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  1. Ray I downloaded MSSTDFMT.DLL and copied it to the program but I am still getting the same error message. Have I placed it in the wrong area? Again thanks for your help.
  2. Sorry for the delay, the message I have received when attempting to install is the following: Run time error "713: Class not registered You need the flowing file to be installed on your machine MSSTDFMT.DLL I am running W10. Thanks for you help.
  3. Ray I am in the same boat. I've downloaded the 2 from their last posting and I am getting an error message in regards to the missing bin files. How do I correct this issue, thanks for any help.
  4. I have the Flight 1 750 and I put it in the 56X and still need to input the Carenado FMS. The 750 froze on a flight today, anyone else having an issue?
  5. Should the synthetic vision activate automatically or do I need to activate it?
  6. Well I am on the East Coast (Boston) and after reporting this outgage, still not have heard from them!
  7. I have purchased many of the Carenado products, if not all. Looking forward to this release and initially with the new cockpit design I thought well this is good, but then the typical problems arose and I waited for the usual update. The update and the add on arrive nearly the same time (which should have included in the original release) and the results were worse than the original! ##### I made my disappointment plain to the Carenado people on FB but as of yet I have heard nothing!
  8. I just took the MU-2 for a trip after the update and if will not follow the GPS track and when on the heading mode it severely banks. None of these things happened in the previous version.
  9. I know this must be an easy fix but I am sufferring from a brain cramp. How to I cahnge the "experimental" call sign? Thanks
  10. The ADF frequency selector does not allow for the second number (10s) to be adjusted. On A/P no nav holding the roll is now the AP master switch. No "Aero Commander" call sign, all "Experimental", tried to change in cfg but couldn't. I thought the sound package was good, but of course I'm old! Oh yes all my hardware settings through FSIUPC were dumped and had to reset.
  11. Just took my first test flight and found that in comparsion to the previous PC-12 by Flight1, there really is no comaparison. given this is not the NG version it is well done, maybe the best flight modelling I have bought from Carenado. The one problem I have witnessed so far is I am losing the top Garmin 530 (i think). It starts up fine in pre-flight but shortly after it just goes dark. It may take a few more hours to detect any more problems, and I look forward to any other contributors.
  12. Solved the above issue by uninstalling Norton and loading Microsoft Security Essential. What a difference.
  13. I don't know if this is germain to this subject, but I installed Call Of Duty-Black Ops on 12/25. My FSX was immediately affected to the point I uninstalled COD and did a complete and clean uninstall and reinstall of FSX (still in progress). I even updated my video card to a GTX 650. Alas my system is still running slower than snot in January. My question is could the install and uninstall of COD left some residual interference on my system to the point of this hit I am taking on speed in the system. This is a Dell XPS 8300 with 8 gigs of RAM and the GTX has 2. Thanks.
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