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  1. Yes as per forum rules. You can set a signature block to avoid typing it everytime. You go to route page1, enter origin and destination airports and Flight number (callsign one with 3 letter ICAO code), then go to the Datalink page, enter the ETD, airline ID (2 letters) and ETA. Now what is your issue? What doesn't work?
  2. Sorry must be me, but I still don't understand what "aircrafts" has to do with the Dlink. I don't see any list of aircraft, nor any highlighted aircraft.
  3. Hi, You will have to more specific there. Which video are you referring to? What exactly doesn't work? I cannot also figure out what are the aircrafts you are talking about with the Dlink?
  4. Hello, What happens when you load the aircraft with the default panel state (the one with engines on)? I'm suspecting an issue with corrupted panel state here. To check, just move all the files out of the folder : \Prepar3d v4\PMDG\PMDG 747 QOTS II\PanelState When you load the aircraft it will load with the default panel state, then create a panel state of your own. If it works, then it means the other panel states you used are corrupted.
  5. By the way Alean, PMDG requires to sign all post with full names. I have just checked and I may have found your issue: Left CDU is linked to left EFIS/ND and right CDU is linked to right EFIS/CDU. Looking at your screenshot, I'm not sure which CDU your are using but turning the left EFIS display selector knob to PLN will change the RSK6 to STEP> only on the left CDU.
  6. In both the T7 and 747, the RSk6 of the leg page should change from RTE DATA> to STEP> when changing the display selector of the EFIS to PLN. If it is not the case, then the only reason I could see would be a corrupted panel state (try with the default engines on panel state). Otherwise submit a ticket to the support.
  7. Hello, Just in case, are you sure that you have selected the leg page and not the route page on the CDU?
  8. The only thing you are doing wrong is to wrongly interprete the "W". It doesn't mean wind coming from west but that Wind entry is present. Click on the arrow next to the W to see the wind entries.
  9. Another reason for the OP's issue could be that the IRS are not aligned. I believe that FMC will not calculate takeoff speeds until the IRS are fully aligned.
  10. Hello, Looks like something triggered the default pushback feature of your sim. You may check in the key configuration if there is no hardware button set to pushback.
  11. I don't understand why we even have manuals? If we have forum that has all the answers why do we need a manual to answer questions. 😂😁🤣 Just joking!
  12. Not everytimes. Just launch the aircraft with the engines running the first time, then configure it the way you want and save that panel state. You can then set your custom panel state as startup panel state.
  13. Hello, Have you tried to load the aircraft with the default panel state (engines running)? I'm suspecting the panel state to be corrupted. You can move all the panel states files out of the folder and create your own to rule out that possible cause.
  14. Silly question, but is the RAAS selected in the PMDG setup menu of the CDU (Equipment 22/22)? Not all the versions of the 744 have the RAAS installed by default.
  15. Hello, As Koen said, max cruise altitude depends on the weight of the aircraft. If your max cruise alt is FL312 you are probably very close if not at max TOW. For the speed, if you are talking about IAS, then it is normal that you cannot exceed 330kt as it must be VMO if I recall well. The higher you go, the lower the IAS is. At FL410 you may be down to around 250kt IAS. Now if you are at 330kt IAS at FL310, you may be at more than 500kt TAS.
  16. Hello Marcel, The options to get the GPU and air connected at arrival are in the Approach brief page 2. Have a look at page 30 of the main ops manual.
  17. Hi, It is a known issue with FSUIPC where the profile gets corrupted and though the flaps are retracted, they are still considered as deployed. Delete the FSUIPC profile and build a new one from scratch.
  18. Budbud

    Hardware issue

    Hello, What is the trim value when autopilot is engaged compared to the one when it is disconnected? Are you sure that your CG is within the limits? A strong nose up tendendy may be symptomatic of a CG that too aft.
  19. Maybe too heavy to fly at that altitude?
  20. A bit off topic, but IT support in companies usually does very well assume you don't know anything about computers when you call them for any issue even when you explain them what is the problem and that you just don't have the admin rights to fix it! 🤣
  21. In the 737, if you press the A/T quick disconnect button, the A/T is disarmed (A/T arm switch off), so you have to advance manually the thrust levers for a go around. In this configuration, pushing TOGA will only set the TOGA mode and the FD to command the go around but the A/T will no kick in.
  22. Even for separation they may rely on the aircraft air speed and the pilots, instructing them to maintain an IAS.
  23. Hello, ATC would give an ground speed, not an aispeed. Depending on the wind the different may get you out of the flight envelope.
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