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  1. Thanks for the info. I was just trying to get LNM to appear as small window just like the VFR map does just to the side of my screen. I know I've spoken about this to you before but last week i was able to do just that with the main window by just Xing out the other windows and the minimised map remained on the screen and i could minimise it down as small as i like. This week after I updated I couldn't do it so i reinstalled the previous version and that which had worked before would only allow a horizontal reduction to 50% of the screen, vertically it would minimize completely. So its really frustrating and as you mentioned it has caused you problems . I was going to change back to LNM from simtoolkit because STKP has a similar problem and actually your program suits my needs better. Why it works one week and not the next i cannot understand but such is life, we have to get on with it. Thanks
  2. I seem unable to keep the map section on top in MSFS 2020 . I have the 'keep in Foreground' checked but as soon as i shrink the main LNM to taskbar the map disappears as well. Anyone can help an old cogger. It used to work but for some reason i cannot fix it. Using win 10 and latest update. Thanks
  3. Roll on version for X-Plane 11 please. Thanks great work.
  4. hi yes the map does show clouds and wind layers in PB6. I also have no problem in closing it. The only problem appears to be that if you try to Click on the map to put in windowed mode X -plane pauses until you reverse the click. This is a new issue that has arisen in the latest beta 6. Mjleprix
  5. Hi I have just started trying X-plane and wanted to know if I can use MCE which I have on my system for fsx alternatively with X-Plane. I realise it is a seperate demo down load for x-plane but will it support both forms of the program on same computer. Thanks Mike P
  6. You're probabley right on the airport although I have been unsuccessful in updating the fsx bgl with ade 170. However the river and lakes further north are all plateaued. Be interesting so see what you find. Mike
  7. Hi No often you find an error in this great frreeware add on but the Mil airport SPIL and river and lakes some 12 miles to the north are on plateaus about 1600 ft above ground. Don't know that i personally may ever see this again but i will let you know as you may wish to be aware. Only use yopur mesh and no add ons in south America to note. Thanks Mike P
  8. thanks . i have the milviz radar and have managed to get it going. But the instructions from Flysimware that I referred to are actually incorrect. However the fault lay with missing files, nothing to do with Flysimware. Now all working well. Thanks for the help Mike.
  9. hi All Having purchased and installed wx advantage radar all I am getting is a black window square when pressing Alt+8. There is a reference on the Flysimware Learjet website "When selecting our aircraft in the sim they will have these tag names: "RDR_GNS" or "RDR_GTN". Mine only have RDR/GNS etc,which are the models to use when you don't have wx advantage radar. Can anyone who has successfully installed this program be of any help ie is there some instruction I have missed Many thanks Mike.
  10. Autopilot seems ok with exception Altitude will not set, nor vnav/Lnav. Comm/nav radios seem ok- Flaps buggy should be 1/5/15/20/30 but only respond to 18/22/28/32=Flaps up ok-lights ok-so not too much to do I think but I'm no expert. Mike
  11. Aerosim 787 was mentioned back in 2013 but obviously wasn't a popular aircraft. However I like it and put it forward again as we have no other B787 to date that I am aware of. Thanks for your great work anyway. Cheers Mike
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