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  1. Hi - the Team was just the MSFS team...and the guidance on troubleshooting crashes... The adjusted page files is Custom Initial size (MB) 12288 MB and Maximum size (MB) 32768, Machine is ASUS board with slight overclock...I know MSFS recommends dialing back or eliminating. GPU is not overclocked and I haven't monitored temps of the processor or video card... I don't use any GPU overclock utilities (X1??) but will shutoff Windows Defender AV
  2. I am running a 9700K, 1080 card, 32 GB ram but I find that the game CTD after about 10-15 minutes of flight...I was wondering what did the trick if you previously had experienced this with seemingly adequate software. I have adjusted the Page File size as recommended by the team. Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. Wait, I know, with the one-time payment model you get ads with MSFS 2020!
  4. Kinda surprised at the negativity to the subscription model...that is the reality these days .... Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify, etc...and I am sure the business case was predicated on the revenue model. If you are a serious simmer, $15 a month should not be an issue IMO...but they might surprise you with a lower cost per month if only using MSFS 2020 vice access to a host of Xbox Studio Games I could care less about ... or a one time fee if you don't care about updates, maybe can live with one season, or some other limiting factor that the subscription model will not be bound to
  5. Standard update interface for freeware and payware aircraft, liveries, scenery, shaders, clouds, magnetic variance, runway numbers, et One click or automatic updates of all those items we currently must update to maintain the sim A specific datum for add-on scenery elevation that eliminates the need for tools like AEC and establishes the correct baseline for add-on scenery... Specific rules for where all of these add-ons are placed in the file structure (eliminate the legacy and XML scenery file location issue) MSFT works with the development community to design the interface for updating
  6. I hope it isn't as realistic as Wolf 359 from the Outer Limits show...
  7. I too want seasons, but don't see that as a concern with MFS 2020...that had it with FSX and if most of the scenery is pulled from the cloud, year round captures of land with snow, fall seasons, etc. is going to be available...those satellites keep pretty busy year round taking Kodaks.
  8. I also think a universal utility for updates via the cloud would be welcome, especially if they work with the development community to implement. While I certainly don't tweak P3D V4 that often these days, an all in one app for updates to aircraft, liveries, scenery, FMC data, charts, clouds, textures, etc would be a blessing. I really like what PMDG and Flightbeam have done to consolidate the process, but the bulk of my add-ons lack those tools...but a universal utility that would have gateways for the aircraft developers, scenery developers, etc. to utilize for updates would be nice. The specifics of an individual aircraft or scenery or weather would still be controlled locally on the host to tailor to your specific preferences. But the updates would be done through a single app.
  9. Couple of observations ...seems the majority of aircraft are designated AS-MSG XX ... so wondering what AS means assuming MSG is Microsoft Game Studios...also if the scenery is "largely" cloud based and rendered through you host based engine, you could have four season scenery since the satellites can have the same region with captures year round.
  10. First off, I think that the future will be cloud based scenery ... and if MSFT are smart, they will allow for customized aircraft, scenery, and other utilities to plug into the engine and perhaps MSFT allows purchases of beyond base level scenery ... in effect becoming a competitor for Orbx and mesh providers ... or supporting those developers while maintaining some subscription flow in exchange for constantly updating real world features and incremental improvements that are delivered via the cloud...and I could also see how you could accommodate a cloud-based server for worldwide scenery that allows for localized customization by the development commnity. I am currently using a 2TB m2 drive and I find that exceeding 1GB in aircraft and scenery loadout is probably not the smartest path forward and when highly detailed environments like True Earth Netherlands occupy 70+ GB of space...all too early of course to know anything, but if they don't screw up the business model by failing to recognize the needs of the serious hobbyist, this looks (albeit in a preview) much better than any current flight environment I have seen.
  11. Thanks for the update. I have been thinking of a concept of a PMDG "Lite" line with the first models being the FSX models of the JS4100 and MD-11 ported over with PBR textures and updated for P3D V4.4... probably more like dreaming....
  12. Thanks DaveCT2003 for the link...so if V4.3 requires the scenery module be updated, any insights on what effect that will have on my installed sceneries?
  13. I am new to P3D and only switched from FSX earlier this year. I use the paid version of SimStarter to manage airports that load and I have a mix of airports that are loaded external to P3D (FSDT, Flightbeam, etc.) and some that are tied to the scenery config. My question concerns what steps with my scenery that I will need to take to update to V4.3. My understanding is that the sceneries that are tied to the external dll will automatically move with the update - but for those tied to the scenery config - is a reinstall required or can I take advantage of Simstarter to remap those airports? Thanks for any community support on this.
  14. I see GFO as a positive and something that increases the reality of the sim experience in a new way...as RSR stated, our flight world was extinguished everytime we shutdown. GFO provides an new option to simming that you can select or choose not to and jump into a persistent virtual world and aircraft life cycle. I don't fly VA so picking up an aircraft for a flight and having to know it's maintenance status, etc. adds immersion that you can dive into if you have the time...and not if you just want to fly and don't have the time. All good in my view.
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