room. When you think about it was a lot of effort but unless you had a local source to develop film it required a two week turn around to use a professional source. Most local photo shops sent the B&W film out for development as the demand was not enough to do in house.
  17. I have been a hobby astronomer for many years and the single biggest break through in imaging for amateurs was the development of relatively inexpensive CCD and more recently CMOS based cameras which can produce images like the one posted. I spent many evenings using black and white Tech Pan film back in the day having no idea how even a single negative frame turned out until the film strip was developed. These days many short exposures are stacked and processed in software while discarding any bad frames. The technology provides almost instant gratification.
  18. Well I got it installed this morning and it auto launches with ASP3D V5 so that part is good but unfortunately not a good day weather wise for clouds at the home base. Will load up some default weather scenarios without ASCA active then compare a real world similar condition with it active when I get a chance.
  19. Is AS Cloud Art compatible with P3D V5 or is some work around required to point the installer to the P3D V5 folder? Missing the cloud textures that I have in V4.5 using REX.
  20. Received a reply from FsAerodata they confirmed the CTD on their end also. He stated a fix has been implemented for the next air data cycle 2012. When the database is enabled in V5 the first waypoint in a default GPS is 002HP which has been disabled by the cycle update and that causes the error to occur.
  21. When the FSAerodata database is enabled in V5 I have seen a consistent CTD when using any aircraft that uses a default P3D GPS unit. The problem occurs when entering a direct to key entry on the first letter of the desired navigation fix or airport code. The sim will freeze and then close. When the FSaerodata database is disabled the error no longer occurs. This seems to be unique to version V5 including V5.1 as the problem does not exist in V4.5. Posted to the Fsaeodata support forum but did not receive a response. Interested if anyone else has observed this in V5.
  22. The man who would be king, the sad part of aging is so many of the great actors, artists and people I grew up watching, listening to and inspired by have passed on. But how fortunate I have been to have had that experience provided by that very generation.
  23. Can only say that FSRT has not been an issue for me in V4.5, no stutters or flashing using the same add on software as you.
  24. How about updating the DC-6 for P3D V5 for one. Tell you what, put a corporate interior in it and I will buy it again if it's made for V5, I promise to put covers on the furniture and carpet when hauling cattle or fish.
  25. If anyone had the title of Iron Man it should be Tom Cruise, the fact he does the vast majority of his stunt work is testament to earning that distinction. The things he has done on the ground and while airborne are never cease to amaze me. When he finally retires from the industry I think the Academy should find a way to honor his authenticity in action film stunt work.
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